Friday, June 17, 2011


Okay, here goes pictures of me in the maid/lolita outfit I bought in Thailand XD

By the way, Aki, Chii~ Which one you think is best to cosplay with you guys as?? XD

 =w=" Kind of failed...The white head  thingy made by me..Orz

 Head thingy + ribbon headband provided

Failed sexy attempt... :(

Okay, enough of maid, here comes LOLITA! 

 Yappari ne...Make up is needed =w=" Look weird with no make up...


 My legs look long 8D and slim 8D


Please note these are just for fun ok, not like what you think it is~ =w=""

and...a picture that'll give you nightmare or hysterical laugh, depends~ in my case, I laugh none stop till my stomach pain like hell....







Sunday, June 12, 2011

Home sweet home.

Okay, I'm back from Thailand, it's 2.13am, sitting infront of the laptop with my face in yogurt, wearing a super sized pink bunny pajamas, and basically passing my time blogging.

xD Trying this yogurt mask because I have LOTS of pimple break outs suddenly..Q_Q
Anyway, washed my face..And it feels smoother 8D

I can't blog about my Thailand trip right now cause I have no pictures..The pictures are with my cousin~ I'll blog when I have the pic :D

Instead, I'll talk crap right now xD Bear with me guys :3 At Thailand, the things sold are CHEAP!!
=3= Things I bought:


Tank tops! :D:D:D RM10 each :D

A BAG! xD RM25~ 

Oh yeah, when shopping at Thailand, we MUST BARGAIN! The bag is supposed to be RM38, but bargain bargain, become RM25~ 

A small japanese print handmade bag :D RM12~

Camouflage shorts :D RM15~

XL sized jeans short Q_Q (cries bucketful of tears) NO!! I'M SO FAT T^T Anyway, RM10 each 8D

A nightgown my mum bought, and gave me =w=" What,  pink again?! -.- I dunno the price~

And of course, souviniers xD It's bead keychains guys~

These two are taken, by ME! xD OMG the tortoise is soooo cute >w<

And for my friends xD

By the way, I also bought a costume. Maid/lolita costume. RM38. I don't really want it, but my sister does, so we bought it anyway, since it could also be modified into visual kei lolita 8D To make it more maid like, I can change the ribbon to white ^^

I don't think you guys can see the ribbon..Well, I guess RM38 is cheap for this~ I saw costume like this around RM50++ at Malaysia and online =w=

And by the way, this costume were bought from a lingerie store =_=" And I think this costume is for prostitute LOL cause there is a G-string with it XDDDDDDD I wonder what does the shop owner think of me, my sis, and my mum LOLOLOL~~

Haha. Okay, finished blogging, gonna watch Bubzbeauty videos =3= Goodnight people~!

タイ国は楽しいよ >w< いっぱい物を買えって、いろいろな食べ物を食べた ^^