Sunday, October 3, 2010


Haha. PMR!!!!!!

Hmm...While most of my friends are terriffied of PMR, I'm so relax. -.-
It freaks me out that I'm not scare of it -.-

Maybe I'm overconfident?
Maybe I don't care about stupid school studies because I'm aiming towards music?
Maybe I just think of all the fun I'm going to have after PMR?

Wait, it's not maybe it's DEFINITELY YES.

Yeah, you're overconfident all right. You stop tuition at last minute, you read comics, online, watch tv and hang out -.- I HATE YOU JOEE!!

Sigh. Joee, you must CHANGE. Don't dissapoint your family, teachers....(cough)
Think of the happy moments if you get straight A's. You certaintly don't want to see a B in your results, do you? And you must prove Sir Dev that he's wrong (laugh)

Well, I just hope that my friends and whoever that studies hard will get excellent results. GOOD LUCK to ALL of you :)

And...........I...I....hope..hop..hope that I'll...I'll...also get...(>_<)....also get...STRAIGHT A'S!!!!!!!!!!


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