Monday, January 21, 2013

Karaoke with Acap and Minori

Went for karaoke again yesterday lol. Seems to be going to a lot of karaoke session recently. And all at the same place, Redbox Gardens =w=
When I told mom, she's like, Midvalley again????
No choice, that's like uhh..borderline for everyone.

Since I can't go to PJ, and they can't come to cheras.

Anyway, I tried a style slightly different than my regular long sleeved top and miniskirt.

I wore a sleeveless top with a little sense of punk tucked under  my skirt.
And I wore a big frame haha to distract from my dark eye circles.
For shoes, I wore my creepers.
Accessories is my cross necklace, and a ring, First time I wore a ring out, not sure if I like it. Feels troublesome haha.

lol the thing around my waist is a jacket~

But still, not much change of style lol. I really need to try wearing some colors -_-

Karaoke~~~ Haha it's nice singing with Minori, she knows lots of nice songs wwwww~
When i got home, my Youtube playlists increased hahahah~

Well thats all hahahha, nothing much.

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