Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Update

It's been a month since my last post.
As usual have no chance to use a pc to update my blog, too troublesome to use phone.

Well, update on my life during  the whole month.

So basically, sat for SPM trial exam. Was awful awful awful.
Eventhough there's tips, it's still quite awful for some subject.
For example, Chemistry. UGHHHH FUCK CHEMISTRY.

I got a bloody 9 marks out of 60, for Section A of paper 2. For Section B, it's 4 marks, out of 40.
That's somewhat expected, I said that I'll be lucky if I get at least 5 marks LOL
But Section A....It's just bullshit. I expected at least 20 marks...But all I got is a 9. :/
It's stupidddddddddddd arrrrgggghhhh.
Have to slave at chemistry now. Sigh.

For Biology, it's still okay. I studied for it, so not too bad. Last time I got 25 and 40 marks :x
This time I got 59....-_- I expected a B, but damn it another mark to go. Flip table////

As for add maths...The paper was so freaking hard =A= Compared to those past year questions I did. Fml.
Bryan gave me a few lessons before, and I though I could do quite well, but turn out it wasn't much difference from Midterm. But this time it's seriously a hard paper -_-
Those question that I know how to do were asked in a way where it became alien to me lol.

Nevermind I'll forget about trial now and focus on real SPM OTL|||

Thank god for friends helping me QwQ

Dustin is giving me physics lesson, Bryan gonna teach me Chemistry and Add Maths, then there's all my senpai's telling me that spm will be a piece of cake compared to the trial and friends nagging me to study haha.



After trial, went to Bukit Cahaya, Skytrek trip with a bunch of 'useless sticks (fai chai[?])  lol.
School friends haha.

Was an awesome trip :3

Eventhough the planning is stupidly confusing as everyone is not sure when to go, and we're not sure whether we need to book or not, looking for transport, etc.
So in the end I called Skytrek and asked about the booking.
Turn must book in advance.
Luckily Jie Jun could book :D
Then I booked a van for our transport~

Lol we took Extreme Challenge, the hardest challenge.
We climb up into around 25m above ground, and god all those challenges is damn tiring.
And it's scary .__.

Anyway after Skytrek, the guys go for paintball. Crystal and I just wander around the park, we're too broke for paintball jor lol.
While the guys are playing we go and have lunch, then we bought tickets for the four season house.

After the guys are done we went together, it's Autumn now and the temperature is around 12 degree C in there~

And after that....we left Bukit Cahaya.
Got back to Sungai Long, then we depart again to Seri Kembangan for BBQ Steamboat LOL.
Two dudes drove, but not everyone went.
And then yeah...Basically that's it =w=

The next 2 days muscle damn pain everywhere except my legs lol. Maybe cause I started jogging, muscle is strong there now :D


Oh ya few days before trial, watched Sadako with Chii at Midvalley. :D
Went to Pasta Zanmai for luch first.

Then after that we wander around the shops, and then go for Purikura! :3

Hehe xD

Then for movie!
Hmm...The movie is er..not bad la, but the story a little bit stupid.
Eventhough there's scary effects, but the story kind of neutralize it LOL.
So...meh =w=


hmmm.....What else have been happening =w=
....Oh yeah, went to SPCA for shooting! :D
Calvin monthly project, to promote awareness is adopting <3 p="p">
Anyway, went to KTM Serdang, then Kien Seng fetched me.
Traffic jam the whole way there =_="
Anyway, when we reached it was just in time, and we begin shooting right away.

So cute, and they'll make awesome companion.
I wish they would all get adopted.
People, please please please stop buying, and adopt instead.
You may not know, but alot of dogs for sale comes from puppy mill.
If you don't know what is it, google it. It's shocking.
Cat is not so bad, but there's too many stray cats :/

Anyway, after shooting, Kien Seng and I went to Bukit Jalil for lunch.
Forgot restaurant name, but it's a Malay restaurant.
The food is nice, with reasonable price.
But service is kinda....=w="

And after that go home~~


Then on the day before Skytrek, there's violin performance lololol wtf.
I play the violin terribly, but performed anyway, with Crystal.
It's at school, for Hari Kokurikulum -_-"
We played 'You Raised Me Up", by Josh Groban.

This was during rehearsal lol. The whole of 5 Kreatif, only me, Crystal, and Xavier at school.
Bored of practicing, Crystal go and take a nap haha, Xavier was playing with his phone the whole time.

And..boredom leads to taking pictures, camwhores =w=

Anyway, on the day of the performance, I dressed like this:

Haha performance was awful. Seriously awful lol.
But meh, who cares.

Like Crystal said, it's our last year, last year to go on stage and embarrassed ourselves.
Wanna throw face, throw it. xD
Wanna fish, then fish.
Lol translate to chinese and cantonese :P
Anyway, be there, done that. haha.


Oh btw, I made bow tie jeans :D
Saw Cheesie's pictures of them which she got from Minimaos, and I'm like...I WANT!
But then Minimaos was shut down, and they're expensive...
So I got an old pair of jeans and cut em' up!

Hehe. Awesome right xD

Oh well I guess that's all.

Got some other stuff as well I guess, but meh too lazy update lol.

Will update next time =w=