Monday, September 23, 2013

Got my own laptop, finally.

I finally have a laptop to call my own.

To be honest, I'm not 100% happy about it. ._.
I'd rather use the money to get a better keyboard synthesizer instead. :/
But I have no choice, I need a laptop for my studies sigh.

I got Lenovo y410p, since the specs is what I need, and I guess it's the only laptop with the specs in my budget lol. Sad that I can't really choose, but this Lenovo laptop is quite cool actually.

The box lol

My lappy~~~ 

Looks kinda plain when it's off, but when I switch it on, the keypad has red LED lights underneath it

Thinking of naming my laptop Mr. Red LOL
Okay just kidding. I probably won't.
Or I might hahahaha.

Ta da~ Lol picture is not that nice, it looks better in real.
Oh and I got a matching red and black mouse ^^

I got this laptop for RM2899. The standard price sigh.

I asked a lot of stores in Lowyat, but most of them said sold out.
Actually Feito recommended me this model, I told him what specs and I need and my course, and he told me to get this laptop.
And he warned me that this model is selling like hot cakes, and it might be hard to find.

So anyway, I asked a lot of stores in Lowyat, and only 3 of the stores that I asked have it. The first store I asked is selling for RM2850, plus reformat to Windows 7.

Lecturer actually asked us to use Windows 7 since a lot of software is not compatible with windows 8 yet. I plan to get from the store plus downgrade, when they told me sorry, it's actually sold out fml.
Wasted my 20 minutes time negotiating, and waiting for them while they check their store for this model.

Fine. So I moved on to another store, that's selling for RM2800, no reformat.
Same thing happened, waited, and nay. Sold out too fml.
I got fed up, why the hell did they say they still have it when they don't. Zzzz, They should have checked properly first.

So I moved on to the third store, which is where I got it from. Selling for RM2899 sigh. No reformat too, as you can see from the picture my laptop is in Windows 8.
Actually I guess if I kept on looking in Lowyat and asking, I'll be sure to find one selling at a lower price. But I'm already fed up, since I was kinda in a bad mood that day, and I've wasted almost 4 hours looking around and asking and negotiating. Mom is fed up too, so we just decided to get from there.

After getting it, I went hunting for mouse and a cooler pad while they help me install some software into the laptop.

I bought a Cooler Master cooling pad.

It has blue LED light lol. Wish it's red instead TwT

Well, I guess that's it. I'm happy that I have a laptop la, just that if I could I'd substitute it for a keyboard instead ._.
But oh well, I have no choice, and at least I have my own laptop now yay!! :D
And this laptop's speaker is quite awesome too :>

Well anyway, I guess that's it.
Oh, and thanks Feito, for all the tips and stuff xD

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Random thoughts and memories.

I'm actually blogging from my new laptop. Will blog about that later.

Anyway, I have this sudden wave of nostalgia sweeping over me just now.

Earlier today, I was talking to Bryan when I mentioned something about breaking his record, me having a crush on someone for a year. To be honest it started back in around end of September 2012 I guess, I'm not all that sure. And actually I'm not sure if I'm still liking him or not, my feelings is just a jumbled up mess.
Sometimes I feel for him, sometimes not fml. ._.

Actually to this point I don't know what to say lol. I guess I liked him for who he is, he was really nice. But I guess I was stupid enough to think that he had any interest in me. (laughs painfully) Okay, ouch, that hurts though. I might have over think stuff a little.
Anyway, we were just friends la, nothing much. I met him maybe like only around 4-5 times a month before my SPM exam.

Anyway, on the last day of my SPM exam, I saw that he got into a relationship with another girl. Actually I kind of expected that already, since I was always stalking his Facebook. ( I'm sure I'm not the only stalker out there ._. ) But even though I expected that, I was always stupidly deceiving myself sigh. And since he is so nice, he didn't really push me away or whatever people do when they sense that someone liked them but they have no interest in them.

He didn't push me away, but not in the sense that he's a playboy or whatever. I needed his help a lot that time, I pestered him to help me lol. He didn't say no. I guess this is the reason why I kind of deceive myself.

Anyway, continuing from the day I saw that he got into a relationship.
Well, I was awake around 5.30-6am that day, I don't know why I woke so early, but I was just lying in my bed, scrolling through Facebook. Then BAMM, I saw this piece of news.
I guess I didn't feel much at first, then slowly the hurt creep in. I feel...empty? I don't know.
It was a horrid start to a supposedly happy day lol.
Anyway, before going off to school for the last SPM paper, I did the worst thing you could imagine.
I told him that I have feelings for him.

.....OH GOD WHY.


Okay, I've calmed down now. So, yes, I did that. I texted him dead early in the morning, waking him up, and told him I have feelings for him, and ruined everything we have between us. Lol. Not like we have anything between us, but I just made our friendship damn awkward. Lol.

Okay somehow right now I see this as something funny hahaha.
Imagine you getting into a relationship after months of complaining you're a forever alone guy (yesh he did complain before lol) then on the day when you finally got a girlfriend, a random sakai confessed to you hahaha.
Oh well it's kinda stupid I guess.

He didn't reply me in the morning.
I went to school, putting on a fake smile and laugh cause everyone is happy that SPM is coming to an end.
But in my heart it's actually all emptiness. I've switched off my phone, so I didn't know when he reply or not.
And then I kept thinking about what he'll reply lol.
Still, I managed to do my paper well, in fact, I actually got an A+ for the subject LOL.
The one and only subject I got an A+ for, Sains Pertanian hahaha.

After the exam is done, everyone was taking pictures together. I joined in too, pushing my emptiness away.
I actually checked my phone, and I saw he replied. But I didn't dare to read what he said, so I put my phone away and joined with my friends again.

After we're done and I'm finally heading home, I took out my phone.
Slowly, I opened his message, and read what he said.
And what he said kinda shocked me and gave me 'wtf...' feeling. It also made me feel very lost.

He told me to not think too much, that the relationship is not serious. And he told me that I did woke him up, (I asked lol) just that he's too tired, hands like zombie, didn't reply. (omg I can't believe I actually remembered)

So yeah, this is it. I can't remember what I replied him though. But thinking back, I wished I asked what he meant by the not serious part. Meh.

After telling him my feelings, our friendship became really awkward. I guess I'm the one that made him feel awkward, since I'm all awkward myself. I have to meet him from time to time, so I can't avoid him, he can't avoid me lol.

But then, even after all those, he still helps me when I need his help, so I guess it wasn't really that bad? I don't know. But yeah, all I felt was awkwardness.

His name used to appear in my Facebook a lot, but then after letting him know my feeling, it's rare to see his name on my Facebook anymore. But I guess that's expected. Oh well.
That was last year. This year I guess we're not all that awkward, but then I don't know. Sometimes I feel like we are, sometimes I feel not. Meh, I think I'm the one confusing everything here.

Sigh. I was browsing Crystal's blog just now, and I saw her posts, and her pictures. Looking back at those pictures also reminds me a lot of this guy lol, since those pictures were posted on Facebook, and he liked most of them hahaha wth. But now, he never liked any of my pictures anymore. That somehow made me feel even more awkward I guess, but it's just the way things are. And I guess I think too much?

I guess I miss the old school SPM time lol, but not in the sense of missing school and SPM. It might be cause he is kinda related to my SPM (okay what fuck am I talking now lol,) and well, somehow SPM just reminds me of him.
Meh whatever I'm talking crap now.

Actually before him, I liked another guy. I think he's the first person I seriously have feelings to.
But it was really obvious that he and me will never be together, and it's all another complicated story. (Nope not going into that story. Maybe next time) I was sad and empty that time too, and I keep wishing that I'll start to like someone else.Voila, wish granted. The guy that I was talking about in my entire blog post appeared.

Lol, I got my wish, but it wasn't how I hoped it'll turn out to be, in fact it kind of made me regret my wish. But to be honest I never regret a thing, except the confessing to him part. Meh.

So, cause it didn't turn out well and I got hurt again, I wish someone would just like me instead and that I'll just accept whoever that is to get away from all the pain and emptiness. What a stupid stupid wish.

Well, believe it or not, my wish came true wtf. Someone appeared and confessed. But wth, I couldn't. I just couldn't say yes to him, It's not like he's bad or whatever, I just couldn't lie to myself and him sigh.

So it didn't turn out well as well. I felt damn guilty for kinda letting him think that I like him, and I feel like an asshole for hurting someone since I know how it feels. Touche. Lol.
I'm such an idiot, I should have pushed him away when I sense something. But I didn't, I just act dumb and stupid.

...Meh. I should just wish something straightforward now, like to have a boyfriend.
There. A simple wish.
Maybe this won't get me in so many complicated stuff like what I've been through lol.

Okay I know I'm crapping rubbish.
So in conclusion, I'm still forever alone, not sure if I still have feelings for this guy or not, and I'm actually wishing that we'll push past all awkwardness and just be good friends. That'll be enough for me.
I'm a really good friend with the guy I first liked now, and I just hoped that somehow, a miracle will happen and I'll become good friend with the guy I was talking about in this entire blog post too. Since I know that being together is impossible now, and the thought of it actually bothers me.

Oh hey, does that mean I'm over him?
I hope so.

Blehhh. Gonna sleep now, before I talk any more rubbish. Buh bye.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bit and pieces of Jrock no Tamashii and random shits cause I'm too lazy to blog everything seperately

Lol, bits and pieces cause I didn't manage to take pictures of all the band. My phone camera is not that good to capture in a dark environment, and another thing is I'm too busy enjoying the music haha.

Anyway, Jrock no Tamashii was on 7th Sepetember. Which is a week before Cosplay GO!.
I got free entry to Jrock no Tamashii, because my band is invited to go.
So I went, after jamming. Daniel, David, Chrysler, and Acap came too.
I had lunch with David first, then we go.

Met with the others there. Lol, it's kinda weird, don't ask me why they didn't follow us for lunch together. I sendiri pun tak tau.
Then later in the event, Carlson came. I bugged him to hang out with us before he leave Malaysia and go to England.

Some of the bands. They invited 2 bands from Japan and 1 band from Singapore. The others are locals.
I like most of the bands, except one of them ahaha. They doesn't fit with the Jrock scene ._.

Anyway, Daniel, Chrysler, and David left early. Carlson and I stayed till the end of the event.
I was so freaking tired hahaha.

We went for dinner after that, Carlson brought me to Station 1.

While waiting for our meal, we played Jengga lol.

He took this picture of me without me realizing haha

I won xD
Actually we've set punishment, but I forgot all about it. Carlson got away grrr.
After dinner, I drove to Taman Maluri to fetch mom home. I think it's around 11pm by the time I reach there. Then when I got home I guess it's probably almost or past midnight.

Oh and that day, jamming time was 11am. Had to leave around 9.45am to meet up with Dustin at 10.15am cause wanna avoid traffic jam.

So that means I've been out the whole day. And the best part is on the following day (8th September) I had to run a 8km marathon lol. Run for peace :D
Woke up early in the morning, run the  marathon with Uncle and Aunt.
I managed to complete the marathon before my uncle ahahhahaa, awesome feel xD

Got free ice-cream and Isotonic drinks after the finish line :3 Got some other stuff as well, but didnt take pictures.

After the run, I had breakfast at McD with Uncle and Aunt xD
After that go home, shower, and nap hahaha. Lack of sleep okay, look at my poor dark eye circle ;_;

In the evening, went jamming with the band Bad Apples.
The studio is at Taman Melawati, so far. Suzann picked me up, and I went with her.
There's also adorable kittems there.

So cuteeeeee!!

Haha then at night, went yumcha with family. After I got home, sakai Crystal suddenly called me, and dragged me go out yumcha again LOL. So I go 2nd round XD
Jie Jun and Xavier is there too, they're having sem break :D

We talked and sohai abit, then Crystal's time curfew is up and we had to leave.
Lololol i wonder when will Crystal break free from her curfew xD

The next day, which is Monday, we went to Loudspeaker for karaoke :D
Except Jie Jun. Something came up last minute and he can't make it :/

Camwhore in toilet after singing lol.

Well I guess that's it, until next time~~

Band performance at Cosplay GO!

Finally, all my band performances is over!
I'm kinda sad about it, cause I have no idea when will I get to perform with them again, or meet them again lol. But at the same time I'm happy it's over, I got quite tired going out everyweek. Meh.

So, we jammed starting from the second week of August. Then it's Animangaki, and after that we rested a week, and jammed on the following week for Cosplay GO!

Acap was there on our last jam before cosplay GO!

We jammed at m2 studio, by the band Mystical Mirage.
The studio is not bad :D

Anyway, the next week after the jamming is Cosplay GO! Actually I'm quite worried for the guys, since I doubt they will practice much during the 1 week gap hahaha. But it turns out fine :D In fact, I think they all did great xD

We went to the event at 9.30am for sound check.
Actually sound check is at 10am, I told the guys they have to be there by 9.30am cause I don't want to risk anyone being late, cause late time at Animangaki Mr. David is very very late lol.

When we got there, we found out that the PA system and all the amps and sound engineer haven't arrive yet wtf. But then actually they aren't that late yet, cause I advanced the time haha. But I forgot the actual time we are supposed to soundcheck, so I panic along with them lolol. I influenced myself too wtf.

Another wtf thing is, some of the guys thought we are performing in the morning instead of 3pm =A=
Luckily they have nothing in the afternoon lolol. Minori and I were like,
Chrysler said it's a guy thing hahaha.

Anyway, the sounds stuff arrive around 9.55am, then by the time they complete setup and everything, I think it's 10.15am. Just slightly late la, but we managed to soundcheck fine. After soundcheck, it's time for my performance =A=

Actually it's quite a stupid thing for me this time.
I wasn't well prepared, and I planned to just use my performance slot for the band soundcheck initially.
But the members won't let me ;__;
So I have to go on stage anyway.

Initially I planned 3 songs to play and sing with my keyboard, but due to the lack of time, I cut it short to 1 song, and exchanged one of the songs to God Knows. WHICH IS STUPID OF ME.
Reason i chose that song is cause I know the lyrics quite well, and I sang it many times at the karaoke. I thought it'll be okay.
WRONG. I only managed to run through the song 2 times on the day before the event. And God Knows is hard to sing sigh. I totally ruined the song. But as for Last Song by Gackt, I think I did okay on that one.

 A very very very blur picture of me on stage

Aki Took some pictures, but he haven't upload them yet.
Meh, enough of my solo talk. Moving on to band performance!!

The stage is quite small. It just fits the 6 of us, and it was kinda dangerous on stage haha. The guys holding the instruments nearly knocked Minori and me sometime lol. And I think I'm blocking David ahaha .w.

I took the pictures from random person that posted it in the event page. I forgot who know, so credits to whoever that took the pictures .___.

There is not much crowd, but the crowd that is there is supportive :D

The first part of the performance. For the other 2 songs, go click to Youtube and find in the username la. I lazy link hahaha.

After the performance, we were told to wait cause the management wants to give us something. So we waited. Then I spot one of the committees carrying a fruit basket.
I looked at Minori, she noticed it too. We laughed. The others haven't noticed yet, and at that time there's another band playing, so it's too loud for them to get what is going on. The Chrysler noticed the basket too, and we laughed again. (or more like I laughed while he give that ahaha smile lolol)

No one wants to take the basket lol, so we played lat ta li lat and Dustin is the odd one out, so he has to take it lol.
After that they chao, I hanged around with David and Daniel for a bit while waiting for mom to come. Just watch some other bands perform and stuff lol.

The next day, I went to Cosplay GO! again. Performed again, but as a sessionist for the band Bad Apples. I didn't take any pictures with them =A= HOW CAN I FORGETTTT ARRGGHH.

Anyway, I did take one with Suzann, the vocalist. In the toilet :x

It was nice to try playing with some other bands, although I must say, I'm very used to my own band ways that I find it a little off. Off as in, I can't really understand what is going on @w@

And since I was actually busy for my own band that time, I did not really listen to their songs in details, I played mostly chord and some obvious strings and piano parts.
Sorry TAT I messed up a bit too :\

But it's nice getting to know new people :D
And thus, I made some new friends haha.

Well, i guess this is it~ Tata!

Monday, September 16, 2013

College Life...?

Okay, finally I have time to sit down and write something.
It's been 2 busy weeks.

So, I'll blog about my college life so far. I've been studying for about a month now, and I've moved to USJ for the weekdays. It's quite tiring for me, since I have to alternate living in 2 places. I have to come back home every weekend because I need to attend my piano classes, and also because I miss my doggies like mad T_T Sigh, USJ is too far to go to and fro every day sigh. Maybe one day when I have a car, I'll drive to and fro myself. But I think by the time I have a car I have already graduate lol.
Meh. Anyway, living there wasn't so bad. I could go for lunch and dinner with my classmates, and hang out with them more. But deciding what to eat is getting hard lol, I miss home cooked food TwT

This is part of my room. My bed is facing the wardrobe. ._.
At first I'm scared, I watched The Conjuring twice lol, and I did think quite a bit. But then I got used to it.

So in my class, there's a total of 13 people. 10 guys, 3 girls lol.
With a class that small, it's quite easy to get along well.
Normally we go for lunch together :3

Last week Wednesday, I went to Sunway Pyramid with 2 of my classmates.
Oliver, and Emad.

The guy in the middle is Oliver, and the one at the side is Emad.
Oliver is from Sarawak, Emad from Pakistan. 
That day we have a day off from class, so we went to Sunway.
I meet with Aki and have lunch with her there, then I joined Oliver and Emad again and we went bowling lol.

....I'm the worst at bowling compared to them ahaha. Is being a girl an excuse? xD
No? Okay,jpg

Anyway, I'm facing physics and biology again -_- Eventhough it's just a bit, I still don't really like it OTL

I'm learning all about sound waves, and how to calculate stuff related to sound.

As for the biology part, ....

I have to know how to draw parts of the ear, and know all the functions, and bla bla bla lol.

Lol okay, I don't want to bore you with my studies anymore.
So basically, I'm having fun, I'm enjoying my studies, but the one thing I wish to change is that my school is near my home T_T But thats kinda impossible haha.

Okay I don't know what else to say except that I just got called mei mei cause I'm the youngest lol.
Blehh ok seriously don't know what else to say. Tata~!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A little update

Hello people!

Been kinda busy lately. My college is seriously starting now. As I've said previously, my batch intake will be combining with another batch since there is not much people in each batch. Well, we've combined last week, and they new batch is great :D

And now that we've combined, we have proper classes now, which is why I said I'm kinda busy.
I have to travel down to USJ every morning at 7am, and by the time I got home it's around 7.30pm fml.

Anyway, I'll talk about my college life more in another post.

So, aside from being busy with college, I'm busy with band too. There's a performance coming up next week. I didn't practice the songs till last week's Friday lol. I stupidly left my keyboard at my room in USJ, and I didn't get it back till Wednesday. Then on Thursday I'm busy the whole day. I only have Friday to practice, and guess what, the songs have quite complicated strings and piano part in it, I listened to the song till I'm sick of it. I keep replaying haha. It took me a whole day to get the notes, and even so it's not that accurate.

On Saturday we're supposed to go jamming, but Chrysler can't make it. The whole jam is canceled of cause there's no point if there is no drummer, it'll be a waste of time. Well, it got canceled off last minute. I was actually already at Cheras Giant cause I'm supposed to follow Dustin's car and I'm waiting there. Good thing mom was with me. We  had lunch and went grocery shopping, then went back to Mahkota Cheras cause mom wanted to get something. By the time I got home it's already around 4.30pm. Later in the evening, we went out to Putrajaya to watch fireworks.

I was quite excited cause it's been some time since I last watched fireworks. I love fireworks :3
Uncle drove, but he went to the wrong place =A=
He went to PICC instead of the real event place where there is a bazaar, and it's at a lakeside.
Sigh. PICC is quite far from the real place, and they're charging RM10/car for parking ==
But since we got there without knowing it's not the real venue, we just stayed there. Uncle is not sure where is the real venue, and the place is getting crowded, he doesn't want to risk not being able to find a parking later.

Paranormic shoot while waiting for the fireworks to start

Me and sis

Picture of the view from PICC

PICC is not that bad la, just that the fireworks are not near enough for me T_T
Good thing about PICC is that since it's quite high, there's a breeze and it's quite cool.

It's so nostalgic watching the fireworks, I was listening to my Ipod at the same time. Made me think about a lot of things, and some songs just brings back so many memories, both good and bad.
I was almost crying ahaha .__.

The fireworks lasted about 30 minutes.

I was also thinking, how nice would it be if I could watch with my bandmates as well, have some bonding time lol. I love them, and I thought that we're not close enough as a band, it's like, we don't really get each other sometime? Maybe that's only me. Meh. Wish we could hang out more together.

Well, another reason I'm busy is cause I agreed with the band Bad Apples that I'll help them out with keyboard. Susan, the vocalist, asked me during Animangaki after their performance. I didn't give an answer right away, I'm afraid I can't commit. Anyway, said yes later. I figured it'll be good experience to me to try playing with another band. 

So on Sunday, I have the first jamming session with them. I actually didn't have the time to practice their songs at all cause I was already busy with my own band's songs. I only managed to figure out some important obvious keyboard part, those that are not obvious I skip for the time being. During jamming, Susan gave me the chords, and I guess I kinda try playing on the spot. It wasn't easy, but it's good experience. I learnt quite a few things :)

Then on Monday whole class again, Tuesday did my drawing for my 2D Illustration class, and mom dragged me out to run some errands with her. And in between there's a bit of free time, which I gave to my classical piano. TwT I'm scared of failing my grade 8 exam OTL

For my 2D Illustration class

To be honest I didn't think I could draw that well LOL
*proud of myself* //kicked

Wednesday I have class again. I actually moved down to USJ yesterday (Wednesday), but then my class for today got postponed -_- So I called mom and begged her to bring me back to Sungai Long since there is no more class this week QwQ 

Mom came down, we went to Summit for dinner. Then just shopped a bit, I bought a pair of shoes :D

So nice >w<

The shop is having a massive discount, not sure of the original price but they're clearing this for RM10 only WTF. Since it's the last and only pain, and I'm so lucky the size fits me wooohoooo. I'm not sure if my judgement is right or not, but I think the quality is not bad either, like those they sell for around RM80 :D
Hope it is lol.

After that we left. Somehow the car's a bit cacat, it can't lock the door, then the radio volume keep jumping and there's static sound. =A= But the car was going along okay, so we ignored those signs.

BIG MISTAKE. It freaking broke down at a main road, a few metres before a traffic light wtf. 
The engine died, couldn't be started wtf. I go on the net with my phone (how lucky that I bought a 1 day data package that day) and searched for a nearby mechanic. Found one, and mom called him. He agreed to come out, even though it's around 10.30pm that time :o 

Mom and I waited at the roadside for him.

Sigh, old car =w=

We caused quite a traffic jam lol, the traffic light is already quite slow, and now there's a car blocking also hahaha. Poor people .w.

Anyway the mechanic finally came, and fixed the car enough for us to drive home. Phew.

Okay, enough blogging for now. Have to go practice my piano, keyboard, do my theory work, draw for my 2D Illustration class and clear my room before my mom lose her patience with me ._.
It's freaking messy, even I'm starting to can't tahan anymore LOL.

Ahaha ._____.

Okay, I'd better scoot.
I'll update my blog again (hopefully) next week! 

Going to blog about my college, my hair, band jamming, hang out with friends, and (hopefully also) Jrock no Tamashii!!! :D

Bye for now :)