Friday, December 14, 2012


3 days ago, which is 12/12/12 I went shopping at The Mines in the morning.
I can't remember the last time I really went shopping, or bought as much stuff.

Mom wanted to go to the Big Bad Wolf Sale, so to the sale we went~ >w<
For 3 consecutive years I've always went to this sale. It was freaking awesome, with so many books in various genre and the price is cheap cheap cheap!!!

I've been looking forward to this year's sale since it's at MIECC, which means it's BIGGER!
Haha I've been saving for this sale since the beginning of the year.

Miko photobombing.

Stack of books I bought!

Another stack here

I bought this, for only RM20. RM20!!! 

When I saw it I'm like, are you fucking kidding me? OAO
It comes with CD too. OAO
I know books like this cost around RM100 at those normal bookstores. 
Haha after double checking the price, I grab!

Grabbed this too. It's too cheap to not get it. At other stores encyclopedia of music like this is too expensive for me to afford. And I need to learn more about music, since my theory sucks -_-

Another music book.

There's some other music books too, like for guitar, bass and drums. But I didn't get those because it's too advanced for me, not something for a beginner :/

Oh anyway, before we went for the sale, we had lunch and we shopped around in The Mines first.
Went to a cosmetics store, they were having sale. If I remembered correctly the store is called Max something something lol.

I got these:

2 eyeliner and a lip gloss.
The eyeliner cost rm9 each, and the lip gloss rm8.
Original price rm20++ haha.

Oh and I got an eyebrow pencil since I don't have one, rm9 too I think.
And I forgot to take a picture lol.

I tried the products, and I love it! :3

The eyeliner goes on smoothly, and it's really pigmented! Not what I expected since it's cheap lol.
Nice surprise! :D

The lip gloss is awesome! :D
The color is really really nice, and it's not very sticky unlike some other lip gloss I have.
And it's not too thick, doesn't feel heavy, and it's not drying my lips out! 
And I think it smells like cotton candy, which I absolutely love. >w<
Other lip gloss I have smells like cherry, ughhh...I don't like cherry x__x

As for the eyebrow pencil, I did not try it on my brow, but I tried it on my hand.
Hmmm I can't really judge since I never had an eyebrow pencil before, but I think it's okay, the color is not too dark which would look unnatural. And we can build up the color :D

Lol if I'm going to The Mines again I'll definately grab more of the lip gloss x_x
There's a lot more of other nice color which I would want >_<
If I remembered correctly there's some mulberry, purple, and even red color, which is hard to find in drugstore D:

After that we went to Luccini, a shoe shop.
They were having sale, 70% and 50%off on a lot of nice boots and shoes!!! OAO

I bought 4 pairs :x

Love love love >v<

I saw the pink boots first, and I'm like, sdsdfgsdfghghjk, want!!!!
Then I asked for size 38 and 37, which is the size I usually wear.
They don't have 37, only 38 and it's the last pair.
Unfortunately, the zipper is not working sobs. They asked if I still want it, since I can still wear it by using the lace, but I don't want cause it's too troublesome and it's not like they give me even more discount or anything -_-
Then my mom asked me to try on size 36. I'm like, 'but my leg is not that small..'.
I tried it on anyway, and it fits!!! OAO
It's a tiny bit tight, but blehh I don't care. Mom asked the worker there to expand it, (lol I didn't know they have machinery to do that o.o) and after that, it fits nicely for my left foot :D 
My right foot is slightly bigger, so it's still a teeny bit tight, but it's still okay :D

Haha I know it's okay cause I have a black boots at home, the size is just like these pink boots.
I've wore the black boots to Comic Fiesta last year for the whole day, and it doesn't hurt, just that I feel my toe touching the tip of the boots lol.

As for the other shoe, they're the perfect fit >w<

The black bling bling shoes and the blue one are the same lol. :x
At first I couldn't decide on the color, but I chose black anyway. While paying, my mom saw me looking at the blue one again, LOL. And she's like..."You want that too? Take it, it's hard to find a nice shoe with good quality this cheap again." 
I'm like...seriously? OAO hahaha. But mom said no shoe shopping for Chinese New Year, these are quite enough. Lol I don't mind :D
Oh and these two pair of shoes have velvet lining inside, it's super comfortable >w<

As for the black shoe beside the pink boots, I forgot what those type of shoes are called @w@
It's pvc material I think, and it have a base around 5cm tall :P
Perfect for me, I'm short OTL||
Actually I bought that cause I love the height hahahaha.

Then we walked around, and I bought this studded bag :D

Haha. Finally, a bag of my own!
I don't have any nice bag for outing, all I had was an old worn out fake Chanel bag which mom gave me wtf. It's nice la, but I don't like using fake branded stuff -_-
But I have no choice since I don't have other bags beside school bag, and mom's other bags are too mature for me.

And that's all I think. There's some other stuff but meh no picture and too lazy to take it now haha.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee~ :D



    1. I know right?! They come in white and black as well but I think opt for more color xD