Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Yenni's 21st Birthday party!

*Throws confetti*

Haha okay, I know I'm late in updating.
This party happened on Saturday, 30th of March.

Yenni invited me to her party at her house, I went along with Chi and Hao Yong.
Chi came along to my house first and we wrapped up the present and wrote a simple card lol.

Card with the present as background haha

Cousin bro fetched us to Yenni's house since he was heading there to have dinner with his family.
He was late though haha. Derped around waiting for him.

Sexyyyyy backkkkkk

Lol my hair color is kinda like autumn now xD
Green transitioning to reddish brown :3
Kinda like it hahaha. But was planning to chop it off soon :D
To this style:

Lol I uploaded this picture on Facebook and alot of them thinks I really cut my hair xD
It was just styled from my current long hair haha, I twisted it at the back and brought it to the front.

Okay, back to the topic, we kinda got lost trying to find her house. xwx
Yenni's house was hard to find xD And she herself doesn't know how to direct xD Yenni no baka~~ hahahhaa

Food prepared there~ Oishi katta :3
After we ate, we chat a while then it's time to cut cake~

Huge fruit cake :D

Yenni with friends and family~~~

After that we chat again lol, then got dragged to play truth or dare.
Hahahaha miss playing that game. >w<
Anyway, I was dared to be Yenni's pole for pole dancing.

Lol. It was funny, she was so energetic xD hahahha
Though by the end of the song she's kinda dying XD
And after that had to rush home :/
Sad that I couldn't stay longer.

But of well, it was fun :3
Thanks for inviting me Yenni XD

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