Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Spaghetti recipe!! by Joee~ XD

Ok, this is a home simple  instant' spaghetti recipe~ XD
my maid taught me how to make it!


~1 1/2 tablespoon garlir(chopped)
~2 tablespoon mincemeat (chicken/beef)
~spaghetti pasta
~spaghetti sauce (Prego brand recommened!)
~1 tablespoon margerine
~1 teaspoon salt
~a slice of cheese
~tomato sauce

1st step:

boil the pasta in a pan for 10-13 minutes

next, add a teaspoon of salt~

after about 12 minutes, rinse the pasta

lol...blurry hands kinda shake =X

after that, put the margerine in a dry pan~

when the margerine melt, add the garlic in

after the garlic turn golden brown, add in the pasta

and fry it! XD (not for too long...put it in plate after the garlic are mixed together)

Put in 3 tablespoon of the pasta sauce~

and add in the mincemeat~

mix the mince meat and the sauce up~ after its mix up, put the cheese in~
when the cheese is melted completely, it will turn this colour~

***Extra choice~ * u can breake the cheese in half and put half og it on top of your spaghetti..then, pour the sauce on top n it will melt~


add the tomato sauce~ for the best of taste, about 3 tablespoon is great~

its really nice enjoying the spaghetti, but after the meal,

XDXD dishes to wash! XD

おいしいですね?=P XD

Went to Museum with noisy kids~ =_='' late baru post~ XD
went to museum last thursday~ with a bunch of noisy kids that study in my mum's center...=_=||
in the car, I wish I have my mp4 with me~ sigh...
anyway,at the museum,we went to 'kraf tangan orang asli' section 1st~

XD me posing with ermm...old man?

old fashioned train~

tradisional wedding?

for the dead to wear O_O

this chair for the dead to sit....kinda scary...

after that, we went inside the watever flora fauna museum...
took picture with a dummy~ XD


and then, go toilet n bla bla bla...skip,skip,skip~
ok, when we're inside the main museum~ XD

chinese bride~ XD

saw this thing~ at 1st, though it was a bed....but then.........

side view, a throne~

u know, if ur mad at sumone, i suggest u kill him/her wif these:


blast them! XD i want cool...

u know, they even got such a cute plush toy at the museum..aww....
anyway, musuem talk is boring, so skip to planetorium~ XD
(dont mind my spelling)

me in the space ball! XD
the thing turn round n round n round for 90 secs~ XD
so fun, i ride 2 times~ XD but after 2nd ride, feeling sick =x

after goin to planetorium, (dont mind my spelling!!!) go eat McDonal for lunch~ XD
and then, home ==
lol...boring post rite?
ok, i'll stop here~ bb...


Thursday, December 10, 2009

SoFea'S B-Day!!! ^^ <3

haha..yesterday sofi's b-day~ XD
we planned to go to secret recepi at 1.30 but she is late almost 20 minutes ==
anyway, when we got there, there are no other customers~ XD hahaha.....
we ordered:

spaghetti meatball (chicken) for me and

also meatball, but beef for sofi~ xD

To be honest, the spaghetti tastes horrible...=x no more secret recepi spaghetti for me....
but the lemon tea is really nice^^

here is some other photo:



Anyway, bb...


Monday, December 7, 2009

New piano teacher~ XD

Today night time go meet new piano teacher~ Why?
Cause I want a teacher that will be able to teach me for a long time!
Not like at piano store ==
the teacher I got now is...........@@
and they just change the teacher a lot ==
the techer teaching me at piano store now is the my 3rd teacher!!
plus, my mum cant fetch me anymore~ sigh~~
anyway, the new teacher still not yet comfirm my teacher...she wanna check me out first....sigh =_=

I'm supposed to be practicing Chopin opus 64-1 "Petit Chien"
HELL!! That song is nuts!!!!
Plus my theory homework~
hahaha.....i always do last minute~ XD
sigh..anyway, nothing to post more.....


Japanese Exam~ OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At last....the exam is OVER!!! ^^~
sigh...the result...Im dreading it T_T
I think I did badly....*cry*
Gomen, sensei, if i get less than 300~~~~


Sunday, November 22, 2009


Sigh..moved new home internet TT
so u sing uncle laptop..the broadband so damn slow....sigh...and also cant write japenese de...T_T


Friday, August 14, 2009


h1n1 Pictures, Images and Photos

This flu very dangerous...So, wash ur hands always...

h1n1 Pictures, Images and Photos

Drink more water...

waterbottle Pictures, Images and Photos

Wear mask...

H1N1 Pictures, Images and Photos

And most important, go see doctor if not feeling well...
The virus can be cured easily if detected early..(really? O_O)

doc1 Pictures, Images and Photos



Bad mood~

Aiz..On wednesday woke up feeling so emo....As ppl say, "If you wake up with bad mood, your day ends up bad too"...
so true...
First, come down..Then start a stupid quarrel with my aunt...
then, I go get my keyboard to add sound effects to the song I composed..Suddenly, I trip over the wayar...BANG!
Ouch that hurts...
Ok, nevermind that, mind the keybourd...
The stupid adapter was loose..It took me a long time to fixed...After fixing, the melody in my mind have dissapeared...Damn, that was such a nice melody too..Wish I could remember it soon....
Aiz...At night, go to Scotpine to pack my room...
End up getting scold by mum..Wat reason? Dont ask...=x
Aiz..Such a bad day...=_=



Piano Exam Over!

PIANO EXAM OVER!!!!!!!!!!!
haha~ Can say bye bye to these books liao~ XD

haha~ dunno can past or not~ But I confident can~
XD then go to grade 2 liao lu~ hahahah~


New Home~

Goin to move to new home soon!! ^_^
Lol..There's a bar counter..O_O''

Lol...Anyway, cant wait^^


Weird rainbow..

Last week, ( about 10-12 august) I saw a ROUND rainbow.. It was so strange...The rainbow is surrounding the sun~ Too bad I din't take any picture...Aiz...I cant see the rainbow completely cause the sun was too bright..still, it was strange...


No time~

So many things wanna post but no time...until now, finally! got time to post XD

Busy Bee Pictures, Images and Photos


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stupid June!!

So long no post liao~
This whole month, June, so damn annoying n boring....
1st week, the stupid internet connection have problem for almost 10 days....zzz
then, my mum pay the internet bill a little late, n the stupid internet was cut!!!
I was like....

cute rite??
i draw it~
since i cant find any suitable photo like that..=_=
well, back to wat i was talking~
the stupid internet connection was cut..n the..after one week, when my mum have paid, the stupid modem was burnt!!
it was raining, n lighting is striking, n then....


then i really was mad!!

man...its so damn annoying~
n i need to wait at least 3 days b4 i got a new modem....

but good thing i hav internet now...
n thank goodness tomorrow this stupid month has end~~~



Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Miko n Baby

My darling doggie~ The black one is Miko and the brown one is Baby..
Kawaii, right? ^.^

かわいい の いぬ ですね? :P

A newbie Blog

1st time make and write a blog~
edit this stupid blog for more than 2 hours....
Now dizzy already~
Spent so long time make the layout,but turned out so ugly...