Friday, January 25, 2013


One of the best things that happened to me is somehow getting lost.
I wonder why. How did it turn out like this?

Did everyone change, or is it me that changed?
Somehow the meaning it held is getting lesser.
Maybe the paranoid side of me is getting me again, and it's all my own problem.

I thought of leaving, but yet I don't want to. Everything that happened, it was so dear to me. Even if it's a small little thing, that little something opened a lot of doors for me. I've learnt so much, met so many people.
Gained so many experience. Had so much fun.

I wish I could make up my mind, I wish I knew how they actually feels.
If it meant anything, or is it just...another nothing.
It may not really show, but somehow, it's been quite a big part in my life.

CrestFall band, I wonder how you'll turn out.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Karaoke with Acap and Minori

Went for karaoke again yesterday lol. Seems to be going to a lot of karaoke session recently. And all at the same place, Redbox Gardens =w=
When I told mom, she's like, Midvalley again????
No choice, that's like uhh..borderline for everyone.

Since I can't go to PJ, and they can't come to cheras.

Anyway, I tried a style slightly different than my regular long sleeved top and miniskirt.

I wore a sleeveless top with a little sense of punk tucked under  my skirt.
And I wore a big frame haha to distract from my dark eye circles.
For shoes, I wore my creepers.
Accessories is my cross necklace, and a ring, First time I wore a ring out, not sure if I like it. Feels troublesome haha.

lol the thing around my waist is a jacket~

But still, not much change of style lol. I really need to try wearing some colors -_-

Karaoke~~~ Haha it's nice singing with Minori, she knows lots of nice songs wwwww~
When i got home, my Youtube playlists increased hahahah~

Well thats all hahahha, nothing much.

Vocaloid default photoshoot!

Last Saturday, I finally had a photoshoot for my Megurine Luka default!!

We shoot at our home lol, convenient =w=

Kyee and I rushed our prop the night before, at 12 midnight :x
We had to untangle my Luka wig that got awful during Comic Fiesta, and we had to make the Vocaloid earphones.

Kyee untangling the extremely tangled wig~

When done, the wig got a whole lot thinner lol.

And rushing the props~~

Anyway, woke up at 9am the next day to get ready and put on makeup.
I realized that my Luka actually look really tired, like Chii said.

Here's an example:

I realized the reason is...I makeup not following to Luka's character -_-
I followed my own.

As a result a lot of my pictures turned out looking...tired =w=


But, there's still lots of nice pictures!

Still got others lol, but lazy upload so much~

Here's some that the photograper edited! :D

Edited photos by photograper.

We shoot from morning till late noon lol.
I loved the candles shoot. Lighted about a hundred of them :D
Burning myself is totally worth it TwT

Some omake photos xD

It's a nice shoot :D

Thank you to those that helped, and to the photograpers which is Haziq and Geraldine! :D

Oh and in this picture I've already changed xD To my normal me hahaha~

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Yam Cha session with Kaichou, Chii, Aki

Hung out with Aki, Chii, and Arif yesterday at Jusco, Balakong lol.
Just a meet up session, talked and chatted. (Mainly done by Aki, Chii, and me lol. Kaichou quite quiet =w= )

Anyway, Arif came at around 11am++ to pick me up xD

Lol even though he very smiley here I thought he's quite emo =w=
Poor nii-san~

Anyway, we meet with Chii at McD, then hang around waiting for Aki to come.
Then we had lunch in McD.

And in McD, I opened my belated birthday present from Chii. (My birthday is 17th November LOL)

Never expected this at all.
I mean, I know that she's going to give me a phone case after several hints from her, but I have no idea what she's doing.
She told me that she's making my present at times, and I'm like, how in the world you gonna make a phone case...
It never occur to me that she's blinging it -___- Yay I'm so blur.

Anyway I loveeee it. I can't find any phone case for my phone. (uhh..not that I actually go around and ask :x ) It's a model no one really use, and HTC phone case damn hard to find =__= My phone model's HTC Mozart T8698.

Mozart-kun finally got clothes to wear liao ;w;


And after that we went to the toilet lol. And we...Took pictures xD

Missing person: Crystal?

 Same noob face together xD

After that we headed to the arcade, and waste some time there wwwww

Taiko~ Then we went for Purikura! >w<
And of course, made use of the good lighting for camwhore shots too hahahaha

My green streaks of hair is fading into pink wtf -__-

After a very rushed purikura ( seems like everyone was unprepared lol), we went for ice-cream. ( Well, they, actually. I doesn't feel like eating ice that time). And after that we just went home. Kaichou fetch all of use home :3


Moe moe kaichou XD

As usual, I look noob with my glasses on and hair clipped back XD

That's all haha~~~
Buh bye!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

7th January karaoke

Went to Red Box, Gardens, for karaoke again lol.
This time with Bryan and Tony, with Crystal and Chii too.

Nothing much to write actually, except that we sang like maniac and screamed till no voice? xD
Haha just gonna upload pictures.

And oh, thanks Bryan for belanja-ing us haha, Tony excluded lol.

My outfit of the day. Lol kinda gothic and punkish :3
I love black :3 
Been loving black since I'm in Form 1, will never change I guess.

 In the KTM lol

Ugghhh I'm breaking out that day. Stupid pimples x___x

No pictures of Bryan and Tony lol.
Stupid Bryan won't let me take a picture, cheehh >:(

Haha I've kind of taken my uncle's camera for myself lol.
I've made it a point to bring it to whatever outing I go and to take pictures lol~

Well after singing we just hang around a little, went to Shojikiya for ice-cream, then went to a music shop to get my guitar strings. Talking about guitar strings, I bought ball end strings since I have no idea how to tie it. But even so I had a hard time replacing my strings -.-
So I skyped with Jason, and he taught me over the webcam how to replace it lol.
Not exactly effective, since it's hard to actually show lol but after re-doing for about 3 times I finally got it :D Sankyuu senpai xD

Okay back to topic, we went to Jigsaw world and look around, then home after that hahahaha.
Nothing more to say I guess?

Hmmm no, still have some photos. Crystal and I took a taxi home to my condo, and we hung around abit at the swimming pool.

Okay. Really nothing more to say now lol. Tata~~~