Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Just updating

Just going to update my blog a bit. I'm actually typing this in bed lol, can't fall asleep.

So on Monday, I started school :) It's only orientation actually lol. I'm taking a diploma in media technology, but when people asked I just said its audio engineering lol. Cause its a mixture of audio engineering, filming, and design. And I go to my college mainly for audio engineering. Too lazy to explain to people.

So, there's only 7 people in my batch. So sad lol. And I'm the only girl. Not sure if good thing or bad thing LOL. Anyway since my batch is postponed and delayed due to Hari Raya, and that this batch has so little people, they are going to combine our batch with the 26th August batch. Maybe that batch will have girl haha.

Well, as expected, most of the students there are musicians xD Most of them go there mainly for the audio engineering. Weeee I'm meeting more people with the same interest as me.

It was a bit awkward on Monday, when I reached there's 3 of them there. They are already sitting together and trying to chat. Then I approached and said hi, we introduced ourselves to each other, and after that, AWKWARD SILENCE. It's like, they have no idea what to talk about when a wild girl (me lol) suddenly appeared. Then when I walk away for a while, they talked again wtf. I so hard to talk to meh Q.Q but then after a while we all did talk la, and thank goodness there is seniors to the rescue :D

The seniors were fun xD They quite hyper haha. Hope to talk to them more soon.
Today is a day off, then tomorrow I'll be starting class. Can't wait :D
Well guess I'll try to sleep now. Bye bye.

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