Monday, July 15, 2013

Animangaki Idol 2013 Audition

13th July - Saturday.

I joined the auditions for Animangaki Idol 2013, but sadly I didn't make it into the preliminaries. :/

I was kinda sad, but the I wasn't all that sad because to be honest, I secretly think that the judges is kinda abit erm, bias. Then Bryan said it too. Well, after that I felt really better, lol guess I really didn't suck that bad..

And I'll be honest here, while singing, I thought I did kind of bad. I'm not making excuses, but on that day I was having flu, and while singing, there's stupid phlegm in my throat, which makes me uncomfortable, and I can't reach the high pitch. My nose was partly blocked, so it was a bit hard for me to breath, and I sound like I have no stamina. :/

But then after watching the video of me singing, I felt that it wasn't that bad. And I felt kind of sad that I wasn't chosen to be in the preliminaries. I was actually put into the waiting list first, but meh there's 39 peopel participating I think, and more than 25 people got put into the waiting list. I think only 5 people made it into the preliminaries on the spot, and I think 3 or 4 person got eliminated on the spot.

The judges told me that my song choice suit me, and I knew it myself haha. It was Just Be Friends piano version. Initially I didn't plan to sing this, I plan to sing Len's Namae no Nai Uta. But during the Singapore trip, Bryan and Swee told me I should just sing Just Be Friend. It did cross my mind before that, but I guess I'm just too chicken to decide, cause of the high notes and the song was really long. And I was scared because it's so emotional.

But in the end just changed my mind lol. Glad I did, because I touched the audiences heart. They were feeling for me, and I was told that some of them were actually teary eyed. ;w; Some of them were like, 'MY FEELS.' or ' MY KOKOROOOOO'. (Kokoro means heart.) And I'm glad to be able to reach out to them, this song means so much to me.

This made me feel satisfied enough already, even if I did not make it into the preliminaries.

And well, even if I did not made it into the preliminaries, I think I'll still be using the stage with my band :D As a keyboardist and back up singer though. Haha.

To be honest the only reason I want to get into the preliminaries was so that I can play Gackt's Last Song on my keyboard, and sing at the same time lol. I wasn't in any competitive mood. :x

Going to this audition made me some new friends too :D
So glad I went, and so glad I sang Just Be Friends. I was so touched when I saw the audience's reaction, and heard what my friend told me. ;w;

It was swesome haha.

Here's the video of me singing in the audition =w=

Oh, and a picture of me with Chii xD

She sang awesomely, got into the preliminary at once >w<

Bryan, Swee, Prinny, was joining too. 3 of them didn't make it with me, but they were in the waiting list too =w=
Oh, and I met Shusuke there :D
She sang Dia no Hana, from Black Cat, it was awesome >w< And she got into to waiting list as well, but then she made it into the preliminary :D

Tony was there, but he didn't join lol, He just watched us all haha.

After the audition, Chii, Me, Bryan, Swee and Tony went to have dinner in Sunway Pyramid. After that we watched Despicable Me 2, Tony excluded. He went into the arcade instead lol.

Despicable Me 2 was okay, I prefer the first one >_< The second one focus too much on the minions, and the story is kind of weird and really simplified? Meh.

Still, it was a fun day out :)

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