Sunday, October 31, 2010

Yumekukan!! ♥

Went to Yumekukan on 13th October!! Lol it's such a LATE post..

And guess what, I wore a dress!! It's been years since I've wear a dress xD

With a coat, din't dare to wear so sexy xD

Well, went to Chinatsu's home in the morning, hang around there doing baka trio stuff :3
I ♥ Baka.

Well, since we went there quite early, fooled around first..Also waiting for Chii-chan's friend, Yun~ (forget her japanese name :X)

Baka Trio!!!

Aki chilling with netbook =w=


Hahahahha!! ♥


While Aki is busy with the Netbook, Chii and I =w=


My teeth :(

And also~



That's Yun :)

We're on the way!! YAY!!

When we got there, we got lost :( Can't find Yumekukan~ But after rounds and rounds around the place, we finally found it!

And there's somthing funny funny lol. The place sigh were 'closed'. -.-  So we wait for around 10 minutes, its already 1.10 (I guess?) and it's supposed to be opened at 1.00pm.

D:  Out of boredom, Yun played around the door lol. She accidently pulled it, and it OPENED! The place's open the whole time -.-... 

Well, of course we had a blast singing!! xD

 QAQ~ My tummy!!

The small room~

Goofing around.

Cake for Aki xD Her birthday's at 17th.

The controller lol.

Before going home's photo xD

She went for an ice-cream while waiting for Chii's dad.

Well, thats all :D Pretty short~ We took many videos, but are lazy to upload :P



Hey Guys!! Haha. Sorry for not updating :x  I'm getting really lazy nowdays ._."

Anyway, I've got something interesting to show! :D


 And orange!

Hmm...What is these cute stuff??



Ice-cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >v<~~~~~~~

Haha. It's really delicious! :D Bought at Shojikiya, Mid Valleys~
It' each :x

But if you want to try, go for the orange! It's better than the melon :)


 かわいいでしょう? >v<

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Epic xD

xD xD xD xD xD xD

guy: why are you cutting your hair?
girl: cuz, if I cut it in half, it grows even longer..
guy: REALLY? is that true?
girl: yeahh..?
10 minutes later..
Paramedics Doctor: Now, explain to me again why you tried cutting your dick in half?

Hahahaha xD Taken at 'Like this Like this'

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I wouldn't change a thing about this, this is the best feeling.

This happened LONG ago. During the night after Mooncake Festival.

Well, it's around 8.30pm, and I though I would go for a swim, so down I went with my sister and cousin. Got down, there's a bunch of kids playing lantern and candles lol. I sure miss those times when I'm like them. Anyway, we swim and splash and play lol.

Suddenly, the lights all went out. We're still in the water, stunned. It's totally dark, except for the moonlight,candles and lantern and the very very dim emergency light in the building. It's really beautiful though. My sister began to cry and cling on to me -.- My cousin is cool though :D Anyway, I part swam and part walk with that scaredy cat sister of mine on my shoulder to the other end of the pool where we put our towels. After my cousin and sister got out, I float on the water, staring at the round moon. I wouldn't change a thing about this, this is the best feeling.

Unfortunately, I'm distracted. By people flashing torchlight around -.-...Some of them flash their light on me in the water, probably thinking I'm a ghost :D Haha, hope they got scared xD

Well, after a little while I got out of the water because I just realized, it's so dark I can't even see my own legs in the water and that's enough to scare me. Thoughts of hand pulling me down in the water conquer my mind lol.

After I got out, I went to a deck bench and lie down, facing the moon :D  I wouldn't change a thing about this, this is the best feeling. That time, all I could think about is peace and how great my life is :) Well, if you are wondering why I din't go back home, it's because:

1) I live on the 8th floor. No way I'm gonna climb all the way up in the dark with only very very dim     emergency  light every 2 floors.
2) I wouldn't change a thing about this, this is the best feeling.

Well, anyway, when I got up, (I still had to walk, there's no electricity yet after..20 minutes? -.- ) I lit 3 candles and put it into the bathroom and I bath :D I look out of the window and saw the dark world outside, showered with pale moonlight :) I wouldn't change a thing about this, this is the best feeling.

Well, all I can say is, it's really an amazing feeling.


Friday, October 8, 2010

To blog list

Haha. Gonna blog after PMR.

~I wouldn't change a thing about it, this is the best feeling
~The City of Digital Lights
~Farewell, PMR!

Events that happened haha. Well, the first one is not exactly an event. It's...Oh well, you'll find out soon ;D


Sunday, October 3, 2010


Haha. PMR!!!!!!

Hmm...While most of my friends are terriffied of PMR, I'm so relax. -.-
It freaks me out that I'm not scare of it -.-

Maybe I'm overconfident?
Maybe I don't care about stupid school studies because I'm aiming towards music?
Maybe I just think of all the fun I'm going to have after PMR?

Wait, it's not maybe it's DEFINITELY YES.

Yeah, you're overconfident all right. You stop tuition at last minute, you read comics, online, watch tv and hang out -.- I HATE YOU JOEE!!

Sigh. Joee, you must CHANGE. Don't dissapoint your family, teachers....(cough)
Think of the happy moments if you get straight A's. You certaintly don't want to see a B in your results, do you? And you must prove Sir Dev that he's wrong (laugh)

Well, I just hope that my friends and whoever that studies hard will get excellent results. GOOD LUCK to ALL of you :)

And...........I...I....hope..hop..hope that I'll...I'll...also get...(>_<)....also get...STRAIGHT A'S!!!!!!!!!!