Saturday, June 26, 2010


Main reason I'm here blogging now is I'm sad and I feel depressed...I was reading a book just now, tittled 'Six Bad Boys'...It's about family..Family problems...Happy family...Some were similiar to mine...Reading these reminds me the kind of family I have..Yeah, I have a great family, but something's missing...It's the word 'Dad'..I have not said this word since I'm seven years old....I miss it...My only wish is this, to be able to said 'Dad' again, so that whenever I come home from school, mum would be here to welcome me...I hate coming home alone, no one except my brother that's either gaming or sleeping...I hate coming home having nothing to eat, having to prepare my own food...I hate the loneliness I feel everyday at  home...Soon, bro would be going to college.. .I'll be left completely alone..Only have my dogs to accompany me...I hate seeing my future, my family future so damn unstable...I hate seeing mum worry, tired, unhappy...I want a normal life with a complete family..I r hate the way I'm hanging now...It hurts...Sometimes I wish that some of my friends would realizes how lucky they were, to have someone to pick you up from whatever whatever, to have a mum to cook for you, to have someone to call Dad.

Yeah, I have posted a post similiar to this before, about my complicated life. It's just that I can't help it, I'm feeling damn depressed and need to tell someone...I'm just a plain coward, I don't dare to tell personally, so I guess I would just post it here...Hopefully you'll understand.


  1. We're in the same situation, well, sort of :/ You feel as if you want to tell someone, but you don't dare to, because they might not understand. I've been there too, so you're not alone (: Cheer up, hun. Things will eventually be better.

  2. lol I only saw this comment today. yeah, you're right. I'm scared of their response too. Anyway, thx for reading =]