Sunday, October 31, 2010

Yumekukan!! ♥

Went to Yumekukan on 13th October!! Lol it's such a LATE post..

And guess what, I wore a dress!! It's been years since I've wear a dress xD

With a coat, din't dare to wear so sexy xD

Well, went to Chinatsu's home in the morning, hang around there doing baka trio stuff :3
I ♥ Baka.

Well, since we went there quite early, fooled around first..Also waiting for Chii-chan's friend, Yun~ (forget her japanese name :X)

Baka Trio!!!

Aki chilling with netbook =w=


Hahahahha!! ♥


While Aki is busy with the Netbook, Chii and I =w=


My teeth :(

And also~



That's Yun :)

We're on the way!! YAY!!

When we got there, we got lost :( Can't find Yumekukan~ But after rounds and rounds around the place, we finally found it!

And there's somthing funny funny lol. The place sigh were 'closed'. -.-  So we wait for around 10 minutes, its already 1.10 (I guess?) and it's supposed to be opened at 1.00pm.

D:  Out of boredom, Yun played around the door lol. She accidently pulled it, and it OPENED! The place's open the whole time -.-... 

Well, of course we had a blast singing!! xD

 QAQ~ My tummy!!

The small room~

Goofing around.

Cake for Aki xD Her birthday's at 17th.

The controller lol.

Before going home's photo xD

She went for an ice-cream while waiting for Chii's dad.

Well, thats all :D Pretty short~ We took many videos, but are lazy to upload :P