Wednesday, June 30, 2010

KRK Trip to KLCC and KL Tower 29/06/10

Guess what? Being a krk student is pretty lucky after all. We have a trip organized just for us. Went to KLCC Petrosains and KL Tower. Only cost us RM10. Well, I got to school pretty early. So while waiting for the bus,..

All of us were waiting for the eagerly

 Haha took this without them realizing

Peggy sms-ing with bf? lol
Kia Li took this~ lol, my watch said 7.30am

Kia Li~~

Wait wait wait~ Finally the bus came!


Oh yeah, forgot to mention, Yee Mun switched place with Lee Ping :D yay~ 


Pringles! xD 

At the back of the bus

on the way...

on the way...

Reached there!!

 Ah gua.

High high high

Since our bus, bus B, is the first to arrive, while waiting for the other bus A and C, we just fool around.

Peace! (-.-)V


= =

peace~ (-.-)V

 Once the others arrived, we went in. First destination inside is...The Toilet!

No, not to camwhore but some of really need to use it lol

Then, Petrosains! 

After taking this photo, I lost my camera case =/ Got worried and searched for it but not successful =[ So I just though, 'oh well, never mind' and continue taking photos.

Well, after taking this photo, I saw a Petrosains staff holding my camera case and asking a young man if it belongs to him. He even used the word 'Sir'. lol, I quickly ran to him and claimed it and thank him. He saved me a scolding!
Haha. Continue taking pictures.

The, erm, tiger? behind magnifying glass.

Haha. Messing around with Aki.

Then, we were wandering around. Went to a section about those 'loji'. We went into 'Workers Dorm' and when we walked into the bedroom, we saw this, scream, then laughed. lol. Really got scared. I know, it's not scary, but I was wondering if anyone would be sleeping here when I suddenly saw the leg. It was so REAL! Then I saw the face and laugh.


The kitchen lol.

Next, we went to another section and ran into Cui Li and the others. Lol, Cui Li is racing xD

Fuyoh. Very yeng ar. 

But then, see, she's not yeng at all. xD

Nope, she's not at the front but at the BACK! xD

Kai Shen laughed at her a lot, she got angry and asked him to play lol.

He plays ok, only that he's..SHORT!! XD haha~
Then we went to another section~

=[ Blur..I accidently deleted the clear one T_T


We are the shorty XD

Upside-down mirror that could be spin

Then, we watched a noob 3D movie. Rm2 -.- wasted time and money~ Regret~

lol the 3D glasses I LOVE GLASSES XD

Then Aki and I took this picture xD

 Lol Jason and Steven also wanna take. They're posing xD

Anyway, after this, we went out of Petro Sains.
Chii-chan, Aki, and me rushed to...

I bought a Japanese Manga ^^
But it cost...RM22.65 O-O||

Next, we went to KL Tower. It's boring there.

Lol, There's a couple getting married that day too xD


While going up the Tower in the high-speed elevator

Tired out


lol dunno who spoiler

Then, Mr.Jason Lee take my camera and mess around = =






Camera back to me!
Anyway, we're out of the Tower, but we're going to take a 'little walk' in the woods~

Well, after that, back to bus and go back! Most people slept in the bus lol
Looking forward to another trip :]


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