Saturday, December 15, 2012



This month is the month I got free from school, exams, studies.
My SPM ended on 29th of November haha. For those taking Chinese and accounts it's later. :/
Anyway, after my last paper, Sains Pertanian, we took pictures!

 Me and sohai Jien Hao hahaha, but I look sohai too wtf


Pretending to sing our national anthem lol

Me drawing on Brenda's pinafore


Weeeee xD

So, having gotten myself free from school, I thought I'll have a lovely time lazing around.
But I'm wrong. I'm quite busy actually -_-

Family stuff appear, and I have to get my driving license as soon as possible.
So I register at a nearby driving school.

Listened to the Undang seminar for 5 hours blehh 2 weeks ago. Damn boring zzzzzz. Good thing I chose a seat at the end, and it's beside the wall woohoo. And I'm blocked by a big guy in front of me, so I just lean on the wall and kind of snooze.

And a week after listening, went for the Undang test. Thank god I passed.

During that week, I was rushing my cosplay costume.

Lol. Which results in my room getting messy like this.
Oh and I cleaned and organized my wardrobe which took me one freaking whole day, from morning till night wtf.

Hmm besides that, I went out with mom a lot, to the bank, her day care centre,veterinary clinic, groomers, grocery shopping, etc etc etc.
Organizing everything to be better.

Blehh it's all muddled up now since its either 2 weeks, or a week ago.

Right now, I'm rushing to finish up my costume which still have a little part of sewing that needs to be done, and I need to make my cosplay weapon, which I haven't started on at all wtf.
1 week till Comic Fiesta, I'm so dead.
And I still need to buy contact lens and costest too ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

And I'm rushing to learn 6 songs for the band. =A=
And worst thing is...songs with no sheet music and lots of strings sync effect again OTL
But it's good thing in a way, it build up my listening skill. And this time I plan to sing the harmonies too, practicing hard at that too.
First jamming time is next Friday. I hope it'll turn out fine. @w@

Oh dear I'm starting to panic now lol. So many things to be done yet I'm still blogging xD
But since I don't have much chance at using the laptop, I'm taking full opportunity! 
Lol and I need to go out later @w@ Which means today will be another day gone without working on my props. @_____@

I'm so muddled now hahaha okay I'm ending this post. BYE~~~~

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