Saturday, December 15, 2012

SCANDAL's concert!!!

SCANDAl came to Malaysia and have a concert on 1st of December.
I went.

To be honest I did not expect to go at all. But I won the tickets through a contest by Animax. VIP tickets OAO And I did not expect to win hahaha, I just casually tried my luck lololol. Though it's not a luck contest, they chose by our 100 words essay lol.


Anyway, on the day of the concert, I went to Midvalley first, to wait for Jason since I'm going with him. But he's late for around almost 3 hours I think =A=
Because of stupid traffic jam. The traffic was crazy that day @_@

Outfit of the day :D

OOTD; short black top, black shorts, chains belt, and black bag hahaha.'
Anyway, Jason reached at last, and it took some time to find him @_@
Then we went off to the concert!
 The concert hall

We're actually much more in front during the concert, but this picture was taken after the concert when we're leaving.

  With Jason

The concert was awesome!!!
Scandal's making everyone high, and we all sing along and jump and shout like crazy hahahaha.

And I got their Queen are Trumps t-shirt for free!!!!
Before the concert started, a mc was asking questions, and he picked me to answer! Wooohoooo!!!
And I got the t-shirt that way :3

Unfortunately it's in the size XL, i look like a scarecrow while wearing it /_\
Nevermind, I'll make it work anyway haha.

And thats all I guess hahaha

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