Thursday, September 5, 2013

A little update

Hello people!

Been kinda busy lately. My college is seriously starting now. As I've said previously, my batch intake will be combining with another batch since there is not much people in each batch. Well, we've combined last week, and they new batch is great :D

And now that we've combined, we have proper classes now, which is why I said I'm kinda busy.
I have to travel down to USJ every morning at 7am, and by the time I got home it's around 7.30pm fml.

Anyway, I'll talk about my college life more in another post.

So, aside from being busy with college, I'm busy with band too. There's a performance coming up next week. I didn't practice the songs till last week's Friday lol. I stupidly left my keyboard at my room in USJ, and I didn't get it back till Wednesday. Then on Thursday I'm busy the whole day. I only have Friday to practice, and guess what, the songs have quite complicated strings and piano part in it, I listened to the song till I'm sick of it. I keep replaying haha. It took me a whole day to get the notes, and even so it's not that accurate.

On Saturday we're supposed to go jamming, but Chrysler can't make it. The whole jam is canceled of cause there's no point if there is no drummer, it'll be a waste of time. Well, it got canceled off last minute. I was actually already at Cheras Giant cause I'm supposed to follow Dustin's car and I'm waiting there. Good thing mom was with me. We  had lunch and went grocery shopping, then went back to Mahkota Cheras cause mom wanted to get something. By the time I got home it's already around 4.30pm. Later in the evening, we went out to Putrajaya to watch fireworks.

I was quite excited cause it's been some time since I last watched fireworks. I love fireworks :3
Uncle drove, but he went to the wrong place =A=
He went to PICC instead of the real event place where there is a bazaar, and it's at a lakeside.
Sigh. PICC is quite far from the real place, and they're charging RM10/car for parking ==
But since we got there without knowing it's not the real venue, we just stayed there. Uncle is not sure where is the real venue, and the place is getting crowded, he doesn't want to risk not being able to find a parking later.

Paranormic shoot while waiting for the fireworks to start

Me and sis

Picture of the view from PICC

PICC is not that bad la, just that the fireworks are not near enough for me T_T
Good thing about PICC is that since it's quite high, there's a breeze and it's quite cool.

It's so nostalgic watching the fireworks, I was listening to my Ipod at the same time. Made me think about a lot of things, and some songs just brings back so many memories, both good and bad.
I was almost crying ahaha .__.

The fireworks lasted about 30 minutes.

I was also thinking, how nice would it be if I could watch with my bandmates as well, have some bonding time lol. I love them, and I thought that we're not close enough as a band, it's like, we don't really get each other sometime? Maybe that's only me. Meh. Wish we could hang out more together.

Well, another reason I'm busy is cause I agreed with the band Bad Apples that I'll help them out with keyboard. Susan, the vocalist, asked me during Animangaki after their performance. I didn't give an answer right away, I'm afraid I can't commit. Anyway, said yes later. I figured it'll be good experience to me to try playing with another band. 

So on Sunday, I have the first jamming session with them. I actually didn't have the time to practice their songs at all cause I was already busy with my own band's songs. I only managed to figure out some important obvious keyboard part, those that are not obvious I skip for the time being. During jamming, Susan gave me the chords, and I guess I kinda try playing on the spot. It wasn't easy, but it's good experience. I learnt quite a few things :)

Then on Monday whole class again, Tuesday did my drawing for my 2D Illustration class, and mom dragged me out to run some errands with her. And in between there's a bit of free time, which I gave to my classical piano. TwT I'm scared of failing my grade 8 exam OTL

For my 2D Illustration class

To be honest I didn't think I could draw that well LOL
*proud of myself* //kicked

Wednesday I have class again. I actually moved down to USJ yesterday (Wednesday), but then my class for today got postponed -_- So I called mom and begged her to bring me back to Sungai Long since there is no more class this week QwQ 

Mom came down, we went to Summit for dinner. Then just shopped a bit, I bought a pair of shoes :D

So nice >w<

The shop is having a massive discount, not sure of the original price but they're clearing this for RM10 only WTF. Since it's the last and only pain, and I'm so lucky the size fits me wooohoooo. I'm not sure if my judgement is right or not, but I think the quality is not bad either, like those they sell for around RM80 :D
Hope it is lol.

After that we left. Somehow the car's a bit cacat, it can't lock the door, then the radio volume keep jumping and there's static sound. =A= But the car was going along okay, so we ignored those signs.

BIG MISTAKE. It freaking broke down at a main road, a few metres before a traffic light wtf. 
The engine died, couldn't be started wtf. I go on the net with my phone (how lucky that I bought a 1 day data package that day) and searched for a nearby mechanic. Found one, and mom called him. He agreed to come out, even though it's around 10.30pm that time :o 

Mom and I waited at the roadside for him.

Sigh, old car =w=

We caused quite a traffic jam lol, the traffic light is already quite slow, and now there's a car blocking also hahaha. Poor people .w.

Anyway the mechanic finally came, and fixed the car enough for us to drive home. Phew.

Okay, enough blogging for now. Have to go practice my piano, keyboard, do my theory work, draw for my 2D Illustration class and clear my room before my mom lose her patience with me ._.
It's freaking messy, even I'm starting to can't tahan anymore LOL.

Ahaha ._____.

Okay, I'd better scoot.
I'll update my blog again (hopefully) next week! 

Going to blog about my college, my hair, band jamming, hang out with friends, and (hopefully also) Jrock no Tamashii!!! :D

Bye for now :)


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