Sunday, November 7, 2010

The City Of DIgital Lights.

Ok, I should upload this a looonnnggg time before. It's before PMR's post =w= Haha, sorry for the wait~
Oh yea, it's I-City, The City Of DIgital Lights, Shah Alam. A really beautiful place :D

Haha..Lazy organize the photos :X Oh well~ Pictures tell a thousand words~ So I don't need to say anything~ Bye Bye!!



  1. didn't realize you changed your blog name! sorry ^_^'
    those pictures are amazing *-* i want to go to something like that! i love lights and all the colors ^_^

  2. It's ok ^^ Lol~ Yup, it's a pretty sight :) Which country are you from? Maybe your country would have something like this as well :)

  3. I didn't know Shah Alam is such a pretty city! Aiyoo, long time no see, so how's life? You must be excited gila cuz no PMR anymore right! o(;A;)o Berry comes from US by the way (^_~)*winks*

  4. Haha hi rabbito ^w^ I'm at first but then I'm back to exam stress mood now haha..Cause I'll be taking my jap test soon T_T haha~ i see~

    p.s: GANBATTE FOR SPM!! I'll be sending positive vibes for you xD