Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pangkor Island! (3 months backlog LOL)

Okay at first I didn't plan to blog about this at all, but then suddenly I miss the sea so muchhhhhh. Guess I'll have to make do recalling the memories and just with pictures lol~

We depart to Pangkor on the 31st of May. It was after a day I came back from Tioman :3
Obviously Pangkor can't compare to Tioman lol. But then, if it's the beach and sea, I'LL LOVE IT.
Though Pangkor is kind of more...commercialized?

Here's some pictures during the way to Pangkor~

It's awesome view! The scenery is so beautiful <3 p="">
The sky seems so open and wide, and look at the green field! 

Below's a picture I took at the jetty lol~

Nom nom nom bought this cotton candy at the jetty! I LOVE COTTON CANDY wwwww~

Anyway the ferry ride to the island took around 45 minutes if I remember correctly. And too bad, we're seated behind these 2 noisy small kids uggh. 45 minutes in a stuffy old ferry with noisy kids gahhhh.

When we arrived I couldn't wait to get out of the ferry lol. 

Next we hired a van to bring us to our hotel :3
We then leave our belongings in the hotel, and walked out. Our hotel was located at a very convenient location, just outside a busy market street and opposite a beach :)

Not-in-focus sis haha

Love how the sunshine make everything look bright and nice :D
And somehow this reminds me of Krabi, which I miss terribly.


Haha my fat bro staring out to the sea

Mom and bro!

Well we just chilled around, going for lunch and then buying more food and nomming them as snacks~
After that we went back to the hotel, and chill around. After a while I went to the beach for a swim, with uncle, sis and cousin.
The others just sleep in the hotel room -__-"

The wave in Pangkor was hugeeee (comparing to the calm waters I'm used to lol)
Even though it looked blue, the water is not clean sigh. It's really murky, can't see anything at all underwater. It's fun to let the huge wave wash us to the shore though.

That's about the first day there I guess.
We had dinner, and just stroll around the night market area buying food again LOL.

The next day, we had breakfast at the hotel :D

Simple toast with fruits and honey, but it was surprisingly good :9

And to be honest...I can't remember what we did on the second day LOL

...Nope, it's no good. I can't recall at all. There's a faint memory of a car ride, but I thought we went swimming or out to the sea lol. OH WAIT, I REMEMBERED NOW :D

We went out snorkeling in the morning, but then there wasn't much to be seen except blur rocks and some small fish. And garbage, sadly.

After our 'snorkeling' session, we went for some water sports! :D
Drove a jet ski for the first time hehe.

It was great fun :D

And we had a ride in a Big Mable, which was absolutely fun as well!
Kind of feel like some sort roller coaster ride haha XD
I almost went flying into the water LOL

It was a whole morning of fun and sun :D
After the excitement we went back to the hotel's pool and just chillax.

Soon it was dinner time, we hired a van and went to the other side of the island for dinner.
It was just normal lol, nothing special.
When we came back, none of us were really feeling full, so off we went to the night market again for food hahaha. Also, I got souvenirs for friends.

Bro found a shisha place as well, so we just chill there by the beach, and listen to the waves rolling.

Hahahha stupid face

Bro looked like a puffer fish LOL

Shisha stand

Hahaha for some reason Kyee took this picture of me acting chio

Well I guess that sums up the second night.
Third day is the day we leave.

Family photo! Without uncle lol

On the way back, we stopped by at a temple.
And beside the temple, was this scenery.

I find it beautiful. <3 p="">

Well I guess this trip is just okay for me.
Maybe it's because I was just back from Tioman, and the beauty in Tioman is so much better than Pangkor. Plus, Pangkor feels very very local to me, with lots of people.
And it's badly kept, it's quite dirty sigh.

In Tioman, there wasn't much people, it was quiet, and it feels very close to nature and it's clean.
Plus, I was in Tioman with some crazy friends. Haha that made it more fun.

I guess that's it :3

Band performance for Animangaki 2014!

Haha this was a 4 weeks ago!

This is the third time we performed for AMG xD
This time there's a slight change though, instead of our usual bassist Dustin, we had a sessionist to replace him, Taro :3

The lovely members~

This time we planned proper jamming session instead of just last minute rushing we usually did hahaha. But then thinking on that, I think we changed the habit. Can't recall when was the last time we rushed lol~ It's a good thing XD 

Here's a picture during jamming!

This was in Pertama's studio. Meh, don't like this studio, it's quite crappy. I don't mind the room downstairs which is better, but then that is more expensive.

Usually we jam in M2 Studio, in Puchong. It's wayyyyyyyyyy better. But because of some timing issue, we have no choice but to go here.

I don't know if I'm the once that changed, or my members did. I used to think the guys as very serious and no fun, and it was hard for me to talk to them before lolol. But now, it's all different. They were making so many lame jokes hahaha xD And they seem more cheerful as well o.O 
Except for David, he seems more emo lol.
Minori is just like she was xD (Stay fun, Minori! XD)

Well, overall the jamming sessions were really enjoyable :)

Now, on to the performance~

I was supposed to fetch Taro in the morning, but kind of knowing him, I guessed he'll still be sleeping lol. I was right xD I called him when I depart from my house, and hahaha he was like 'oh my gawddd'.
Luckily I called him first~

Because of that we're kinda late, but it doesn't matter, the sound engineers were later than us. -_-
So...we just hung about waiting for soundcheck.

HAHA my expression XD

Lol don't know what i was talking about, but I look so funny haha. And lol I wonder what is so fascinating about the cables I was rolling to make Taro stare at it like that~

Made Daniel hold on to the cables while I do goodness knows what. And I can't remember who took the photos lol.


Without Chrysler and David, don't know where were they. And with an additional Acap lol.

There's this poster, and Minori was going on about how bishie the character is hahaha xD
We're all teasing her afterwards lol~

Half group photo lol

Anyway finally the sound engineers arrived, and we start soundchecking. 
It's unfortunate for me, but I think there is something wrong with the DI box for the keyboard amp. In the end I had to blast out form the amp T_T

Other than that, it was ok. 

During performance, stuff went wrong with the monitors. I can't remember exactly what it was.(Ahaha I'm writing this 4 weeks late ._. )
We couldn't hear each other properly lol (Isn't that always the case???)
And the speaker placement is quite cacat. The audience on the left and back could hear clearly, but those on the front and right will have no clue what we are doing lolol. 
Oh well. We had fun anyway wwwww

Here's a not complete video that my friend Gem took. Haha thanks!

After performance, we went to have our lunch in Texas chicken :D
Woah, I can't recall going with the whole band to eat something and just chat :o
It was great though.

And then we encountered this 'photo booth' hahaha

Chrysler have already ciao-ed that time though. Oh well :3
They printed this photo out for me too hehe.

So yeah, hung around a bit more after that, and they I left :3

We still have 2 jamming slots left with the studio, can't wait to meet them again!

Monday, August 11, 2014


After all those years, I thought I don't give a fuck anymore.
After all those hurt, I thought nothing could hurt me anymore.
After all those time you said you'll do something and didn't do anything, I thought I'll learn not to trust you anymore.

But guess what? I'm wrong.
I didn't know it'll still bother me now.
Fuck this shit.