Friday, February 15, 2013

KL Trip with Sofea

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, a.k.a "Single Awareness Day" in my case lol.But I'm not alone ;D
I spent it with my dear childhood friend, Sofea! :D
We've been best buddies since 7 years ago, or 8? Meh. Lazy count properly haha.

We planned for a day to go out together since some time ago, we planned to be 'tourist' for a day haha.
Just that we're local tourist. So we picked to go to the most convenient place, Kuala Lumpur.
I guess most of you is like, 'meh' or 'cheh', but think about it, have you really explored KL?
My bet to your answer is no right?
Cause Sofea and me seen some part we never knew existed in KL.

We begin our journey at around 9.30am. Mom brought us to Serdang KTM station, and we went to KL Central. We had breakfast at McD first, then we wait for the bus. We took the Hop On Hop Off bus, it's a bus that tour around KL, allowing passengers to hop on and hop off as much as they like.
When I found out about the bus, I never thought that much people will use it. But to my surprise, the bus is packed OAO With foreigners too lol. I think Sofea and I are the only Malaysians =w=

While waiting for the bus

 How the bus looks like, and the stop 

Route map

  Ticket and brochure

The tickets cost me just RM12 cause I'm a student and local~
Poor Sofea have to pay RM19 cause she doesn't have a student card ahahaha xD

Anyway, the first stop of our choice are Lake Garden.
We stroll around the huge park, taking lots of pictures!
It's really quiet, there's not much people there. Probably cause it's almost noon, and it's a weekday.

 Going into the park

I think the pictures are kind of jumbled up lol, but it's all almost the same, green background hahaha.
It's a park after all lol

We stroll around some more, then we came across a map. Looked at it, then we decided to head for the Deer Park cause it's near. Plus the map is covered with birds droppings, disgusting to look at uggh.

Unfortunately, it's closed for construction. Meh. :/
Still, we can see some deers from outside.

Then we just stroll along again lol. In the end, we walked the whole park xD

 Grrrrr hate my fringe. Was debating whether to let it grow or just chop it off, I like how I look with bangs, but doesn't really wanna do that cause I have pimples :/

We're tired out by the time we finish walking the whole park lol.
We're sweating, and it's blazing hot -.-

Anyway, when we got to the bus stop, we sat down. Then within 10 minutes the bus came :D
Awesome, no need to wait that long :3

It's awesome, feeling the bus air cond on us :3

We got down on Medan MARA next. It's a place near SOGO.

The street along Medan MARA.

We just walked aimlessly lol. And we wanted to go to Central Market. Haha, it's quite far from SOGO. If we used LRT, it's 3 stops away OAO

While walking, I saw a shop selling clothes, opposite the complex beside SOGO I think. I forgot the name :/ But opposite the complex there's a street of shoplots, just a short street. The shop is those type of shop like in Sg Wang, or Times Square. It's a shop selling everything at either RM10 or RM15. OAO
That's my favorite kind of shop, since we doesn't know what awesome clothes we can find at such cheap price ;D 

The shop sells lot's of knit wear, winter style sweater, jumpers, furry stuff too lol. Mostly at RM10. I like those clothes too, but they can be too hot to wear in Malaysia. Plus I'm in a punkish gothic rock phase lmao. So guess what, I found these ;D

 Acid washed jeans jacket. I love the details on the sleeve!
Cardigan? With some leather details and two tiny straps on shoulder ;D


Hahaha everything I got is RM15 each. Too bad not RM10 =3=
Those RM10 clothes sold there is not my taste currently lol, right now things that catch my attention is punkish rock gothic etc =w=

After I shop, we have no idea where to go. So we picked a direction and mostly walked straight. I've been to SOGO before, 2 years ago I think. Mom brought me, we used LRT that time. So I guess I have a little memory of this place left lol.
But still, we kind of got lost lol.

It's kind of overwhelming. There's so many streets further down, all the shops selling fabrics and brooch and accessories for shawl. 

And after we passed all those streets, there's a BAZAR street.
There's so many booth selling all types of things, clothes, accesories, toys, bags, etc.
I just looked around, bought nothing there cause I already feel guilty at buying clothes just now :x
I already have so many clothes at home .___.

Then we continued walking, looking for a LRT station cause we're seriously lost lol. Have no sense of direction since it's shops everywhere, all similar. No idea where we came from, plus it's too far back. Then, we spot a LRT station!! Finally!
Was about to go tale the train to Pasar Seni (Central Market) when I realized it's Masjid Jamek station!
Whoa, that mean's we're near Central Market now :D
Since it's so near plus I recognized the place now, we decided to have lunch first. It's also raining heavily by the time we got to the station, we took out shelter and lunch at Burger King. 2 fast food meals in a day X_X

We ate slowly since it's still raining heavily lol.

When the rain slowed down to a drizzle, we left and walked to Central Market. I love going to Central Market since it's just so colourful and quite cultural :D

Just a snap, too lazy and tired by that time to take picture.
We walked around, then we found an accessories shop that sells a lot of bling!!

I bought this violin necklace :3 Was debating whether to take skull one instead, but then the musical part got the better of me haha. Plus, skulls can easily be found =w= Not a violin haha

Then I got this keychain doll :x
It's so creepily cute! xD

After that we walked the whole Central Market, we left. Walked to Station Pasar Seni.
On the way, I say the grafitti along the river. So nice :D

 Small image thought :/

Lol posted this picture for...No reason haha.
Anyway, we took the lrt back to KL Sentral. Then go to KTM and back to Serdang, then back home :3

That concludes our day xD

Would like to do this again someday :D

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lunar Chinese New Year and Chinese New Year day

Yesterday was Lunar Chinese New Year! And I dyed my hair yesterday lol.
Read about it here: -click me-

After I finish dyeing, it's dinner time. Went to a restaurant few blocks away from my condo for reunion dinner with family.

Simple outfit for yesterday.

No picture during dinner lol.
After dinner, went back home to laze around.

Around 11.15pm, went karaoke at Neway with uncle, aunt, siblings, and cousins.

No picture in the karaoke room cause lazy to get up and take pictures. The room was small, so spaceless. 

We sang till around 3.45am @w@ We can sing till 5am, but by 3.30am we're all damn tired ady.
Plus Neway karaoke sucks in my opinion .__.

And I'm getting bored of karaoke, went karaoke so many times recently ._.
This is my 3rd karaoke this week LOL.

Same outfit for dinner, just added pleather jacket and heels xD

The next day (today, the day I typed this lol) , which is the first day of Chinese New Year, nothing much to do.
Went out for lunch, then spent the afternoon at home watching movie.

For dinner, aunt, uncle, and Ping came to Sungai Long. Had a simple dinner in Mahkota Cheras.
I fish braided my hair for fun lol.

 Hair color not obvious here lol, bad lighting. But there's some strands of pink blonde, that did not get dyed.

After dinner, we went to Jusco for a short while. Just hung around. Was damn bored =w=
Back at home, lazed at the couch chatting and watched a movie.

Then I came online to blog =w=
And that's how I spent my Chinese New Year.

A picture of me with flash before I go xD

Bye bye, and.....


New hair color!

New year, new hair :D

Haha, new hair for real this time, not a troll xD
I posted on Facebook a picture of me in a natural looking wig, saying "New hair!" XD
This picture:

To be honest, it look really real lol, even in real life and not picture.
But my hair's not that long yet xD 



FINALLY! I've gotten a dramatic color ^^
It doesn't turn out quite as I expected, but I'm still loving it :3
I expect the green to be kind of darker, so it'll gradient gradually to blue, instead of a sudden BOOM to blue like this. But then I still love it ^w^

In order to save money, my cousin bought those products needed, then she helped me dye. The whole dying plus bleaching process took around 5 hours @w@ Thanks Ping, for helping me!

Before this, my hair was this color:

Just a tiny bit hint of dark turquoise. I've blogged about it here:  -click me-

Then in 2 weeks time, the color fade wtf.

Oh and I got a piercing 1 week plus ago (I think) :3
After 6 years of not wearing earring, I finally got to wear earring again xD
The last time I pierced was when I'm 12, but then the piercing got infected, I had to take if off and the hole close up. Didn't bother to pierce again since I don't care much about myself when I'm around 13,14, and 15 lol :x
Maybe I'll blogged about me during that age someday xD

Back to the subject, as you can see the strands of hair is pink lol. Then after another week plus it start fading to blonde, and finally, blonde.

Meh. Not really clear in picture.
But well, you get the idea.

Getting to the bleaching and dyeing process now :3

Bleaching! Took off the aluminium foil on one side since that side is almost done.
Bleach for around an hour I think? Or more.
Then went to the shower and wash it all off.

Blowing dry

After my hair dried, it turned out looking quite awesome too actually LOL

 Me with cousin

I actually considered letting it be and not dyeing the colors hahahaha.

And mom was shocked, when she saw me she thought that that's the color I'll stick with, black blonde. And I can see she's horrified XD She's like, =A=...."Why you look like Miko and Baby?!"

Fyi Miko and Baby is my darling doggies, here's a picture to let you get the idea why she said that.


After taking some picture, Ping sectioned my hair into strands to make the process easier.

Then mix the color~~

Powder of blue dye

Blue and green, though the color here look completely different from the outcome on hair lol


After we're done, I had to wait for 45 minutes before I can wash all off. I'm so nervous during waiting time lol.

The time came to wash it off at last. I watched as the water wash away the products, and I still remember that I thought the color resembled the ocean after the color dye is washed off.
At that moment I knew I love it, since I love the ocean so much.

 Flash and no flash.

That's the outcome :3 I love it.

I know the color will change for the first 2 or 3 days, then it will start fading again after maybe 2 week.

Today, which is the second day, the color blue turned slightly lighter I think.
Anyway, to prevent it from fading too fast, I've changed my shampoo to shampoo for color treated hair, and I use cold water to wash my hair T___T
Hate the cold.

And yes, my hair of course is getting unhealthy since I bleached it, and I use the 12% chemical, which is the strongest :x
I'll treat my hair to treatment often /w\

Well, I'll update about my hair again about the color changes and condition!

See ya!