Monday, December 31, 2012

The CrestFall Band New Year Eve's Performance

Okay...First of all...HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!
I can't believe it's already 2013. I guess times really flies o.O

So, for New Year Eve's, my band, The CrestFall, got invited to perform at a countdown event in Seri Kembangan.

Here's how the place looks like:

View from audience

 The crowd OAO

 The CrestFall on stage

To be honest, I never expected this event to be as big as it is.
They have alot of others performers, but we're the main one OAO
And the whole street is closed for this event.

We started off with a Japanese song, God Knows by Aya Hirano.
The crowd is like wtf are you guys playing when we started hahaha. They looked stunned xD

After God Knows, it's Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift, then a chinese song called First Day by FIR.

After that, it's my keyboard solo OAO
I played  To Zanarkand from Final Fantasy, to create a small break for the members.
It's fine I guess, till almost the end part OTL
Messed up there, but I guess I managed to cover it.

Me during my solo hahaha~

After that move on to Secret Base by Zone, then Yu Ai by Rainie Yang, and finally I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing by Aerosmith xD

Our members:

Drummer, Milo

Bassist, Dustin

 Rhythm guitarist, Raee

Lead guitarist, Daniel

 Vocalist, MInori

It seems like CrestFall have this curse lol, where in every single performance we'll have new members wtf~
Curse of the CrestFall. 
Oh and last minute practice too -.-

Anyway, after the performance I'm supposed to go countdown with Bryan, but that idiot ffk me =3=
Demo sho ga nai ne -w-

So just went home after the event =w=~ And I...took pictures XD

I got take a lot more la but ahaha if I upload all this post will be endless XD

My shoes got covered in mud at the event too asdfghasdfghjk


Looking awful after all the makeup is off lol~ meh =w=


Ending this post with a picture from our jamming the night before the performance, last jamming session for 2012.

Oh yea, and I want to shout out my thanks to Acap from Osiria Rose for being so supportive!!! :D
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Acap is the guy wearing a cap :D Behind Minori~

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The last 2 weeks of December

These 2 last weeks of December, I kept saying I'm busy, busy, busy.
And the reason I gave is because of my band stuff lol~
To be honest, that's just a minor part lol.
But hmm...that kept me busy too.

The real reason is cause mom is in hospital, for around 10 days.
And she's coming out today, which is good :D
I'm so glad ^w^

During the 10 days, I have to go to the bank and stuff, handle our household stuff.
And I hate it, I don't like handling money =_=
Besides, I need to go grocery shopping lol. And manage lunch for my sister and cousin at home. Which is still okay, I guess?

And then I have to go to mom's centre to help out a bit also.
(Though I guess my existence there is just getting in the way lol) I dragged Crystal with me to accompany me, and we just sit there chatting haha. And keeping an eye on the kids at the same time la.

And during that time I was also on the process of getting my driving license, which I have not done yet. Just passed the theory test, and now waiting for the L license, then still need to learn driving. Which I'm looking forward to haha.

And somehow in the midst of it all, I managed to squeeze time for Comic Fiesta LOL.
Rushed my costumes and props. Made my own costumes and props, will have another blog post for that later.

I guess to say I'm really busy is not exactly true? I just somehow realized that I still have time for outing, on Xmas eve :3 Blog post here. Click me

I also visit mom most of the days in the evening. I'd go at around 5pm then stay there till 7pm~
And since always jam I'll reach home around 8pm -.-

All these rushing about is making me eat quite unhealthily.
Normally my dinner time is at 7pm, but for the last few days no cook at home, and I rush about.
So my dinner time will either be very early, or very late.

Sometimes I eat at 5pm, then I'd get hungry at night and supper fml.
Fat die me.
Or I'll eat at 9pm, and that's no good either -_-

Or I'll just skip dinner ._.
Like last night, went jamming at Subang, left around 5.30pm, then reach Subang around 6.45pm.
Bassist and drummer haven't eat yet, same goes with me.
So we just went to 7-11 to get some bread/biscuits to tahan first.

All I ate was 2 chocolate twiggies. After jamming, we went supper at UM, since our 2 guitarist stays there. They ate, but I don't feel like eating. It was already 11.30pm I think, and I have no appetite.
Then reach home around 1am, and I sleep lol.

Till now haven't eat yet =w=
Ahaha. Waiting for lunch now~

Oh yea and yesterday, the studio I booked suddenly ffk me, saying that they have family matters and can't open the studio for us wtf. That guy called me around 3pm, and that time I'm grocery shopping outside. I can't find any studio =A= And we decide our jamming for 6.30pm yesterday. There's just a few hours for me to look for studio, and I'm starting to panic lol cause my phone battery running out.
So I called Dustin to help me find studio, since Minori is performing and I can't contact her =A=

He called 3 studios and all can't contact, or is closed fml -_-
I'm still shopping at the time, and by the time I reach home it's already 4.15pm. I switched on the laptop and search for studios. Called a few, all either wrong number or can't reach wtf =A= Then at last, got through one studio, he said he'll call me back later.

I go take my bath lol, since Dustin supposed to come pick me at 5pm, and it's already 4.30pm that time and I havent packed my keyboard and stuffs. Anyway while in the shower the studio guy called back, and say it's available, so YAY :D haha.

Now I'm listening to songs we're supposed to play, still some part I need to figure out. But meh if really can't I'll just skip, since it's really minor part which I don't think anyone will notice anyway .___.

Ahaha I guess that's all? -w-  Gonna try out chords for songs now, another jamming session tonight, and tomorrow performance day =A=
Ending this post then~
Buh bye~~

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve Outing

On Christmas Eve, Crystal, Chii and I went to The Garden's Redbox for karaoke.

It was quite a miracle that Crystal's parents let her go OAO
Normally it was hard for her to go anywhere :/

I choose to wear a red leopard print button up sleeveless shirt that day, paired with a leather jacket and black skirt :3
And my black studded bag XD

As for shoes it was the black bling shoes I bought from Mines. Picture in this post. Click here :3

Crystal came to my house at 9am, and we waited for my uncle to bring us to Kajang KTM.
And guess what...Crystal gave me my birthday present OAO
Eventhought it was really late XD

I did not open it till I came back from the karaoke haha.

Anyway, at the KTM station, waited for a while for the train to come. Then we meet Chii at Serdang station and head to Midvalley :)

We sang during lunch hour, which means there's buffet lunch >w<
The food is not bad considering the karaoke price, which is RM24+++ I think.

It was fun singing ^w^ There's quite alot of new updated Japanese song :D
There's God Knows, and Chii sang the main vocal while I try backup vocals :D
As a practice for our band New Year performance, will be performing the song and I'll be singing melodies xD And I managed to sing it, though I think it went off a little at some point. More practice!!!

Just one picture in the karaoke room, too lazy to take more lol.

After karaoke, we went to Shojiki-ya and got ice-cream >w<
I loveeee Japanese ice-cream. I also got some other stuff.

Potato snack, Japanese curry, and chocolate :x
Craving snacks nowdays >A<
Been quite a while since I ate them lol.

After that, we went to Jusco's arcade for Purikura :3
Then we went into Daiso Japan and just hang around looking at stuffs lol.

Well I guess that was pretty much it~ Doesn't sound really interesting I know, but it was an awesome day :3

At home, I opened the present Crystal gave me.
She wrapped it up in many layers of newspaper -.-

It's a cute contact lens case, and a leopard print pouch for my phone >w<
Thank you, Crystal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Oh, I also received souvenir from Chii :3
She went to Bangkok.

Leopard print earrings!!!!! And tribal Aztec earrings!! :D
Time to get my ears pierced!! >D

That's all, I guess :D

Was a fun day out :3

Hope can go out together again, with Aki next time D<

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Practice, practice, and practice.

6 more days till jamming date, 6 songs to get ready.

I'll do a song a day. Today I'm learning Aerosmith's I Don't Want To Miss A Thing.

Oh god. This song. It's killing me =A=
So many freaking strings in it. And there's piano part together with strings. Play die me... Orz
At chorus the piano part is chord some more, but I'll just omit that at leave it to the bass or guitars -.-
The strings part is more than enough to handle. And I want to sing the harmonies haha.
Can't control so many things at once lol.

Anyway, I've been sitting in front of the laptop and keyboard since 10am, now its 3.20pm @w@
But hmm..of course minus all the time I chat on fb and take a stroll in the internet haha xD

Still got time take picture LOL.

Lol writing down the notes. And thank god there's some synthesia videos for this songs in YouTube. Save me some listening to do, but I still need to change and work on it cause it's quite cacat =_=


Anyway I guess it's a good thing. Good for my listening skills and patience haha.

SCANDAL's concert!!!

SCANDAl came to Malaysia and have a concert on 1st of December.
I went.

To be honest I did not expect to go at all. But I won the tickets through a contest by Animax. VIP tickets OAO And I did not expect to win hahaha, I just casually tried my luck lololol. Though it's not a luck contest, they chose by our 100 words essay lol.


Anyway, on the day of the concert, I went to Midvalley first, to wait for Jason since I'm going with him. But he's late for around almost 3 hours I think =A=
Because of stupid traffic jam. The traffic was crazy that day @_@

Outfit of the day :D

OOTD; short black top, black shorts, chains belt, and black bag hahaha.'
Anyway, Jason reached at last, and it took some time to find him @_@
Then we went off to the concert!
 The concert hall

We're actually much more in front during the concert, but this picture was taken after the concert when we're leaving.

  With Jason

The concert was awesome!!!
Scandal's making everyone high, and we all sing along and jump and shout like crazy hahahaha.

And I got their Queen are Trumps t-shirt for free!!!!
Before the concert started, a mc was asking questions, and he picked me to answer! Wooohoooo!!!
And I got the t-shirt that way :3

Unfortunately it's in the size XL, i look like a scarecrow while wearing it /_\
Nevermind, I'll make it work anyway haha.

And thats all I guess hahaha



This month is the month I got free from school, exams, studies.
My SPM ended on 29th of November haha. For those taking Chinese and accounts it's later. :/
Anyway, after my last paper, Sains Pertanian, we took pictures!

 Me and sohai Jien Hao hahaha, but I look sohai too wtf


Pretending to sing our national anthem lol

Me drawing on Brenda's pinafore


Weeeee xD

So, having gotten myself free from school, I thought I'll have a lovely time lazing around.
But I'm wrong. I'm quite busy actually -_-

Family stuff appear, and I have to get my driving license as soon as possible.
So I register at a nearby driving school.

Listened to the Undang seminar for 5 hours blehh 2 weeks ago. Damn boring zzzzzz. Good thing I chose a seat at the end, and it's beside the wall woohoo. And I'm blocked by a big guy in front of me, so I just lean on the wall and kind of snooze.

And a week after listening, went for the Undang test. Thank god I passed.

During that week, I was rushing my cosplay costume.

Lol. Which results in my room getting messy like this.
Oh and I cleaned and organized my wardrobe which took me one freaking whole day, from morning till night wtf.

Hmm besides that, I went out with mom a lot, to the bank, her day care centre,veterinary clinic, groomers, grocery shopping, etc etc etc.
Organizing everything to be better.

Blehh it's all muddled up now since its either 2 weeks, or a week ago.

Right now, I'm rushing to finish up my costume which still have a little part of sewing that needs to be done, and I need to make my cosplay weapon, which I haven't started on at all wtf.
1 week till Comic Fiesta, I'm so dead.
And I still need to buy contact lens and costest too ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

And I'm rushing to learn 6 songs for the band. =A=
And worst thing is...songs with no sheet music and lots of strings sync effect again OTL
But it's good thing in a way, it build up my listening skill. And this time I plan to sing the harmonies too, practicing hard at that too.
First jamming time is next Friday. I hope it'll turn out fine. @w@

Oh dear I'm starting to panic now lol. So many things to be done yet I'm still blogging xD
But since I don't have much chance at using the laptop, I'm taking full opportunity! 
Lol and I need to go out later @w@ Which means today will be another day gone without working on my props. @_____@

I'm so muddled now hahaha okay I'm ending this post. BYE~~~~

Friday, December 14, 2012


3 days ago, which is 12/12/12 I went shopping at The Mines in the morning.
I can't remember the last time I really went shopping, or bought as much stuff.

Mom wanted to go to the Big Bad Wolf Sale, so to the sale we went~ >w<
For 3 consecutive years I've always went to this sale. It was freaking awesome, with so many books in various genre and the price is cheap cheap cheap!!!

I've been looking forward to this year's sale since it's at MIECC, which means it's BIGGER!
Haha I've been saving for this sale since the beginning of the year.

Miko photobombing.

Stack of books I bought!

Another stack here

I bought this, for only RM20. RM20!!! 

When I saw it I'm like, are you fucking kidding me? OAO
It comes with CD too. OAO
I know books like this cost around RM100 at those normal bookstores. 
Haha after double checking the price, I grab!

Grabbed this too. It's too cheap to not get it. At other stores encyclopedia of music like this is too expensive for me to afford. And I need to learn more about music, since my theory sucks -_-

Another music book.

There's some other music books too, like for guitar, bass and drums. But I didn't get those because it's too advanced for me, not something for a beginner :/

Oh anyway, before we went for the sale, we had lunch and we shopped around in The Mines first.
Went to a cosmetics store, they were having sale. If I remembered correctly the store is called Max something something lol.

I got these:

2 eyeliner and a lip gloss.
The eyeliner cost rm9 each, and the lip gloss rm8.
Original price rm20++ haha.

Oh and I got an eyebrow pencil since I don't have one, rm9 too I think.
And I forgot to take a picture lol.

I tried the products, and I love it! :3

The eyeliner goes on smoothly, and it's really pigmented! Not what I expected since it's cheap lol.
Nice surprise! :D

The lip gloss is awesome! :D
The color is really really nice, and it's not very sticky unlike some other lip gloss I have.
And it's not too thick, doesn't feel heavy, and it's not drying my lips out! 
And I think it smells like cotton candy, which I absolutely love. >w<
Other lip gloss I have smells like cherry, ughhh...I don't like cherry x__x

As for the eyebrow pencil, I did not try it on my brow, but I tried it on my hand.
Hmmm I can't really judge since I never had an eyebrow pencil before, but I think it's okay, the color is not too dark which would look unnatural. And we can build up the color :D

Lol if I'm going to The Mines again I'll definately grab more of the lip gloss x_x
There's a lot more of other nice color which I would want >_<
If I remembered correctly there's some mulberry, purple, and even red color, which is hard to find in drugstore D:

After that we went to Luccini, a shoe shop.
They were having sale, 70% and 50%off on a lot of nice boots and shoes!!! OAO

I bought 4 pairs :x

Love love love >v<

I saw the pink boots first, and I'm like, sdsdfgsdfghghjk, want!!!!
Then I asked for size 38 and 37, which is the size I usually wear.
They don't have 37, only 38 and it's the last pair.
Unfortunately, the zipper is not working sobs. They asked if I still want it, since I can still wear it by using the lace, but I don't want cause it's too troublesome and it's not like they give me even more discount or anything -_-
Then my mom asked me to try on size 36. I'm like, 'but my leg is not that small..'.
I tried it on anyway, and it fits!!! OAO
It's a tiny bit tight, but blehh I don't care. Mom asked the worker there to expand it, (lol I didn't know they have machinery to do that o.o) and after that, it fits nicely for my left foot :D 
My right foot is slightly bigger, so it's still a teeny bit tight, but it's still okay :D

Haha I know it's okay cause I have a black boots at home, the size is just like these pink boots.
I've wore the black boots to Comic Fiesta last year for the whole day, and it doesn't hurt, just that I feel my toe touching the tip of the boots lol.

As for the other shoe, they're the perfect fit >w<

The black bling bling shoes and the blue one are the same lol. :x
At first I couldn't decide on the color, but I chose black anyway. While paying, my mom saw me looking at the blue one again, LOL. And she's like..."You want that too? Take it, it's hard to find a nice shoe with good quality this cheap again." 
I'm like...seriously? OAO hahaha. But mom said no shoe shopping for Chinese New Year, these are quite enough. Lol I don't mind :D
Oh and these two pair of shoes have velvet lining inside, it's super comfortable >w<

As for the black shoe beside the pink boots, I forgot what those type of shoes are called @w@
It's pvc material I think, and it have a base around 5cm tall :P
Perfect for me, I'm short OTL||
Actually I bought that cause I love the height hahahaha.

Then we walked around, and I bought this studded bag :D

Haha. Finally, a bag of my own!
I don't have any nice bag for outing, all I had was an old worn out fake Chanel bag which mom gave me wtf. It's nice la, but I don't like using fake branded stuff -_-
But I have no choice since I don't have other bags beside school bag, and mom's other bags are too mature for me.

And that's all I think. There's some other stuff but meh no picture and too lazy to take it now haha.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee~ :D