Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Childhood

I was looking at my photo album just now because of being bored. Sigh. This holidays is really boring. Just stay at home. Yeah, I know I complain a lot. School's boring. Holiday's boring. Lol. Everyday boring, boring, boring. Well, I'm posting this because I'm boring too xD. Anyway, main reason is to let you guys know how much I've changed since I was little ;)

When I was 1 years old:

my brother and I

haha, saw my birthmark?

Smile :)

2 years old:

I'm the little one on the left x] On the right, my cousin sister.

lol, look so cacat. At genting.

At genting. Lol I look cute? xP

My mum and I.

xD I love this one.

Balloon XD

When I was 3, only 1 picture:
My nerdy brother x] and me XD lol, looks like I'm 5 but the date is 11/20/98 @@

4 years old:

At Desa Water Park


At dunno where.

5 years old! :

Chinese New Year =] lol, my mum look beautiful XD

lol, Barbie girl shirt? XD

When I was 6:

Looks cacat. Camera angle. 

Yeah, this is my home. Scotpine. I used to live here before I move. Now I'm living here again.

lol, blur.

7 years old. :

haha. I'm also one of the leng-lui. XD

8 years old :

At Cypress condo. Moved here after my dad passed away. My bro's remote car XD

At Titiwangsa. XD

9 years old:

It was my birthday that time. I'm the one wearing Mashimaro shirt XD
Look like rabbit x]

10 years old:

Moved to Mahkota. lol, I so leng-zai XD

At the backyard. Lol, i was so slim that time =o Now I'm so fat =[

11 years old:

 The seksyen 8 playground.

12 years old:

Blur ._.

Ic's photo. haha. ugly~

13 years old: 

Grown so fat =[ I look so damn nerdy.

Fat and ugly =[

When I was 14:

Nerd ._.

Also a nerd here. This picture was taken at Convent Jalan Peel, when I was visiting a online friend during her school carnival. Meeting someone we know through Internet is fun =]

At least by the end of the year I look better. XD

Near September last year, moved back to ScotPine condo. lol, ignore the date, cacat. ._.''

lol, tak tahan my long hair le, cut it XD

This year, 2010! (I am still 14! XD)

early of the year, still fat T_T

Taken during either in April, May or June lol

Taken last week ( July) haha, new glasses XD

Well, thats all. 

ps: I'm still fat but thx goodness lost 5kg since last year~
pss: My attitude change a lot
psss: I'm super bored here.
pssss: Holiday is boring =[
psssss: Crap, I'm gonna be late for tuition.


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