Saturday, June 26, 2010


Main reason I'm here blogging now is I'm sad and I feel depressed...I was reading a book just now, tittled 'Six Bad Boys'...It's about family..Family problems...Happy family...Some were similiar to mine...Reading these reminds me the kind of family I have..Yeah, I have a great family, but something's missing...It's the word 'Dad'..I have not said this word since I'm seven years old....I miss it...My only wish is this, to be able to said 'Dad' again, so that whenever I come home from school, mum would be here to welcome me...I hate coming home alone, no one except my brother that's either gaming or sleeping...I hate coming home having nothing to eat, having to prepare my own food...I hate the loneliness I feel everyday at  home...Soon, bro would be going to college.. .I'll be left completely alone..Only have my dogs to accompany me...I hate seeing my future, my family future so damn unstable...I hate seeing mum worry, tired, unhappy...I want a normal life with a complete family..I r hate the way I'm hanging now...It hurts...Sometimes I wish that some of my friends would realizes how lucky they were, to have someone to pick you up from whatever whatever, to have a mum to cook for you, to have someone to call Dad.

Yeah, I have posted a post similiar to this before, about my complicated life. It's just that I can't help it, I'm feeling damn depressed and need to tell someone...I'm just a plain coward, I don't dare to tell personally, so I guess I would just post it here...Hopefully you'll understand.

Friday, June 18, 2010

What's with my home that they like?

Can't understad it, what's with my home that they like?

Know what is this, a pretty coloured moth

Another pretty fellow

Last few days also got others moth, small one, last week a big big one. Wonder why they all fly in here??

Oh yeah, Aki, a present to you:

Remainder of my strawberry watermelon ice! xD I'm gonna throw it away unless you come and eat it :P You know I dislike 'zhen zhu' / pearl de la! XD


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'M so D.E.A.D




Uh-oh. Joee's in trouble. 


My Childhood

I was looking at my photo album just now because of being bored. Sigh. This holidays is really boring. Just stay at home. Yeah, I know I complain a lot. School's boring. Holiday's boring. Lol. Everyday boring, boring, boring. Well, I'm posting this because I'm boring too xD. Anyway, main reason is to let you guys know how much I've changed since I was little ;)

When I was 1 years old:

my brother and I

haha, saw my birthmark?

Smile :)

2 years old:

I'm the little one on the left x] On the right, my cousin sister.

lol, look so cacat. At genting.

At genting. Lol I look cute? xP

My mum and I.

xD I love this one.

Balloon XD

When I was 3, only 1 picture:
My nerdy brother x] and me XD lol, looks like I'm 5 but the date is 11/20/98 @@

4 years old:

At Desa Water Park


At dunno where.

5 years old! :

Chinese New Year =] lol, my mum look beautiful XD

lol, Barbie girl shirt? XD

When I was 6:

Looks cacat. Camera angle. 

Yeah, this is my home. Scotpine. I used to live here before I move. Now I'm living here again.

lol, blur.

7 years old. :

haha. I'm also one of the leng-lui. XD

8 years old :

At Cypress condo. Moved here after my dad passed away. My bro's remote car XD

At Titiwangsa. XD

9 years old:

It was my birthday that time. I'm the one wearing Mashimaro shirt XD
Look like rabbit x]

10 years old:

Moved to Mahkota. lol, I so leng-zai XD

At the backyard. Lol, i was so slim that time =o Now I'm so fat =[

11 years old:

 The seksyen 8 playground.

12 years old:

Blur ._.

Ic's photo. haha. ugly~

13 years old: 

Grown so fat =[ I look so damn nerdy.

Fat and ugly =[

When I was 14:

Nerd ._.

Also a nerd here. This picture was taken at Convent Jalan Peel, when I was visiting a online friend during her school carnival. Meeting someone we know through Internet is fun =]

At least by the end of the year I look better. XD

Near September last year, moved back to ScotPine condo. lol, ignore the date, cacat. ._.''

lol, tak tahan my long hair le, cut it XD

This year, 2010! (I am still 14! XD)

early of the year, still fat T_T

Taken during either in April, May or June lol

Taken last week ( July) haha, new glasses XD

Well, thats all. 

ps: I'm still fat but thx goodness lost 5kg since last year~
pss: My attitude change a lot
psss: I'm super bored here.
pssss: Holiday is boring =[
psssss: Crap, I'm gonna be late for tuition.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ice skating ♥

Went ice-skating just now :D It was expensive though, because it's school holiday. Normal weekdays RM13, Saturday and Sunday Rm18, but school holidays RM21. -.- Seems like we pick the most expensive day to skate. Anyway, have lots of fun :D

Unfortunately, I was over confident that I won't fall down, so I din't bring any cloths. I fell down anyway. Sigh. It's been 4 times I've gone ice-skating and I never fell down before. This is the first time. -.- The skate that I was wearing is getting lose, so I adjust it. But I'm not used to it yet, so I fell down. On my ass -.- Got wet. Sigh. And my glove was wet too. -.- After that no mood skate, skate for 5 more rounds quit. Lol. Anyway, it was fun! ;D



Anyway, guess what, while leaving, around 9pm, I saw this:

Ice hockey!!

OMG I want to play too T_T

p.s: I said to the skating rink, 'Wait for me and my friends after PMR, I'll be coming back!'


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Touched ♥

Haha. Aki, I warn you, don't read if you want to cry.

Just now, out of nowhere Hoi Yee suddenly send me a post on Facebook.

LHoi Yee ت :Joeeeeeeeeeeeeee ~! :(
I visited your blog just now .. Cheer up kay? :] we're here for you ~! ^^

Seems like she read my post. I din't expect anyone to read it at all. It was so messy and so hard to read. I was surprised. Then, out of nowhere again Aki come and comment:

Akimoto Michiyo 秋本三千代:

i juz cant say properly wat im thinking...
joee-chan ga hontoni sugoi desu 
Joee-chan is really amazing
zuuto gambarimasu desu ne?
Always working hard right?
otsukaresama deshita
Well done
zuuto wa genki de yogata
Thank goodness you were always well
urushii de yogata
Thank goodness you were always happy
mada ikiteru yogata
Thank goodness you were still living
joee-chan ga watashi no taisetsu no domodachi yogata
Joee-chan you were my precious friend
joee-chan ga daisuki desu
Joee-chan I love you
gambate ne? 
Work hard ok?
sorry if i cant help u sumwhere
but really thx u are always by my side even u r getting hard for those ...
swt...i cry liao...
Joee i really glad u r my fren >

hahaha xD I was laughing and crying when I was reading this.
Gosh. I was just really happy to know I have friends that cared =]

I replied her:

swt...aki!!! dont cry okay!!! omg........that's not i want, to make ppl cry!! omg........its ok, im FINE!! swt...u make me wanna cry! watashi wa daijoubu kara, ii ne?(im fine, ok?) naka naide(don cry)...kore wa watashi no unmei, kami-sama ga tsukutta(this is my fate, a fate made by god)...ii yo(its alright)...Everyone have their own life...and you can say that mine's special =']

haha...we're all getting emotional...








Anyway, friends are important. I know they're here for me ♥

p.s: Aki don't you cry again xD

大切な友だち =]