Sunday, June 12, 2011

Home sweet home.

Okay, I'm back from Thailand, it's 2.13am, sitting infront of the laptop with my face in yogurt, wearing a super sized pink bunny pajamas, and basically passing my time blogging.

xD Trying this yogurt mask because I have LOTS of pimple break outs suddenly..Q_Q
Anyway, washed my face..And it feels smoother 8D

I can't blog about my Thailand trip right now cause I have no pictures..The pictures are with my cousin~ I'll blog when I have the pic :D

Instead, I'll talk crap right now xD Bear with me guys :3 At Thailand, the things sold are CHEAP!!
=3= Things I bought:


Tank tops! :D:D:D RM10 each :D

A BAG! xD RM25~ 

Oh yeah, when shopping at Thailand, we MUST BARGAIN! The bag is supposed to be RM38, but bargain bargain, become RM25~ 

A small japanese print handmade bag :D RM12~

Camouflage shorts :D RM15~

XL sized jeans short Q_Q (cries bucketful of tears) NO!! I'M SO FAT T^T Anyway, RM10 each 8D

A nightgown my mum bought, and gave me =w=" What,  pink again?! -.- I dunno the price~

And of course, souviniers xD It's bead keychains guys~

These two are taken, by ME! xD OMG the tortoise is soooo cute >w<

And for my friends xD

By the way, I also bought a costume. Maid/lolita costume. RM38. I don't really want it, but my sister does, so we bought it anyway, since it could also be modified into visual kei lolita 8D To make it more maid like, I can change the ribbon to white ^^

I don't think you guys can see the ribbon..Well, I guess RM38 is cheap for this~ I saw costume like this around RM50++ at Malaysia and online =w=

And by the way, this costume were bought from a lingerie store =_=" And I think this costume is for prostitute LOL cause there is a G-string with it XDDDDDDD I wonder what does the shop owner think of me, my sis, and my mum LOLOLOL~~

Haha. Okay, finished blogging, gonna watch Bubzbeauty videos =3= Goodnight people~!

タイ国は楽しいよ >w< いっぱい物を買えって、いろいろな食べ物を食べた ^^

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