Monday, December 27, 2010

Short Update!

Hey >w<

Just back from Singapore! :D Gonna blog about it once I got all the pictures~

Also, I celebrated Guo Dong with my family >w<

*Guo Dong is a chinese celebration where they eat dumplings! >w<

Instead of celebrating it the usual way, which is cook and eat at home, we went to eat steamboat buffet! Wee!! >w<

Gotta run now, BUSY! Need to bath my dogs and tidy my room and do my piano homework~ sigh~

Bye Bye!!

~Joee Joe~


  1. Whoa Spore!! o(^-^)o You reaaallly need to post up the pictures! Did you go to Universal or something? (*__________*)

    PS. What's pau in English and Chinese? Isn't it a dumpling? =O Hehehe, sorry I know I suck XDXD

  2. Lol nope i dint go :( the tickets were sold out *cry* i did visit sentosa though xD

    erm..i call pau bun ._." I though dumpling is erm 'tang yuan' or dango? lol i sucks too xD

  3. Dango! o(*O*)o Thanks for telling me about that! XDXD

    Naaah, it doesn't hurt at all but the doctor fish are really good at biting!! o(;A;)o

  4. lol xD I wanna try it but im afraid xD maybe i'll visit smaller fish doctor haha xD