Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Punkish me photoshoot xD

Yesterday I went for a photoshoot with a punk theme :D

This happened when I uploaded a picture on Facebook.
This picture:

I just got my choker from NANA that time, and I had to show it off. It was extreme love at first sight.

Haha. Then Calvin messaged me:

Calvin: got a full gothic clothes?
             wanna do a portrait session?
Me:      OwO Yesh!!!
Calvin: lets go
             actually want you asked you this last week but exams....... 
             so yeah you picture today reminded me XD

And so it's planned xD I changed gothic to punk later with Calvin.

I planned a few outfits at first, and send it to Calvin.

In the end we went with the skull one.
I tried the make up, and I like it :D

Red and black eye xD
It's quite simple, I don't want to go too extreme.

And while I'm at it, let me post a few more selfies hahaha.

The pictures were taken at the same time I was testing different outfits haha.

Anyway, the full outfit looked different of course.

Added a bag, more accessories, thighs, and awesome creepers :D
And in the shoot, there was a part where I added sleeves. It looked like this with sleeves:

lolol. Sorry for so much picture?

Anyway, even without the sleeves, everyone was already staring at me when I took the LRT and Monorail.
I'm like, 'Stare all you want, I know I'm fabulous XD'

But then I stupidly got into the wrong train lol. And then when I took monorail, I got down on the wrong station. -_- Guess I'm not so fabulous after all hahaha
And when I finally reach my destination, I got lost again since I've never really been there before -_- Fml. lol. Calvin asked to wait where I am and he'll come get me,  but I wandered away and got to the spot we're supposed to meet hahahhaha. Poor Calvin xD

We started shooting, lol he kept trying to make me laugh. Even though our theme was punk, we're trying to deliver a message where not all punk is those very scary emo looks like they wanna kill people punk.

Punk can be cheerful and nice too okay, look at NANA :D
And me. Lol. I was hyper that day, I kinda forgot how to Joee.
I mean, the me usually was not so hyper, though I'm not emo. Nah nevermind. I can't define me lol.

We shoot at a place for some time, then we walked to another location.
This time I darkened my eye, and darkened my eyebrows. And then I added my sleeves. Haha, got more extreme now.

Calvin shoot me in what he told me was editorial fashion style, where I just walk and do whatever I want and he just shoot. And he got throw out compliment like, 'Yes, that's awesome; beautiful; nice; woahhh', etc etc, you get the idea haha.

And I'm like,

Hahhaahahha xD
But there was some time when I ran out of ideas and I'm like, WHAT U WANT? when Calvin asked me to continue walking hahaha.
Then when we're done and we revealed the pictures, there's quite some 'WHAT U WANT' pose shots and Calvin called me the 'WHAT U WANT LADY'. lol

We did 2 round of shoots, and then we went to Burger King to have lunch. Spend quite a long time filtering the pictures since there's ALOT lol. But I love it, turns out so much better than I expected, I didn't I could look so awesome hahahahhahaha. Magic of Calvin :D
And he shows me quite a bit of some of his other works, I love his photography :3

That's pretty much it?
Went home using the monorail and KTM this time, with Calvin.
There was a point when he laughed at a guy stating at me and the guy awkwardly looked away lol, and I actually had no idea that happened until he told me later. Haha.
As usual, I got more stares from people, but I like it LOL.
Who doesn't love attention right? xD

Well, I'll update again when I got the photos, but he told me it might take about a month, since he have a lot of other shots to edit. Nevermind, I can wait >:D

And oh, one last picture before I end this.

There. Bye xD

Job at Beautiful Homes Expo

Another job update! Was going to update about this together with my previous post, but by the time I finished my previous post it's already past midnight and I want to sleep lol. So posting it now instead.

This job is more recent, I worked from 15th - 19th May.  It's an event, Beautiful Homes Expo, and it starts from 17th till 19th May. It's located at Viva Home Expo Hall.

I found out about this job on a group in Facebook, and I called to apply.
Then I got accepted weeee, along with Crystal too :D
So we're working together again.

We're told that we will be promoters, but then we start work on 15th May. The Expo starts on 17th May. Crystal and I were like, 'What will we do on the first 2 day? Don't tell me we have to help set up =A=' lol. Turns out we kinda have to, but more on that later.

On the first day of work, we took the KTM and transit to lrt.
We reached kinda early, so we just hung around the not-yet-opened mall and use their wi-fi to get online haha.

When it's time, we meet with the person in charge with us, Kelly.
We're told to go get some stuff from her car, and bring it up. 
That's when I thought that Crystal and I really are doomed, we'll be repeating the setup process like in Big Bad Wolf, which is very tiring.

We're wrong. Haha, all we ever did for setup was bring the stuff up form the carpark (just a few plastic bags containing tags and tissues) and after that, we just sit around a registration counter, sorting tags and passes, and giving them to exhibitors and contractors that came to setup their booth.
Was an easy day :D Plus Crystal and I got to walk around the mall cause we're asked to buy stuff, and buy food :3 We get to choose what food we want to eat yayyyyy xD

On the second day, Crystal's dad fetched us there. But we got there like, an hour and half earlier.
So Crystal and I took the lrt and I brought her to Central Market lolol. We just wasted our time sicne it's not opened yet. But at least Crystal got to see Central Market and the towns in KL xD

This day was pretty much the same thing as the first day, except that we had to set up a press board. We have to paste up newspaper cuttings about the expo and the advertisement for the expo. (though I don't see the point of doing that lol)

While doing all these, we had some trouble. We had to remove the cuttings from the board once because the boss want the background changed. That was when a mess happened. We forgot that the cuttings had double sided tape on them, and the damn double sided tape were strong. We accidentally stick those cuttings to each other. Damn. Good thing that it was laminated, but we still took a long time to separate  it and clean the double sided tape marks. We had to use thinner too -_-

On the third day, we took the KTM to KL Central and I ate McDonald's Breakfast. /w\
Was so delicious, I LOVE McD BREAKFAST <3 hahahhaha.="" p="">But we ended getting late around 15-20 minutes :x
But no one said anything lol. Well, maybe that was cause I already informed them we'll be late.

We start being promoter that day. We had to take the sign and stand at our given station. Mine was beside an escalator next to a BMW Road Show haha. I liked my station, because the BMW Road Show was playing awesome music, and for some reason the bass guitar sounds really obvious in all the songs. I spend my time analyzing bass lines in songs lol. And working at the same time of course xD

Then there's one time, the boss tried to find me but I wasn't there ._.
I was up at the Expo telling  the boss to contact a management because and Exhibitor told me too, but when  I went down I got lost. I got to LG instead of G, and I stupidly walked a whole round trying to find my station haha. At the same time, my boss went to my station but couldn't find me, so he went down to LG to try and find me. I saw him, and I'm like, ' shit shit shit' and then I turned the opposite direction to avoid him hahahah. Then after the boss went up again, I realized I'm on the wrong floor and ran all the way back to my station lol. When I reached, Crystal called me asking me where am I and that the boss asked her to contact me hahahahah. I told her I'm at my station, and that I knew that he was trying to find me lolol. Then the boss came to find me, but surprisingly he didn't ask any question, just asked how am I doing so far O__O
So nice haha.

Oh, and the people in Viva Home are so much friendlier than Jusco Cheras Selatan. Most of them smile and say thank you! Though none treat me Nescafe /___\ (lol)
Anyway, we had shift. Crystal and I were on the first shift, after that we went up to look after the registration counter instead. We just sit at the counter, and gives out forms to costumer to fill. Easy as that haha.

The fourth day was kinda same as the third day.Except we literally become walking signboard haha.
Crystal suggested we walk around the mall instead because that will create more attention. (Actually, standing at the same place was boring. And the boss could easily find us and see whether we're working or not. And by walking around the boss won't be able to find us and we could take more short breaks :x )

 On the last day, Crystal can't make it to work since she had to attend her University's Orientation. Kar Hao replaced her. On the last day it was more boring, because the boss wants more promoters. That means more and longer shift promoting /_\

So, I walked the whole LG, G, and 1st floor and visited every single toilet. :x

Each interior design in the toilet is different, and I went around comparing which is nicer lololol. Yep, I was bored to that point. Then I also took pictures with the other promoters cause we're all bored and we have no working mood anymore.

Daphne and me in one of the toilets. xD

In another toilet. Lol.

Then we wandered to a site where all the shops are under renovation, and we caught that Kar Hao sitting there and sleeping or playing with his phone =A=
But then...We took pictures together LOL

Hahhahaah xD

On another shift, we included Li Wen with us to take photos lol.

Three of us. lol. That was taken in another toilet. Hahaha.

And oh, during the whole duration of promoting, at least 6-7 people asked me where is Giant.
 -___-  Hello I'm not working for Giant I'm with Beautiful Homes Expo. Lol.

On the last day when it was almost time for the Expo to close, there's some problem with 2 costumers. The Expo ends at 9pm but because of the stupid matter, we had to go home around 11pm hmmmph -_- But we used the time chit chatting with each other.

I got to know the Chairman's son during that time too, actually he was there already before the expo started, but for some reason we did not talk to each other lol, maybe cause I felt he was 'little boss'?
Hahhahahahahaa. Seems funny now.

He's actually a fan on anime lol, and he's from Singapore. When someone brought up the topic of Facebook, he said we all sure can't find him, and then he show us his Facebook. He's using a Japanese name lol. I just read it out loud and he stare and me like, 'ehhhh?! how did you....'
lololol. Duh, I studied Japanese xD

That was when we started chatting haha.
Then we all added each other on Facebook and stuff. Lol.
Then I get my salary, and I leave.
That's all. Hahhahahahaha.

 Overall nice job, if I have the chance I'll surely work with them again. :)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Extremely late post; Miracle Hair Expert promoter

It's almost a month since I worked there.
This is actually an unexpected job, Bryan just messaged me one day telling me that there's a job at Jusco Cheras Selatan, from 1st May to 5th May. and I stupidly applied without knowing what the hell I'll be selling.
What an idiot I am. -_-

This is actually one of the worst jobs I came across, maybe partly it was because of my own stupidity.

Let me begin from the start. I applied around 3 days before the job think, but I didn't get any reply. So meh, I didn't bother. Till around the night on 30th April, which is the day before 1st May. I got a call, saying that they just need me to work one day, which is only on Labor Day to replace the promoter.

I'm like, uh, okay, since I didn't have anything to do. Might as well get some money. So I agreed.
I then found out that I have to be selling first trial hair care vouchers. At the moment I'm like, 'screw....' since I know that it'll be hard to sell. But since I thought I'll only be working for a day, okay then, why not give it a shot.

I managed to sell 2 vouchers on that day. Our supervisor was there the whole day, and she taught me what we need to know to be able to sell.

Mind you, it wasn't easy to sell. Let me brief you a little lol.

I was taught how to use this thing, it's a device for scanning the scalp.
And let me show you something disgusting.

These are my hair. And the redness is my blood, since there's a wound on my head.

Well, I had to give costumer's free scalp analysis in order to get more costumer. And imagine I had to touch different people's hair every time. Fuck. =A=
I'm cringing at the memory lol.

Well, every time we analyze their scalp, we'll tell them that their pores are clogged, and that their hair is very oily. Or they have dandruff. It's shown by the device, but every freaking person have the same problems, even me and Crystal. And I'm beginning to suspect that it's just a very minor normal common problem, no big deal. But we're using these points to get the costumer to buy the vouchers.
So I feel like I'm telling lies all the time :/
Makes me feel bad.  
Okay, continue with my story, after the first day, the supervisor called Crystal (she was working with me too) and asked if we're free the next few days. Crystal said yes, then the supervisor said that she'll fire the actual promoter and hire us instead.

We're like whut? But then, it kinda happened so fast, I had no idea what actually happened.
....All I know is that I have go to work again the next day, and the coming few days lol.
But since the first day I worked there was okay, I thought I'd just continue.

On the second day, I found out from the promoter in the next booth that the two supposedly promoters that we replaced did not work yesterday because the company did not give them double salary because they have to work on Labor Day. Looking back, I feel stupid. Lol. Should have demanded double pay too.

And I fell sick on the second day FML. I tried working, but I have no mood at all. All I wanted to do was sit and stare into space. So I called my supervisor and told her I'll be going home early, around 4pm. I then called stupid bro to ask him to fetch me, but he fucking told me he was dota-ing and he need some time. Dafuq. I felt like I was dying and he told me to wait cause he's dota-ing. And he said 30 minutes to finish the game. By the time he finish and reached me it'll be around 45-50 minutes. I can't wait that long, I felt I was about to faint lol. So I called uncle instead. Uncle could fetch me, so I called bro again to tell him he doesn't need to come anymore. Then he fucking dare to scold me, saying why the hell can't I decide and that he said that in the previous call he said he'll only take a while.

....HELLO?! Fuck you. How is 30 minutes a while lol. I scold him back on the spot, then he said nevermind, he's coming now, told me to call uncle and tell him no need to fetch me anymore.
So I called. And after that I went to the restroom to wait for bro to reach, and I cried.
I'm already feeling like shit, then to feel that a stupid dota game is more important than me is stupid. Some more got scolded for stupid thing. Lol.

So that's the story on the second day. On the third day, it was quite shitty too. Crystal managed to sell 1 voucher, and I sold none. There was no one in the mall cause it's a weekday. And we felt pressured too, cause the stupid supervisor told as that we have to hit a sale target, because she fucking lied to the big boss about how many vouchers were sold the previous days and we need to cover up.
And we can't sell much since there's no fucking people in the mall. Dafuq.

Screw the supervisor. That was when I really fucking start to hate this job. I felt like everything there was a lie and everything we say and do is a lie and I'm fucking fed up with touching people's oily hair. Yuck. And a lot of the people there is fucking snobbish and ignores you like you're invisible or they fucking glare at you.

Stupid people. I was smiling nicely and asking nicely, can't you even give a simple smile, or say, no thank you? You parent never teach you any manners is it? Faggots.
Lol getting so fired up again just by fucking recalling.

Anyway, on the fourth day it wasn't so bad. It's Saturday, there's a lot of people. I managed to sell 9 vouchers that day. Crystal sold the same amount too.

On the last day, I refuse to really work hard anymore. I had enough lol, and it was General Election Day. No one was in the mood. Crystal and I just work half-heartedly. There was no supervisor or boss that day, until around 5pm. But then even with the boss there we kinda chit chat to him.

And oh, on the last day, there's a freaking customer that reminds me of a dude that confessed to me before. Fuck. That dude that confessed to me was annoying, doesn't understand common sense and gesture and reminds me of a pervert. (Even though he's probably not lol) and the stupid costumer was exactly the same. Screw screw screw. It takes all my will to keep myself from punching that dude face hahaha. But he bought a voucher though. So meh, nevermind, at least there's a commission.

When I saw him walking back I just ask Crystal to take over for me lol. I walk away. Can't stand him anymore -_-
Arrgghhh bad memories. -_____-

Anyway, after the last day, YAY!!!

Or not so yay. Because fuck this shit, I haven't gotten my salary yet. And it's already a fucking month. I tried calling a lot of time, no answers. And worse, now I can't contact at all. Fuck this shit.
Screw them screw them. But then today Crystal managed to contact one of the supervisor's colleagues, and the colleague said that he'll help us look into it. So just hope for then best for now.
If really no, I'll fucking go down to their roadshow now which is in Kepong and make a bug fiss there. >:(

Don't mess with me hmmmph.

So yeah, that's it, a shitty job.
The only good thing is that there's commission and bonus which I got paid on the spot. (Thank god for that).

And oh, another good thing is that on the first day, a costumer ( not even exactly a costumer, they didn't even purchase anything) randomly belanja me Nescafe because I answered some of their questions OAO They're a couple, so nice QwQ

What a pleasant surprise :)

Well, that's about it I guess.
Hope I'll get my salary soon.