Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ice skating ♥

Went ice-skating just now :D It was expensive though, because it's school holiday. Normal weekdays RM13, Saturday and Sunday Rm18, but school holidays RM21. -.- Seems like we pick the most expensive day to skate. Anyway, have lots of fun :D

Unfortunately, I was over confident that I won't fall down, so I din't bring any cloths. I fell down anyway. Sigh. It's been 4 times I've gone ice-skating and I never fell down before. This is the first time. -.- The skate that I was wearing is getting lose, so I adjust it. But I'm not used to it yet, so I fell down. On my ass -.- Got wet. Sigh. And my glove was wet too. -.- After that no mood skate, skate for 5 more rounds quit. Lol. Anyway, it was fun! ;D



Anyway, guess what, while leaving, around 9pm, I saw this:

Ice hockey!!

OMG I want to play too T_T

p.s: I said to the skating rink, 'Wait for me and my friends after PMR, I'll be coming back!'


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