Tuesday, May 29, 2012

School holidays and stuff, bla bla bla

It's school holidays now xD

Anyway this is a totally dead boring post lol, cause I'm too bored right now, so I'm typing whatever that comes into my mind.

So, I think I can say this is the worst holidays ever??

Our bathroom is leaking water and the unit below keep complaining, so uncle decided to renovate it =.=
The noise is just killing me asdfghjk and I had to endure it for the whole 2 week holidays FML

1 week for the main bathroom, another week for the  master bedroom bathroom.
They removed EVRYTHING, now the bathroom is just a blank room of cement lol.
Uncle's gonna put in new tiles, replace the bathtub with those glass cubicle that we see in hotels lol.
Wonder how it will look =w=

They come at 9am in the morning and disturb my beauty sleep T_T
Then I can't really watch tv cause it freaking noisy zzzzzzzzzzz

Yesterday I'm bored to the point I do my homework lol.
Done around 50%~~ Haha
But that's cause the internet was down yesterday =w=


I'm feeling stressed nowdays =.=
Pimple attacks!!
Lol stupid pimples please go away T^T

Talked with Crystal last night, sigh..I feel so damn weird ._.
This whole new feeling is kind of killing me yet it's like a joy I keep holding to, totally confused now.

And I cried for whatever reason, I don't know :/
I just did ._.


=w= Okay ignore me I sot jor ahaha ._.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Belief? Story of a cat in a temple.

A week ago, a suddenly memory from when I was a small kid came floating back to me.
I have no idea how old I was, but I think I'm around 7?

So, there's this one night where my family and I go to a temple.
The temple is quite old, its at a corner lot of shoplot.

We were at the temple, then I have to go to the toilet. So I told my mom, and she asked the monk there where is the toilet.
The monk gave us direction, we have to go up a stair, then dunno turn where bla bla bla can't remember those.
My mom brought me up the stairs, and it's a spiral staircase, attached to a wall with big spaces as window.

As we were going up the stair, a cat suddenly jumped in.
The cat looked at us in the eyes, meowed, and somehow we know the cat want us we follow it.
So we did.

The cat led us right to the toilet O.O
When we reached the toilet the cat sat down, and look at us swinging its tail =w=
And I went into the toilet -w-

After I'm done and came out from the toilet, the cat look at us, and leave.

I can't remember whether the cat led us out or not, my memory goes as far as that.
Anyway, I remember that time, I though, 'God sent that cat to help us.'

Well, it's hard to say, but oh well it gives me a feeling I can't explain, maybe because it's a childhood memory? I don't really like my childhood memory, all I remember is sadness, or things related to sadness.
I guess this one is different.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Scared of the future, of what is waiting for me.
Getting paranoid all the time.
Running away from things I shouldn't run away from, having no courage to face it.
Pretending everything is fine just as it is, refusing to face it.

Wonder when will I finally stop running, and tackle it instead.

Wish I could look at myself at a different angle, so maybe I would understand myself more.
So many questions swimming in my mind, asking so many things I can't answer.
Instead of looking for the answer, I run away from it.
Afraid of the answer. Trying to ignore it.

Eventhough I know one day I will have to face it.
Everything's just a matter of time whether I like it or not.

Everyone's powerless.