Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Suoi Tranh! - Tranh Waterfall

Omg this post is sooooooo backdated haha.

I went there on 25th November 2015 :x

But yeah, just want to post out those pictures I have and update my poor neglected bloggie.


On that day, we rent a motorbike! It was 100000VND for a whole day, which I think is cheap :D
Ju drove, and hehe she's a good driver.
At first I was afraid, but then I relaxed and I really enjoyed it :D

The ride is about 15 minutes from Duong Dong town. We wasn't sure of the way, but Ju asked the locals along the way.

It was a peaceful and relaxing ride. The road is quite empty and wide, and in between lots of trees :D

Upon arriving at the place, you'll be greeted by...

This huge stone deco thingy lol. I have no idea what to call it.
Landscape deco?

Anyway once inside, there's quite a few figurines/deco for people to take photo lol.
I didn't take any haha.

The walk/hike up to the waterfall is about 15 minutes. It's generally an easy hike, but I see Ju panting away hahahha. 

There's also hammocks along the way :D

It's a nice hike, cause you're surrounded by so much natural beauty :D

Sounds of cicadas in the forest, and the tricking sound of water.

Views along the way.

After 15 minutes of those, we reached :D

Yeah, picture spams as always haha.

The pool at the falls is not really deep, maybe slightly less than 6ft.
The water was reallyyyyyy cold though. 

It's not very crowded, but there were a few groups of other visitors as well.
However towards 5.00pm, Ju and I were the only ones left :)

Which is how I managed to take those pictures haha.

I loved it, and I wish to visit again hehe.

It was just so very peaceful.

We left around 5.30pm I think, as it was getting cold and it will start to get dark at 5.45pm.
On the way down, we bought ice-cream! :D

Heh. ^_^
My favorite :D

After that we just head back to Duong Dong.
Ju drove through the market area and omg it was crowded!
In Malaysia we have car traffic jam, over here it's motorbike traffic jam hahaha.

She then brought me for dinner, we had something called Nem Nuong.

It's barbequed pork with rice noodle, salad, and chili sauce.
Quite nice. Especially the pork :D

After dinner I suggested walking along the pier by Dinh Cau.
It was nice, we were chatting and looking at the moon. :)

And that's it haha.