Monday, August 29, 2011

Rockin' Ze World! :3


Aki came to my house last friday for sleepover :3
Well, we watched a ghost movie 'The Orphanage', which I think has a great storyline. And it's scary too. I guess. Cause Aki and I were so 'sampat' that time, er...I mean getting so scared when there's really not much to be scared of. Right, Aki? XD Then when it's time to sleep we both squeeze together in my tiny single bed =w=

Anyway, it's a great night XD
So, next morning, we went for breakfast then I accompany Aki go cut her hair. Came home, we play MAKE-UP!!! XD

Or rather, I play make-up =w= I tried to draw eyeliner on Aki, and she don't wanna play anymore coz she said she dun like the feel of products on her eye :(

So I mess around myself =w=
And...TADA~! XD

 Nope, no lens..Just the light..

:3 Lovin' that look ^w^


...Okay, as said in last blog post, this will shock you guys...
I'm even doubting whether I really should post this or not...

....Coz it's ze' most stupid thing ever done. I dunno why I did it. Guss I'm overbored. F.Y.I, it's past midnight that time.


So, you guys should know what it is huh?

If not..then another picture..

Obvious duh.

Yes, it's me...with a cool stupid tummy and white belt and black bra. LOL.

And I'm still so high when taking this picture that time. Even made a video with the tummy singing "Sekai de ichiban ONAKA-SAMA". OTL

I dunno what I'm thinking that time =w=
And I deleted the video :P

Anyway, I figure out not much people really read my blog, so there. Post. Coz I've taken pictures.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Random rant

Hey guys~! Know what, I have something to blog about, something that will probably give you all nightmare XD You guys will be so shocked XDDD
Hahhaha but you will have to wait till after my exam!
I mean, piano exam =w=
Practical and theory~
So, just be patient XD
And now, I'm off to study. Yes, study. No, not school studies, but how to make a pleated skirt studies 8D