Saturday, December 29, 2012

The last 2 weeks of December

These 2 last weeks of December, I kept saying I'm busy, busy, busy.
And the reason I gave is because of my band stuff lol~
To be honest, that's just a minor part lol.
But hmm...that kept me busy too.

The real reason is cause mom is in hospital, for around 10 days.
And she's coming out today, which is good :D
I'm so glad ^w^

During the 10 days, I have to go to the bank and stuff, handle our household stuff.
And I hate it, I don't like handling money =_=
Besides, I need to go grocery shopping lol. And manage lunch for my sister and cousin at home. Which is still okay, I guess?

And then I have to go to mom's centre to help out a bit also.
(Though I guess my existence there is just getting in the way lol) I dragged Crystal with me to accompany me, and we just sit there chatting haha. And keeping an eye on the kids at the same time la.

And during that time I was also on the process of getting my driving license, which I have not done yet. Just passed the theory test, and now waiting for the L license, then still need to learn driving. Which I'm looking forward to haha.

And somehow in the midst of it all, I managed to squeeze time for Comic Fiesta LOL.
Rushed my costumes and props. Made my own costumes and props, will have another blog post for that later.

I guess to say I'm really busy is not exactly true? I just somehow realized that I still have time for outing, on Xmas eve :3 Blog post here. Click me

I also visit mom most of the days in the evening. I'd go at around 5pm then stay there till 7pm~
And since always jam I'll reach home around 8pm -.-

All these rushing about is making me eat quite unhealthily.
Normally my dinner time is at 7pm, but for the last few days no cook at home, and I rush about.
So my dinner time will either be very early, or very late.

Sometimes I eat at 5pm, then I'd get hungry at night and supper fml.
Fat die me.
Or I'll eat at 9pm, and that's no good either -_-

Or I'll just skip dinner ._.
Like last night, went jamming at Subang, left around 5.30pm, then reach Subang around 6.45pm.
Bassist and drummer haven't eat yet, same goes with me.
So we just went to 7-11 to get some bread/biscuits to tahan first.

All I ate was 2 chocolate twiggies. After jamming, we went supper at UM, since our 2 guitarist stays there. They ate, but I don't feel like eating. It was already 11.30pm I think, and I have no appetite.
Then reach home around 1am, and I sleep lol.

Till now haven't eat yet =w=
Ahaha. Waiting for lunch now~

Oh yea and yesterday, the studio I booked suddenly ffk me, saying that they have family matters and can't open the studio for us wtf. That guy called me around 3pm, and that time I'm grocery shopping outside. I can't find any studio =A= And we decide our jamming for 6.30pm yesterday. There's just a few hours for me to look for studio, and I'm starting to panic lol cause my phone battery running out.
So I called Dustin to help me find studio, since Minori is performing and I can't contact her =A=

He called 3 studios and all can't contact, or is closed fml -_-
I'm still shopping at the time, and by the time I reach home it's already 4.15pm. I switched on the laptop and search for studios. Called a few, all either wrong number or can't reach wtf =A= Then at last, got through one studio, he said he'll call me back later.

I go take my bath lol, since Dustin supposed to come pick me at 5pm, and it's already 4.30pm that time and I havent packed my keyboard and stuffs. Anyway while in the shower the studio guy called back, and say it's available, so YAY :D haha.

Now I'm listening to songs we're supposed to play, still some part I need to figure out. But meh if really can't I'll just skip, since it's really minor part which I don't think anyone will notice anyway .___.

Ahaha I guess that's all? -w-  Gonna try out chords for songs now, another jamming session tonight, and tomorrow performance day =A=
Ending this post then~
Buh bye~~

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