Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Went to Museum with noisy kids~ =_='' late baru post~ XD
went to museum last thursday~ with a bunch of noisy kids that study in my mum's center...=_=||
in the car, I wish I have my mp4 with me~ sigh...
anyway,at the museum,we went to 'kraf tangan orang asli' section 1st~

XD me posing with ermm...old man?

old fashioned train~

tradisional wedding?

for the dead to wear O_O

this chair for the dead to sit....kinda scary...

after that, we went inside the watever flora fauna museum...
took picture with a dummy~ XD


and then, go toilet n bla bla bla...skip,skip,skip~
ok, when we're inside the main museum~ XD

chinese bride~ XD

saw this thing~ at 1st, though it was a bed....but then.........

side view, a throne~

u know, if ur mad at sumone, i suggest u kill him/her wif these:


blast them! XD i want cool...

u know, they even got such a cute plush toy at the museum..aww....
anyway, musuem talk is boring, so skip to planetorium~ XD
(dont mind my spelling)

me in the space ball! XD
the thing turn round n round n round for 90 secs~ XD
so fun, i ride 2 times~ XD but after 2nd ride, feeling sick =x

after goin to planetorium, (dont mind my spelling!!!) go eat McDonal for lunch~ XD
and then, home ==
lol...boring post rite?
ok, i'll stop here~ bb...


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