Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fun day ^_^

Today went to The Mines with Chee Ying. =) Went to the book fair, but unfortunately nothing much there. Just a lot of advertisment and other things that have nothing to do with books at all. For example:

This lovely bag that I've bought with the price RM20 ( before was RM50)
Yeah..I know, music makes me crazy...

This lovely cushion to match my room xD
Unfortunately, Tian Jin polluted it -.-// 

Haha. Nothing to do with education  =D But still got buy 2 storybooks and some stationary la. Anyway, came back home, do some work. Then, at around 7pm, went to The Mines again with family. -.-// Mines is getting pretty boring. Anyway, dunno why, my leg damn pain today. Normally it's fine with me if I walked a whole day. My leg din't hurt at all when I went out a WHOLE day with friends, go to National Library and bla bla bla. That day I walked even more. Today just walk a little, but now my leg DAMN pain. T_T
Chee Ying, I finally understand your pain. -.- zzz...Can't stand up and walk about cause after I stand up, I sit down again and it hurts EXTRA. =( sigh...

たのしいの日です、でも私の足がいたい! T^T

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