Thursday, July 18, 2013


I saw this post of Satori's blog in Facebook, and I read it since the tittle caught my attention.

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In case you didn't know, I love traveling.
A lot.

Even though I only had the chance to travel locally and to neighboring countries, these small traveling experiences is very important to me.
Traveling open your eyes to new opportunities, it teaches you new things.

Anyway, what I want to write about today is actually a reminder to myself.
I've been keeping this blog for 5 years now, this blog is full of my memories and experiences.
I do reread my own posts occasionally, just to see how I've changed.

Now I'm writing this here to tell the future me, that I WILL go traveling across the globe.

I'm not the type to just settle down. I will not do anything I don't like.
I will get out of my comfort zone and see things in a new light.

The plan I have now is to just study, and while studying, I plan to do freelance musician jobs.
There's lots of cafe hiring musicians in Subang, hopefully I'll be able to get one.
If I do, it'll be awesome. That's the type of job I actually want to do, even if I'll have to work till past midnight.

I'll save the money I get, and oh well, we'll see how things go once I settled down for my new life :)

For now, I'll keep dreaming.
I'll step out to the world one day.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Animangaki Idol 2013 Audition

13th July - Saturday.

I joined the auditions for Animangaki Idol 2013, but sadly I didn't make it into the preliminaries. :/

I was kinda sad, but the I wasn't all that sad because to be honest, I secretly think that the judges is kinda abit erm, bias. Then Bryan said it too. Well, after that I felt really better, lol guess I really didn't suck that bad..

And I'll be honest here, while singing, I thought I did kind of bad. I'm not making excuses, but on that day I was having flu, and while singing, there's stupid phlegm in my throat, which makes me uncomfortable, and I can't reach the high pitch. My nose was partly blocked, so it was a bit hard for me to breath, and I sound like I have no stamina. :/

But then after watching the video of me singing, I felt that it wasn't that bad. And I felt kind of sad that I wasn't chosen to be in the preliminaries. I was actually put into the waiting list first, but meh there's 39 peopel participating I think, and more than 25 people got put into the waiting list. I think only 5 people made it into the preliminaries on the spot, and I think 3 or 4 person got eliminated on the spot.

The judges told me that my song choice suit me, and I knew it myself haha. It was Just Be Friends piano version. Initially I didn't plan to sing this, I plan to sing Len's Namae no Nai Uta. But during the Singapore trip, Bryan and Swee told me I should just sing Just Be Friend. It did cross my mind before that, but I guess I'm just too chicken to decide, cause of the high notes and the song was really long. And I was scared because it's so emotional.

But in the end just changed my mind lol. Glad I did, because I touched the audiences heart. They were feeling for me, and I was told that some of them were actually teary eyed. ;w; Some of them were like, 'MY FEELS.' or ' MY KOKOROOOOO'. (Kokoro means heart.) And I'm glad to be able to reach out to them, this song means so much to me.

This made me feel satisfied enough already, even if I did not make it into the preliminaries.

And well, even if I did not made it into the preliminaries, I think I'll still be using the stage with my band :D As a keyboardist and back up singer though. Haha.

To be honest the only reason I want to get into the preliminaries was so that I can play Gackt's Last Song on my keyboard, and sing at the same time lol. I wasn't in any competitive mood. :x

Going to this audition made me some new friends too :D
So glad I went, and so glad I sang Just Be Friends. I was so touched when I saw the audience's reaction, and heard what my friend told me. ;w;

It was swesome haha.

Here's the video of me singing in the audition =w=

Oh, and a picture of me with Chii xD

She sang awesomely, got into the preliminary at once >w<

Bryan, Swee, Prinny, was joining too. 3 of them didn't make it with me, but they were in the waiting list too =w=
Oh, and I met Shusuke there :D
She sang Dia no Hana, from Black Cat, it was awesome >w< And she got into to waiting list as well, but then she made it into the preliminary :D

Tony was there, but he didn't join lol, He just watched us all haha.

After the audition, Chii, Me, Bryan, Swee and Tony went to have dinner in Sunway Pyramid. After that we watched Despicable Me 2, Tony excluded. He went into the arcade instead lol.

Despicable Me 2 was okay, I prefer the first one >_< The second one focus too much on the minions, and the story is kind of weird and really simplified? Meh.

Still, it was a fun day out :)

Singapore trip with friends

This trip to Singapore was kind of unexpected.
It was kinda last minute I guess.
I went last week, from 5th to the 7th of July.

Bryan asked me to go, and at first I refused since duhh, a trip to Singapore is damn expensive /___\ I don't have the money for it.

Then he told me I don't need to pay for the hotel, and he'll pay for my bus tickets there and he insist me to go. -_- I refused, but I'm tempted actually lol. Then he told me to just YOLO and GO, and just get away from my home for a few days and enjoys myself.
(I'm actually stressing out at home due to some problem.)

....In the end I gave in. I told him I'll ask my mom first.

I asked, and mom is actually reluctant to let me go, since well I'm honest and I told her I'll be staying in the hotel room with 2 guys, and I'm the only girl. ._.
Mom gave me some excuses and I kinda got mad lol, cause what she said was totally irrelevant about me going to this trip. Meh I'll skip this part, doesn't feel like talking about it.

In the end, I managed to convince her to let me go. (mom said that I'm too stubborn LOL. I won't stop fighting for what I want. Sorry mom ._. ) And well I guess I'm kinda guilty for making her worried ._.

Well, it's decided that I can go then, and before I went I worked as a part time for 2 days to earn a bit so I can spend on the trip.

On Thursday night I packed for the trip, was actually feeling excited. :D

Aww, Miko doesn't want me to leave TwT

Well on Friday morning, I went to Bandar Tasik Selatan and wait for Bryan and his friend, Swee. (I actually didn't know Swee then, but he's a friend now xD )

We had some breakfast first, then off we go to board our bus.
The bus is quite comfortable, the seats are quite spacious.
Though it's quite an unpleasant ride for me for half of the way. I was needing to go to the toilet badly, but we're like in nowhere and there's no toilet fml fml fml. Worst feeling ever.

But aside from that, I just listened to my Ipod, chat with Bryan and sleep. Swee was sleeping the whole time lol. Oh, and I camwhore lol.

 Me, Bryan, and sleeping Swee haha.

Lol I hope they won't kill me for uploading this xD 
But meh, not much people visit my blog anyway so I guess it's fine haha.

Oh, and that's how Bryan sleep lol -_-
He buries himself under the jacket.

We set off around 11am, and we reach around 5pm I think.
Once we reached, we went to a hawker store and had a really late lunch.
After that, we took a cab to our hotel. Turns out it's a waste, since the driver drove like, less than 2 minutes and voila, we're in front of the hotel =_=

We checked in at Fragrance Hotel, it's located at Lavender.
And it's like 5 minutes walk from the Lavender MRT. There's a 7-11 right beside the hotel main entrance too :D Quite convenient.

The room is damn small though. There's hardly any space to walk around lol, but at least there's a single bed and a queen size bed. I took the single bed of course haha.

Bryan actually left to do some card trading after we put our stuff, leaving me and Swee alone. It was kinda awkward at first since I hardly know him lol. We have some awkward silence for a while, then Swee suddenly asked me to tell him a story lol, and I guess that kinda breaks the ice.

Meh, I'm bad with strangers I guess x__x I can't seem to speak first, but once I've talked a bit I'm okay? lol.

Well after Bryan came back, we took the MRT to Bugis Junction and Swee brought us to a place to have ramen. It's kind of like a Ramen food court, called Ramen Champion. The ramen tasted damn awesome TwT

I ordered Sukiyaki ramen, and it was made by a Japanese :o

Best ramen I ever had *w* But then, that's like the only 3rd ramen I ever had from a japanese restaurant lol.

The place use a great system too, we were given a card each before we went in. When we went to order something, they scanned the card and our order were noted in there. Then we were given a round black plate like thing, and we take it back to the table. When the ramen is done, the black plate thing will beep and vibrate :D

And after we're done eating, we just gave the cashier our card and pay for whatever we ordered. :)

We tried walking back to the hotel after that instead of taking the MRT lol. It's about 15 minutes walk, not actually that far. We took Rei's luggage to pass it back to her since she is staying elsewhere, and her luggage was with Bryan. After we passed the luggage to her, we took the MRT again and went back to Bugis Junction lol.

And headed to the arcade. .........
I'm not a game person, but arcade once in a while is fine I guess. 
We stayed there till almost midnight lol, then back we went to the hotel.
Since we're not sleepy yet, we talked about stuffs, and then somehow it leads to us singing hahhaha.
We sang Pokemon's opening theme, weeeee. Actually Bryan and I sang, (japanese version) Swee can only sing the english version lol.

Well in the end we slept, but no one slept well. I keep hearing our door banging and knocking :/
But I didn't really bother since I thought the banging door was made by either Swee or Bryan going to the toilet, and as for the knocking I thought it was the room next door.

The next day Bryan told us that it was our door that was being knocked ._. Bryan was sleeping just beside the door, and he said he saw a pair of feet outside our door, and he saw the door handle moving wtf. He said the banging and and knocking go on from like 2am till 4am or so.
Haunted D: Why would someone want to bang on a door for so long?

I asked Bryan why didn't he go open the door and check lol, and he said what is there's no one there.
Well true too I guess haha.

The second day was Cosfest, the guys actually planned this trip for Cosfest. I just tagged along lol, and I cosplay too. But I didn't take any pictures of me cosplaying, I was cosplaying as Lenalee Lee.

Bryan already left early in the morning to some Vanguard event while I still slept like a pig haha. After I woke up Swee and I went down for the breakfast. The breakfast actually sucked lol. Meh.
Then we went up and got ready for Cosfest.

In Cosfest I just hang about, chatting with some friends and took pictures.
Oh, Reika was in Cosfest too, but the fans here is wayyyyy more polite than the Malaysian fans lol, in Malaysia the fans were rushing and screaming like crazy -_- In Singapore, all the fans were queuing up politely :O
I can even get close to Reika lol, though I have to say I'm not actually a fan. I took a picture cause it's funny to see Kaichou kinda like helping Reika suddenly haha. (He's a friend of Reika)

Then Bryan meet up with us, and we watched a stage program, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure thingy. After that we had lunch, back to Cosfest to meet up with Rei and Tony, and then back to hotel.

After Swee and I removed our cosplay makeup  and costume we went back to the same place as last night for dinner since it's too awesome lol. And the guess what, arcade again after dinner wth. But this time I just hang about watching them play, no mood to play any more. Rei didn't play too lol. I just sat with her watching the guys.
But it was okay, even though I wasn't playing it was not boring, kinda interesting in fact haha.

After that we left, went back to the hotel room. Bryan and Tony rushed their costume for the next day lol, and it was kind of amusing.

Rei helping the guys with their costumes

I tried helping but I wasn't really helpful since I just laughed at them hahaha.
Then because of laughing too much, I have no mood to sleep. -_- But in the end I just slept, got halau-ed to bed by Bryan. lol

That night there's no place for some of them to sleep lol, because Rei and Tony crashed into our hotel room, then Byran's cousin crashed in too lol.
I still have my single bed, but Bryan and his cousin had to sleep on the floor. Poor guys =w=
Rei, Tony, and Swee shared the double bed.

The next morning we spent a rushed our trying to pack up, while fixing up whatever that was not done the night before. And we cut Bryan's wig on the spot lol. -_-

Then we left~ On this last day, I didn't join them. I went to find Jie Jun and have lunch instead :D
Haha, I came to Singapore, must find him xD
I went to Pasir Ris first to drop my luggage at Tony and Rei's chalet, then I took the MRT back to Lavender to meet Jie Jun. -_-
I was an idiot to not straight away give my luggage to the guys to take. lol -w-

Well, had lunch in Wendy with Jie Jun, chat and then we had to leave after around an hour and half. Jie Jun had to go to a library, he was busy studying actually lol. When I arrived in Wendy he was studying while waiting for me.

After he left, I went back to Pasir Ris to join Bryan and friends again.
It was around 4pm then. After I joined them we just stay in Cosfest, and then we went to the chalet to hang around and pass the time. Met some other people, was nice meeting them :)

Finally it was time to go, but then I had to buy sanitary pads wtf cause unfortunate timing.
So I told Swee and Bryan I had to go buy female stuff, and Bryan's like, what is female stuff?
.......I didn't bother explaining lol. I went into Guardian at the MRT station, bought it, and came out again. I told Bryan that that's female stuff while showing him the plastic bag hahahhahahahaa. And Swee was reeling off a bunch of stuff like, "tampons, sanitary pads, pregnancy test, birth control pills, etc" hahhahahhahahaa. Wth xD

Anyway, we left and got to the bus stop. Got into our bus, it was already 9pm that time. And we headed home. In the bus, Swee slept (again haha). Bryan can't sleep, so he chat with me. But he was telling me stuff I don't want to listen to, so I told him to shut up, plug in my Ipod, and tried to sleep.

We stopped in Johor for 30 minutes, and there I ate some bread since I'm damn hungry. Didn't have dinner :/ It was already midnight when we stopped. Then we continued our journey home =w=
We reached Imbi around 3am, and we stayed in a mamak store for about an hour.

At first we planned to stay there till sunrise, but we're all too tired and bored already. Bryan and Swee can actually leave, but they're accompanying me. I didn't tell mom I was coming back so early/late. =w=
I'll surely get scolded lol ._.
Anyway, since we decided it's not ideal to wait till sunrise, I texted cousin Ping and asked if she's still awake. And SHE IS! :D
So she becomes my savior and come out in the middle of the night to Times Square to fetch me TwT
I stayed at her place for the night, and the next day mom fetched me home.

Well that's the end of this trip.

I'm very thankful to Bryan for asking me, and paying part of my expenses .__.
It's starting to seem like I'll never repay him for everything he did/gave me for the past year and half -__- lol.

Anyway, glad I went, I enjoyed myself :)
Even if there's time when I felt frustrated lol.

Well, tata~