Saturday, January 21, 2012


....Emoing now T^T
I doubt I will have any chance to go see my beloved Gerorin :/

Why? 5 reasons.

1) Mum is not letting me go.
2) Mum is not letting me go.
3) Mum is not letting me go.
4) Not enough time for proper planning :/

So sad T^T

The ticket price is 63SGD, and around RM150. -FFFFUUUU.jpg-


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Irridescent blogger award!

I was tagged on 8th January, but I delay till now :/ Sorry Aeri  ><
1. Tagged by Aeri :3 ( she stared this)

2. -I love cosplay
    -Whenever I sneezed, it will be at least 4 times in a wor
    -I love music
    -I'm plump, or in other words overweight lol. trying my best to burn off stupid extra fats
    -In love with Gero, Phil, and Dan.
    -Love japanese language
    -Trying to speak with British accent, but it's failing
    -Loves nature
    -Loves taking 'emo' photo lol.
    -Wants to learn every instrument in the world

    -Taking photos or having my photos taken xD
    -Hanging out
    -Playing musical insturment
    -Travelling, eating, enjoying LIFE 
    -Onion, garlic, ginger unless its cooked till extremely soft or fried 
    -Being lied
    -Being judged
    -Being copied
    -Having clothes I cant wear T^T
4. I tag...Chinatsu, Yuki, Yenni lol

~What makes me shine?
Just being me.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Popcorn, Honeydew, Fried Rice, Lemon Juice, and Mangoesteen Ice.

Hello people.
I'm at home right now, blogging, instead of being at school.

Well, what happened is...

5am: Woke up due to extreme pain in my stomach. Curled up and continue trying to sleep. Failed, gotoilet.        Also no use, so go wake up Mummy and complain lol.

5.30am: Eaten medicine, applied some stuff on my stomach, then go to Sofa and curled into a ball.

6am: Mum's alarm clock woke me up =_= Feel the horrible pain again, but dozed off anyway.

6.30am: Mum's alarm clock again -FFFUUUU.jpg- Go into room and dozed.
7am: Feel like want to vomit, so quickly ran to the bathroom.



And that's what happened~

Mind you, I'd rather be in school than having to go through the stupid pains OTL
And I don't get how people can be bulimic, it's freaking awful to puke /_\

 I'd rather be fat than puking away ._.

So anyway, the though of puking make me want to puke again, so bye for now, I go camp in the toilet OTL