Monday, December 16, 2013

December so far

HELLO BLOGGIE I'VE MISSED YOU. Sorry I didn't write in you for a while, was busy :/

Shhhh, even now I'm not supposed to be here, I'm supposed to be doing my typography assignment instead, but screw it I've been trying to come up with a design since yesterday and I still have no idea what to do.
So I'm gonna take a break by blogging haha.

So, on the first day of this month, I went to a small gathering haha.
Jien Hao, Crystal, Chi, Yoong Wei, Kar Hao and me meet up for a very tiny BBQ dinner at Jien Hao's house.

Haha, I'm biting on a marshmallow

My burnt marshmallow lolol

BBQ-ing chicken wings, hot dogs, meatballs etc haha

So that sums up the dinner?
Lol I don't know what else to write about it, can't remember in details what we did.
I think we just chat and catch up on each other's life?

Anyway, on 6th Dec, I took my studio competency test.

Sitting and waiting outside the studio lol

Emad was the first to go in, and naturally, he passed lol.
Next was Iyaz, he failed. He told us the reason he failed, he forgot the master aux volume.
Then he warned us not to forget that. After him was Yahga. He passed~
Then, it was me.

I...failed .__. Ahaha.
For some reason so stupid I could kick myself in the face.
I was assigned to send signals coming from the CD to the reverb, and I've managed to patch everything correctly. But for some reason, I can't get hear the signals.
I kinda panicked, and I re-check everything. It's all patched correctly.
Then my time's up fml, and then my lecturer look at me and ask if I know why I can't hear anything.
I said I don't know, then he proceed to turn up the MASTER VOLUME.
I just stare at him, feeling more stupid than I possible could. Fml fml fml.
Even after what Iyaz told us, I managed to repeat the same mistake.
Congrats, Joee. Stupid =___=

Anyway, out of 10 person, only 4 passed :x
So I guess I don't feel all that bad .________.

Okay, next.
Performing for a Christmas Gathering dinner with Suzanne on the 7th. (Susan, Suzanne? ....till now I'm not sure .____. )
She's supposed to be performing with her sister, but her sister can't make it, so she asked me instead.
Not a paid gig or anything, just helping out~
In return I got free dinner hahaha.
It's actually a very small event, never thought it's that small.
It's held in a family restaurant in the middle of I don't know where lol, with only 4 rows of tables for the guests, and Suzanne and I have to perform in between the tables, so weird :x

See my keyboard? lol

Photos stolen from the event's Facebook.
Even though they didn't give me links :x
I'm a good stalker hahahhaa.

A little deco on each table.

Spaghetti! It tastes great :D

Salad. I usually don't eat raw vege, but I tried a bit. 
Erm..I guess it wasn't as bad I thought? But still don't really like it.

Sausages which was kinda meh to me

Ribs!!!!!! Tastes so awesome *w*

The pizza was good too :D

Lol, all these food has to be finished by me, Suzanne and the photographer.
That's quite a lot for 3 person :o

Everyone in Christmas hat lol

I messed up a bit on the performance, but I guess it's okay.
After we're done, Suzanne and me derped around taking photos haha.

That's all for the event I guess :3

Went to Broga Hill with classmates on 9th December :D 

On the night of 8th, Stephy, Selwyn, Oliver and Emad came to Sungai Long, then I bring them to Kajang for satay haha.

I haven't eaten Haji Samuri's sate in quite a while, and I feel as if it's not as delicious as it used to be. Maybe it's because we went at 11.30pm and they just add more water to the sauce at that time?
Lol what am I saying.

After satay, we went to big bad wolf sale!!! :D
By the time we reach MIECC, I think it's around 1.30am? Hahaha.
Still kinda crowded though.
I bought RM80 worth of books, that's actually just a little.
Somehow they don't seem to have much interesting books this year.
Previously, I spend up to RM250 in Big Bad Wolf Sale :/
Well, good thing I guess. Helped me save some money lol.

By the time we got home, it's around 3.30am I think.
Lazed around the living room watching tv, but then around 4am I slept, till I got woken up at 4.30am.
@w@ Then around 5am, headed out to Broga Hill! :D

The climb up wasn't as tiring as I remember haha. Yay, I've gotten stronger :3
Actually our intention of going to Broga is because I want to take photos for our Digital Imaging assignment.
There's a street theme and graveyard theme, and I thought we could take photos in Broga's old town for the street theme, and kinda make a cross and stuck it on Broga HIll for the graveyard theme.
Didn't manage to capture those though =.=
Instead, we fooled around lol.

Random pictures~

 That's me haha

Selwyn LOL



Wth, these pictures are supposed to be darker since they're silhouette shots. But somehow blogger lightened them up ==

After Broga Hill, we went to have grilled fish :D

Random photos at the restaurant.

After waiting for quite some time, our food finally came! :D

Best grilled fish ever *w*

After we're done eating, we head home.
But on the way back, we passed by a cemetery!
Stopped and took some pictures for the assignment, but then none came out the way I want :/

The place it too filled with grass :/
Oh well.

After we got home, everyone was tired out lol. I took my shower first, then I napped.
We napped for an hour or so, I guess. Hard to sleep lol, there's not enough space for everyone :x
We're all crammed in my tiny room :x

Some pics I took after I woke up haha.

Everyone was already awake actually lol, just too lazy to move XD
Well eventually we got up, then we go to Mahkota Cheras for sushi!!
Sushi Mentai's awesome, only RM1.80/plate for all choices on the belt :D

We managed 45 plates hahaha.

After the meal, it's back to USJ.

Selfie in the car. I looked so....glamorous LOL. Not. And Oliver looked terrifying hahaha

Well I guess that's all?
After this outing, it's all assignment rush /___\
Still more assignment to rush for now. Blehhh.

And oh, I got bitten by some insects terribly ==

It's been almost a week now, but it's still freaking itchy. And I can't help but scratch it even though I know I'm not supposed to T^T
I'm have no idea what bit me, but I'm guessing it's mosquitoes? 
Gonna spray mosquito spray tomorrow morning before I go to college tomorrow.

And before I end this post, I want to say that I don't have to wear my stupid spleen anymore at night YAY.
Jaw doesn't hurt anymore, even if it's still clicking sometimes. But the doctor said that can't be helped.
Oh well.

Okay, good night everyone.

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