Friday, August 14, 2009


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This flu very dangerous...So, wash ur hands always...

h1n1 Pictures, Images and Photos

Drink more water...

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Wear mask...

H1N1 Pictures, Images and Photos

And most important, go see doctor if not feeling well...
The virus can be cured easily if detected early..(really? O_O)

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Bad mood~

Aiz..On wednesday woke up feeling so emo....As ppl say, "If you wake up with bad mood, your day ends up bad too"...
so true...
First, come down..Then start a stupid quarrel with my aunt...
then, I go get my keyboard to add sound effects to the song I composed..Suddenly, I trip over the wayar...BANG!
Ouch that hurts...
Ok, nevermind that, mind the keybourd...
The stupid adapter was loose..It took me a long time to fixed...After fixing, the melody in my mind have dissapeared...Damn, that was such a nice melody too..Wish I could remember it soon....
Aiz...At night, go to Scotpine to pack my room...
End up getting scold by mum..Wat reason? Dont ask...=x
Aiz..Such a bad day...=_=



Piano Exam Over!

PIANO EXAM OVER!!!!!!!!!!!
haha~ Can say bye bye to these books liao~ XD

haha~ dunno can past or not~ But I confident can~
XD then go to grade 2 liao lu~ hahahah~


New Home~

Goin to move to new home soon!! ^_^
Lol..There's a bar counter..O_O''

Lol...Anyway, cant wait^^


Weird rainbow..

Last week, ( about 10-12 august) I saw a ROUND rainbow.. It was so strange...The rainbow is surrounding the sun~ Too bad I din't take any picture...Aiz...I cant see the rainbow completely cause the sun was too bright..still, it was strange...


No time~

So many things wanna post but no time...until now, finally! got time to post XD

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