Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Animagaki 2013 - Day 2

Animangaki was 2 days ago. (25th August)
My band performed again this year.

This time, we're smart enough to start planning and jamming early. We started our jamming session 3 weeks before the event, so we had plenty of time.

I regretted not taking pictures during jamming session this time T_T
A promise to self: Take pictures the next jamming session. (which will be this Saturday weee, another performance coming up)

Anyway, our performance slot was on 10.30am. :/ So freaking early.
Had to arrive by 9.30am for soundcheck, but even so it's really rushed.
And David (rhythm guitarist) is really really late. He did not arrive till around 10.30am. Felt like strangling him lol. Plus his guitar is off tune and he forgot his cable. dot dot dot.
He made all of us speechless -_-

We're doing a NANA tribute this time, performed Kuroi Namida deep sadness version, Rose, and A little pain.

So...we went on stage and performed. The first song was alright, but during the second song, the freaking monitor speaker stopped working. Shit. Everything is kinda chaotic then,
We can't really hear each other or our own instruments. So it was quite messed up T^T

As for the last song.....It's messed up too. Even though the speaker is fixed that time, it's messed up cause...David go and play another song instead =______________=
*kick him*

Well, that's the end of our 15 minutes time on stage.
Wish we had more time to play :/

After that we hang beside the stage, took some pictures, chat a bit.
I helped Aki with his video project too, then quite a lot of people came and say hi @_@
I forgot who, sorry D:

So...pictures! :D

From left: Chrysler, me, Daniel, Minori, Dustin, David 

Photo credits to Tan Chang Chu

Photo credits to Aki

A blur picture of me on stage xD
Photo by Tan Chang Chu 

Lol I'm singing the backing vocals this time, but it kinda failed for the second and third song :/
Photo by Aki

Then here's a with half of my band, and Acap!!! (guy with black hoodie) He helped out with us again ^w^
Photo by Feito Desutaini

There's still quite some photo of us, but photogs haven't upload lol.

After that Acap, Daniel, Chrysler and me went to KFC to have brunch lol.
We chat, and just hang around. Then after they left, I hang around with random people bit by bit lol. 
Hang around with Acap first, then Aki, then Calvin found me and show me the video of our performance he recorded, then Jourdan found me and took some pictures of me.

Photo by Jourdan Ghee.

He made my hair look so awesomeeeeee xD Hahahha.

After that I went inside the hall, and hang around with Minori and her friends. Then Lord appear and we chatted for a bit, then Chi found me.

After that it's Minori duet performance, and I helped her record.
Then it's Bad Apple's performance, and I helped them record too haha.

Then I found Captain Allen (or he found me? lol) and we chat ^_^ 
I found out he studied Audio Engineeing OAO
Didn't expect that at all. xD

Anyway after that I chat with Bad Apples, then Yuu found me, talked a bit, and left.

I like Animangaki, to me it's better than other events. =w=

Well, that's all.

I'll update more soon on coming jamming session, coming event, and life at college soon.
(after i gathered more pictures haha) 

Oh yeah, a video of our performance:

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