Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mission Impossible.

Since it's going to be New Year soon, I though I would clean my room today. But ughhh, how I regret it -.-" it's totally Mission Impossible! Sigh. I start by cleaning my piano. All the dusts OMG.

All the things I put on top of my piano. Haha NO pictures of the dust. xD Too embarrassed to show you that. >//<

And oh, I opened up my piano to clean the insides.

Guess what I found?

YES IT'S A DEAD LIZARD!!!!!!! ARRRGHHHH!!!!! I though it's a twig, and I took it, and the feeling? EWWWWWWWWWWWW!! I dropped it at once and screamed hahahaha xD Only the bones left of the poor thing~

Sigh, I have to get rid of all these rubbish -.-"

Thats only the beginning, actually it's far more messier than that.
I share my room with my little cousin sister, and I had her take out all her toys and clean it up. She also had a lot of rubbish -.-" I din't took any photos. Also, I had to clean my messy closet tomorrow -.-"

All my clothes were not folded properly, they were just stuffed in there ._."

Sigh. =,="

I want a bigger closet and room T^T I wish I din't have to share my room with my little cousin sister :'(

~Joee Joe~
もっと大きいな部屋がほしいよ~ T^T

Steamboat Buffet!

Lol this happened like last last week :X Sorry for such a late post! xD

Went to Seri Kembangan for steamboat buffet to celebrate a chinese celebration, Guo Dong a.k.a Tang Yuan day lol~ xD Dango, Dango, Dango~~~~~~

The selection of food.

There's more, I just din't take the photos~

Tom Yum and clear soap! :D The tom yum damn spicy ><

Lol the dishes and bowls were wrapped o.O


p.s: I still haven't got the Singapore photos yet -.-" Looks like it'll take a while~

~Joee Joe~

Monday, December 27, 2010

Short Update!

Hey >w<

Just back from Singapore! :D Gonna blog about it once I got all the pictures~

Also, I celebrated Guo Dong with my family >w<

*Guo Dong is a chinese celebration where they eat dumplings! >w<

Instead of celebrating it the usual way, which is cook and eat at home, we went to eat steamboat buffet! Wee!! >w<

Gotta run now, BUSY! Need to bath my dogs and tidy my room and do my piano homework~ sigh~

Bye Bye!!

~Joee Joe~

Monday, December 20, 2010

Comic Fiesta!!!

Yoyoyo! >w< Went to comic fiesta at Berjaya Times Square on Saturday! :D

There's so many cosplayer! >o< I wanna cosplay too!!!!!!!! Next year must cosplay! >_<

Me with BFF Aki-chan! >w<

Lol ^^"


I want these [beanies?] so bad! >< Cost RM45 each Q_Q

Too expensive T_T

Mario! :D

Aki's drawing! Haha. Draw to get a free poster ^^

Aki and her Hibari xD

Me and Earl from D.Gray-Man! XD Wee~~~~

No one is cosplaying Lavi :'( None that I can see so far. There's Kanda and Allen, but I don't really approve ^^" No Lenalee either. Sigh.

Cosplay competition haha.

Actually there's more photos, I'm just not in blogging mood. These will have to do.








And oh, my mum said she wanna cosplay too. xD 

~Joee Joe~

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Woot!! Went shoe shopping yesterday!! :D

It's Sketchers warehouse sale!!! Caligear only cost RM10, and normal shoes cost RM49.

Haha, but I bought it at a cheaper price :D Why? Well, it's SECRET~ :P

At who knows where~

Hoi Yee, look like you leh!! Except the hair haha.

After that, we went to a mamak store and yam cha. xD

I ordered ice-blended Grape, but I din't take the picture. Instead, I managed to capture a picture of my mum's Cuppachino :)

WOW!! Right?!! Only RM3.50!!!! And it's worth 2 cup -.-" Same as my Grape~

After that, we went to Mahkota Night Market~ I bought some skirts  and a dress^^

xD haha~ I love the read and black skirt! The top was seperated, I bought the top some time ago.

And I also bought some sweets and japanese curry at 100Yen shop ^^

The cola sweet is really BIG, kinda dangerous for small kids to eat. But it tasted awesome! :D The fruit one is kinda normal~ No pictures of curry~

Haha~ At home, I spent time in my room relaxing ^^

Reading :)

Jealous? :P

Haha. Lame :P

Anyway, back to original topic haha. My shoe madness!!!

2 boxes man!

Nice eh?

I love this!!!!

Awesome right??!! xD

Haha. Well, bye bye! Lame. :P

~Joee Joe~

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sofea! :D

Haha. Today celebrated Sofea's birthday! :)
We went to eat at Passion's Cafe.
She treat me to a spaghetti and iced lemon tea :) Yummy! >v<

After that, we hang around at Jusco for...5 hours xD Haha...So, what kept us busy and fun during the 5 hours?


We went to the arcade and play games! xD Only 2 pictures though. Too busy playing games to capture xD
It's Dance Dance Revolution!! xD I've won! xD Haha lame.

And oh yea, today I broke my lifetime record on the solo basketball! :D  I scored 83 points! xD Haha, again, lame.

Ok, after spending time at the arcade, we went to the clothes department and randomly select clothes and into the changing room to try it out. xD

Hahaha! xD


 Did I lose weight? [o.O] NO. I've gained 2 kg. :( I hate my lying camera!!

 My original outfit.

We also went to a DIY shop and just hang around. I can't remember whether we went to the changing room first or the DIY store first. :X My memories getting worse. :(

Anyway, at the DIY store.

 Haha. xD

 Just for fun.


 The nerd is here!

 Attempt to be cowgirl FAILED.


 Lol. No idea what's that hat for.

 Have I gotten taller??


In the toilet. :X Oh well, typical girls XD

 Don't misunderstand. I use the timer xD


And oh yeah. Somewhere in between we went to A&W for root beer.  My birthday present for Sofea! :)
No pictures. After that we took some photo at.................

 I HATE my fats T_T


Haha. Really messy post. Anyway, had lots of fun and...........


~Joee Joe~