Saturday, June 12, 2010

Touched ♥

Haha. Aki, I warn you, don't read if you want to cry.

Just now, out of nowhere Hoi Yee suddenly send me a post on Facebook.

LHoi Yee ت :Joeeeeeeeeeeeeee ~! :(
I visited your blog just now .. Cheer up kay? :] we're here for you ~! ^^

Seems like she read my post. I din't expect anyone to read it at all. It was so messy and so hard to read. I was surprised. Then, out of nowhere again Aki come and comment:

Akimoto Michiyo 秋本三千代:

i juz cant say properly wat im thinking...
joee-chan ga hontoni sugoi desu 
Joee-chan is really amazing
zuuto gambarimasu desu ne?
Always working hard right?
otsukaresama deshita
Well done
zuuto wa genki de yogata
Thank goodness you were always well
urushii de yogata
Thank goodness you were always happy
mada ikiteru yogata
Thank goodness you were still living
joee-chan ga watashi no taisetsu no domodachi yogata
Joee-chan you were my precious friend
joee-chan ga daisuki desu
Joee-chan I love you
gambate ne? 
Work hard ok?
sorry if i cant help u sumwhere
but really thx u are always by my side even u r getting hard for those ...
swt...i cry liao...
Joee i really glad u r my fren >

hahaha xD I was laughing and crying when I was reading this.
Gosh. I was just really happy to know I have friends that cared =]

I replied her:

swt...aki!!! dont cry okay!!! omg........that's not i want, to make ppl cry!! omg........its ok, im FINE!! swt...u make me wanna cry! watashi wa daijoubu kara, ii ne?(im fine, ok?) naka naide(don cry)...kore wa watashi no unmei, kami-sama ga tsukutta(this is my fate, a fate made by god)...ii yo(its alright)...Everyone have their own life...and you can say that mine's special =']

haha...we're all getting emotional...








Anyway, friends are important. I know they're here for me ♥

p.s: Aki don't you cry again xD

大切な友だち =]

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