Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Summary of my 2013

I've posted this as a status in Facebook, but shall post here again for personal purpose:

-Bleached and dyed my hair for the first time xD
-Gotten ear piercings
-Learned how to drive and got my license
-Got my first job (promoting shrimp and cooking them for sampling LOL)
-Been proved that my thought, "No one will ever have a crush on me" is wrong lol :x
-Faced family shits and problem and become more mature because of it
-Had 5 photoshoots!
-Cut my hair short (and shocked people with the punkish side of me hahaha)
-Gained back all weights I lost last year fml
-Improved on my jogging ability (5km in 30minutes!! weeeee)
-Kind of lost interest in cosplay (can't remember cosplaying anything aside Nana and Luka this year)
-Traveled out of Malaysia with friends! (to Singapore)
-Finally gotten over my crush, and no more feeling awkward whenever I talk to him
(I think he lost the awkwardness too yay)
-Started college, and met lots of awesome people!
-Moved out from home (not really happy with this, hope that can move in with my coursemates next year, at least it'll be better)
-Improved on my musical ability (Being more sharp in playing based on hearing, managed to sing and play simple songs on guitar, ability in the technical side of music, singing better)
-Experienced being a crew for live events
-Joined a singing competition
-Finally have my own laptop!
-Got surprised during my birthday for first time
-Improved more with my bandmates (i miss them, can't wait to work with them on the next project)
-Had to wear a tooth spleen for 2 months(!!) to cure my jaw pain
-Have a new crush after getting over the old one (I don't know whether he can sense anything or not, but I'm afraid of making any move. Terrified that I'll fall headalong into the dark void again ._. )
-Been told how much I mean to someone (thanks a lot, that really boosted my self esteem)
-Gotten a lot more interested in photography (especially towards hauntingly beautiful stuff)
-Finally accepting the fact that I won't grow taller anymore and will always be teased for my height (to be honest, it doesn't bother me getting teased, but i would be a lot happier if I'm taller haha)
-Learned that no matter what you do or how you are, not everyone will agree with you, and that's perfectly OKAY.
-Gotten a distinction in my exam (piano theory)
-Stopped my practical piano lesson (Can't cope with it anymore, not with my current schedule and financial status)

I guess that's all. It's been quite a hectic year, with life changing events.
Hope that 2014 will be a better year for everyone!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Messing around with a DSLR

Hello people~ Just randomly blogging while waiting for my friend to come pick me up to go out yumcha haha.

Recently, I borrowed my uncle's Nikon D5000 and tried taking photos of my doggies with it.
Practicing my photography skill (which is close to 0% to begin with lol) before I start my Digital Imaging photography assignment.

We're required to take photos with these themes;


Meanwhile I'm looking up articles on the net for street photography.
Most I see is in black and white though lol.
I wanna capture a colored one instead :3


That's a good article I found, leading to lots of photo blogs :D
Gave quite some inspiration xD

Here's some test shots;

Experimenting, trying to create a photo with a shallow depth of field. (blurry background)
So that's my test shots for now haha.

Gonna go somewhere soon and try to capture street scene =w=
And oh, gonna learn more about all the settings in the camera first lol.
Now that I've known a little bit about aperture, shutter speed, exposure, white balance, etc etc, it doesn't seem as complicated as it used to.

Okay gotta go now, ciao!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Updates on my kinda boring life, and random babblings, as usual.

I like recording down my life.
I used to write diaries, since I was 15. But I stopped at 16, continued at 17, and stopped again lol.
Reason I stopped is because of pure laziness, I used to write every night before I sleep, but then there will be times when I went and overnight at somewhere else, and I'll miss out on writing. That, made me stop writing. :x It's like, once you stopped for a night, you'll get lazy wtf.
But still, I have like 5 diaries altogether now, and they're all full of my thoughts and what happened :3

Maybe one day I'll share some of the content here haha. Those are much more private than my bloggie.
Stuff I wrote and share here is mostly what happened, and if it's not, then it's stuff then I don't mind letting people know, but I don't know how to tell, I guess.

Well anyway, main purpose is because I know I'll read it back one day, and I like to see how I've changed during the times. And sometimes, I just like to reminiscence on the old times :x
Even if it will make me sad :x

So, to share what happened so far in life :3

The past 2 weeks is just hectic, was rushing to complete assignments before the deadline.
Had to squeeze my brain to come out with different types of design, for Digital Typography and Digital Graphic. Then there's the tedious job or linking everything for my website in Web Funds. So annoying -_-
And I managed to mess up twice, and had to re-link everything twice fml.

After rushing for assignments, it's finals.
But I'm glad to say that I managed to submit the assignments on time, and that finals were mostly okay :)

Introduction to Audio is easy for me, I managed to answer 98% of it without hesitating :D (YAY)
Digital Imaging wasn't really that easy, but still, I think I should be alright.
Digital Typography was.....not okay.
Didn't study for it. (yeah, my own stupid fault, was watching Youtube videos instead of studying)
There's quite a lot of questions which I don't know how to answer (especially the subjective part), but at least I didn't leave anything blank. I just wrote whatever I can relate with as the answer ahaha ._.

As soon as I went down to the cafeteria and meet my classmates, I said "FUCK TYPO" hahahhaa.
Sometimes I wonder why am I so vulgar with my words lol.
Been trying to change, but it's not easy when you're surrounded by people that curse and swear most of the time okay.


Okay back to the initial topic, (actually, what was it???)

Okay I remembered what I want to say now lol.

So after the first finals (21st december, Intro to Audio), we went to watch movie lol.
That celaka Oliver (great, now I'm influenced by his 'celaka'. Celaka. Lol.), suddenly ask if I remembered that I mentioned about watching The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug after the exam.
Actually, I did not remember. Until he asked me =.=
So....instead of going back and studying for Digital Imaging and Typography, we went to Sunway for movies. There goes my time for studying /____\

.....Okay who am I kidding lololol, I know that I won't study even if I went back home.
Am glad we went for the movie :3 Even though the movie was not as good as I expected. It's kinda far fetched? Meh. And the ending is so damn hanging. But still, I'm satisfied that I finally watched it hahaha.

On the weekend between finals, family celebrated the Winter Solstice Festival. Had a feast in our home, and ate dumplings. Personally, I think dumplings are over rated :x It's just a clump of sticky dough with very little fillings :/ Maybe I should make it next year lol, instead of buying those packet ones. STUFF IT WITH LOTSA FILLINGS.

Well, on the 23rd, it's the last day of finals. After finals, went to Summit to print our Digital Typography to submit. After that, went to Subang Parade for lunch and got lost trying to send Oliver to the KTM. So fail lol, the KTM is literally beside Subang Parade, and I got onto some highway that leads to goodness knows where =_= Wasted my money on 2 tolls T^T

After I got home, I felt this sense of freedom that I haven't feel in quite a while xD
Went out yumcha with Xavier in the night, then when I get back, I just chillax in my room and watch movies :3

The next day which is Christmas Eve, mom tried to drag me to a Christmas dinner organized by her Church.
Not that I don't want to go, initially I said yes, but then I was told that there won't be anymore space for me.
So I've kinda decided on what I want to do that day, which is actually be lazy and watch movies the whole day haha. But then suddenly last minute mom told me that there is another seat for me -.-

By that time, I'm already curled up comfortably on the couch watching tv. Feel so introverted and anti-social lol :3 So I refused to go ahaha .__.
Normally I'm quite an extrovert (I suppose?) and I won't mind going out meeting new people.

For dinner that night, I just went out to the pasar malam and bought some food. Went back home, and continue watching the tv hehehe. After that, faced my laptop lol. With a mask on.
I look ridiculous hahahhahaha.

On Christmas Day, stayed at home as well. I somehow made a short cover lol, playing the guitar and singing Joy to The World ehehe.

I tried to make the video to be in focus, but the I failed, and I'm too lazy to try and re-record -.- So I just leave it as it is lol.

At night, went out to The Mines and send my HTC Sensation to fix. It's Christmas, but then they're already playing Chinese New Year song there wtf. So sweat -_-
After that, yumcha with uncle and aunt.
Just chillax =w=

Hahahha I'm getting boring aren't I? Babbling about those details on my life LOL.

Well here's something that's not so boring I guess. Went out for karaoke with Crystal, Xavier and Kar Hao :D

Trying to wink. All of us fail so bad, except Kar Hao hahahaha.

We went to Loudspeaker in c180, Cheras Selatan.
It only costs us RM6 wtf. So damn cheap. And with free drinks too!! 
Love Loudspeaker so much. Their sound system is better than Greenbox and Neway too.

Random photos.

We're kinda like a bunch of maniacs hahaha. Screaming lilke bloody murder in the room. As a result, got sore throat OTL

Canwhored using Crystal's Note 3. I miss a front camera so much TwT

Oh well, shall get my HTC Sensation back tomorrow I think. Can't wait to use an Android phone again! And to use Instagram. And Dayre!

 Hahahah the disco light shined on us while taking the picture lol. The Green Hornets! xD

Hiding my chubby face behind Crystal's hair wwww

Pulling faces and act chio hahaha

This is what happens when I get hold of a front camera. 

Sorry la, I perasan :P
It's only with front camera that I can capture pictures that doesn't make me look fat :v
Okay enough with that ahaha.

After karaoke, we went for lunch in Mahkota Cheras. Tried out this new cafe called Padi House.
I ordered Beef Chilli Spaghetti, topped with baked cheese *O*

It tastes good! :D

Lol. 3 of us ordered the same thing =.= 

 Crystal's oreo cheese cake and green tea latte which taste plain awful to me. Maybe it's because there's lots of milk in it, and I hate milk.

My lemon water. I love lemons!

I think I'll give this cafe a rating of 8/10. It has nice interior, comfortable and spacious, along with a vintage feel that I like. Good service as well. Food tastes good, price average. RM13.90 for my spaghetti and RM2.9 for my lemon water.

We spent a long time in the cafe chatting. Feels good to just chill, and catch up with my friends on life.

After I got home, bring my two darling doggies out for a walk. Haven't done that in so long!!
Feel so happy to see them running around the park happy :')

Today I brought them to the groomer. Asked the groomer to shave them bald lol. Their coats are getting too long, and it's nuisance to take care of their coat. So just shave it off xD So much easier to care for, and it's more hygenic :3


Here's a random to do list lol.

-Exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes every during the holidays
(so far, check!)
-Improve my guitar playing skills, and learn a song before the holiday end
-Record some song covers
-Bake something
-Watch all movies I missed out on!
-Hang out and catch up with friends
-Complete Digital Imaging assignments
-work on those extremely belated presents OTL

Well I guess that's all hahhaha. Done babbling nonsense, and done boring you guys!
Ciao xD

Monday, December 16, 2013

December so far

HELLO BLOGGIE I'VE MISSED YOU. Sorry I didn't write in you for a while, was busy :/

Shhhh, even now I'm not supposed to be here, I'm supposed to be doing my typography assignment instead, but screw it I've been trying to come up with a design since yesterday and I still have no idea what to do.
So I'm gonna take a break by blogging haha.

So, on the first day of this month, I went to a small gathering haha.
Jien Hao, Crystal, Chi, Yoong Wei, Kar Hao and me meet up for a very tiny BBQ dinner at Jien Hao's house.

Haha, I'm biting on a marshmallow

My burnt marshmallow lolol

BBQ-ing chicken wings, hot dogs, meatballs etc haha

So that sums up the dinner?
Lol I don't know what else to write about it, can't remember in details what we did.
I think we just chat and catch up on each other's life?

Anyway, on 6th Dec, I took my studio competency test.

Sitting and waiting outside the studio lol

Emad was the first to go in, and naturally, he passed lol.
Next was Iyaz, he failed. He told us the reason he failed, he forgot the master aux volume.
Then he warned us not to forget that. After him was Yahga. He passed~
Then, it was me.

I...failed .__. Ahaha.
For some reason so stupid I could kick myself in the face.
I was assigned to send signals coming from the CD to the reverb, and I've managed to patch everything correctly. But for some reason, I can't get hear the signals.
I kinda panicked, and I re-check everything. It's all patched correctly.
Then my time's up fml, and then my lecturer look at me and ask if I know why I can't hear anything.
I said I don't know, then he proceed to turn up the MASTER VOLUME.
I just stare at him, feeling more stupid than I possible could. Fml fml fml.
Even after what Iyaz told us, I managed to repeat the same mistake.
Congrats, Joee. Stupid =___=

Anyway, out of 10 person, only 4 passed :x
So I guess I don't feel all that bad .________.

Okay, next.
Performing for a Christmas Gathering dinner with Suzanne on the 7th. (Susan, Suzanne? ....till now I'm not sure .____. )
She's supposed to be performing with her sister, but her sister can't make it, so she asked me instead.
Not a paid gig or anything, just helping out~
In return I got free dinner hahaha.
It's actually a very small event, never thought it's that small.
It's held in a family restaurant in the middle of I don't know where lol, with only 4 rows of tables for the guests, and Suzanne and I have to perform in between the tables, so weird :x

See my keyboard? lol

Photos stolen from the event's Facebook.
Even though they didn't give me links :x
I'm a good stalker hahahhaa.

A little deco on each table.

Spaghetti! It tastes great :D

Salad. I usually don't eat raw vege, but I tried a bit. 
Erm..I guess it wasn't as bad I thought? But still don't really like it.

Sausages which was kinda meh to me

Ribs!!!!!! Tastes so awesome *w*

The pizza was good too :D

Lol, all these food has to be finished by me, Suzanne and the photographer.
That's quite a lot for 3 person :o

Everyone in Christmas hat lol

I messed up a bit on the performance, but I guess it's okay.
After we're done, Suzanne and me derped around taking photos haha.

That's all for the event I guess :3

Went to Broga Hill with classmates on 9th December :D 

On the night of 8th, Stephy, Selwyn, Oliver and Emad came to Sungai Long, then I bring them to Kajang for satay haha.

I haven't eaten Haji Samuri's sate in quite a while, and I feel as if it's not as delicious as it used to be. Maybe it's because we went at 11.30pm and they just add more water to the sauce at that time?
Lol what am I saying.

After satay, we went to big bad wolf sale!!! :D
By the time we reach MIECC, I think it's around 1.30am? Hahaha.
Still kinda crowded though.
I bought RM80 worth of books, that's actually just a little.
Somehow they don't seem to have much interesting books this year.
Previously, I spend up to RM250 in Big Bad Wolf Sale :/
Well, good thing I guess. Helped me save some money lol.

By the time we got home, it's around 3.30am I think.
Lazed around the living room watching tv, but then around 4am I slept, till I got woken up at 4.30am.
@w@ Then around 5am, headed out to Broga Hill! :D

The climb up wasn't as tiring as I remember haha. Yay, I've gotten stronger :3
Actually our intention of going to Broga is because I want to take photos for our Digital Imaging assignment.
There's a street theme and graveyard theme, and I thought we could take photos in Broga's old town for the street theme, and kinda make a cross and stuck it on Broga HIll for the graveyard theme.
Didn't manage to capture those though =.=
Instead, we fooled around lol.

Random pictures~

 That's me haha

Selwyn LOL



Wth, these pictures are supposed to be darker since they're silhouette shots. But somehow blogger lightened them up ==

After Broga Hill, we went to have grilled fish :D

Random photos at the restaurant.

After waiting for quite some time, our food finally came! :D

Best grilled fish ever *w*

After we're done eating, we head home.
But on the way back, we passed by a cemetery!
Stopped and took some pictures for the assignment, but then none came out the way I want :/

The place it too filled with grass :/
Oh well.

After we got home, everyone was tired out lol. I took my shower first, then I napped.
We napped for an hour or so, I guess. Hard to sleep lol, there's not enough space for everyone :x
We're all crammed in my tiny room :x

Some pics I took after I woke up haha.

Everyone was already awake actually lol, just too lazy to move XD
Well eventually we got up, then we go to Mahkota Cheras for sushi!!
Sushi Mentai's awesome, only RM1.80/plate for all choices on the belt :D

We managed 45 plates hahaha.

After the meal, it's back to USJ.

Selfie in the car. I looked so....glamorous LOL. Not. And Oliver looked terrifying hahaha

Well I guess that's all?
After this outing, it's all assignment rush /___\
Still more assignment to rush for now. Blehhh.

And oh, I got bitten by some insects terribly ==

It's been almost a week now, but it's still freaking itchy. And I can't help but scratch it even though I know I'm not supposed to T^T
I'm have no idea what bit me, but I'm guessing it's mosquitoes? 
Gonna spray mosquito spray tomorrow morning before I go to college tomorrow.

And before I end this post, I want to say that I don't have to wear my stupid spleen anymore at night YAY.
Jaw doesn't hurt anymore, even if it's still clicking sometimes. But the doctor said that can't be helped.
Oh well.

Okay, good night everyone.