Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Recalling 2015 and New Year

A brand new year, and I'm still overwhelmed by 2015 to fully grasp that 2016 is already here.

If you ask me what is my best achievement in 2015, I would say, "Coming to Vietnam for work."

I've been here for 2 months now.
I still feel overwhelmed by all that has happened, and that is happening.

This is my best experience so far, learning to cope in a country I'm not familiar with, pushing my comfort zone and meeting new people, experience the beauty of staying by the sea, experience new foods, and working as a hotel pianist.

Also in 2015, I've completed my ABRSM Piano Practical exam, Grade 8.
I scored an unbelievable score of 142 out of 150. Holy shit it's distinction, my first ever distinction in my piano exam. I took Grade 1, 5, and 7 before, but none of them is distinction. My Grade 1 was merit, and Grade 5 & 7 only passed, nowhere near merit.

When my teacher told me my score, I refused to believe her at all. It was too much for me, I cried like an idiot. Tears of joy and fear, I was so afraid it was a mistake. I finally let myself believe when my mom sent me a picture of my exam result slip.

What is even more unbelievable is that I scored 29 out of 30, for all 3 of my pieces.
Oh god I'm still having a hard time believing. I really wish I could travel back and listen to myself play in the examination room.

Anyway, besides that, in 2015 I've finished with classes in college. There's a few assignments left, but that's it.

I've also experienced a kind of loneliness after I've moved out from my apartment in USJ, and started working almost everyday in hotels KL. I was alone a lot, driving to work by myself, walking around in malls and doing errands by myself. I've felt more grown up that ever, not sure if it's really my character and attitude, or just because I dress myself in gowns and makeup and heels.

Although I can think of 2015 and mostly great, there were still down parts of course.

I've lost a best friend, I have no idea what happened to him, but he just disappeared and couldn't be contacted at all. It hurts me, I've put my trust in him, and he just betrays it. I know he is alive, since I saw him online, but now he has either blocked me or deactivated his Facebook. I've given up trying to contact him, I tell myself it's not worth it. What's the point when someone is just pushing you away like that?

Also, it wasn't an easy year financially for my family. At least during August to October, I was working and it wasn't so bad.

Okay...I can't recall much anymore. All I thought of was me coming to Vietnam lol.


Now, moving on.

During New Year Eve, I was working. Actually not exactly working, but I was by the stage on the beach of the hotel's New Year dinner. I played 3 songs, and just spend the evening and night watching other's performance and just chilling.

I will post about this one day ahahahhaah. After I've post all the others pending posts I want to make about my experience in Vietnam lolol.

Anyway on New Year, I am no longer single, and I have my first love.
It was not something I've ever expect before, and not something I've ever thought about
Hahha that's all I'm gonna say.

Also, I fell down from an electric bicycle on New Year hahhahhaa. Grazed my arm badly, and ended up not working for 3 days hahahhaahah.

I was happy that I didnt have to work at first la, but then the pain kicks in and REGRET ahhahaa.

Welp that's it I guess?

New Year Resolutions?

Be a better person.
This was told to me by my housemate last time, during 2015's New Year.

So yep, here's to become better in 2016.