Saturday, November 29, 2014

I'm sooooo busy, let's write a blog post!

As usual.
Whenever I feel like I have too much to do, I come over to my bloggie and just write.
Right now in a way I guess I'm just making a to do list, since I'll be babbling about why I'm so busy lol.

This is probably gonna bore you to death, so you leave now if you don't want to listen to me babbling on. Keep reading though if you have nothing better to do, or if you're just like me. Plainly procrastinating haha. Anyway it's already past midnight, nothing much I could really do now can I? Actually nah, there's still a lot I could do. Ahaha .___.

Well first of all, I should be working on my assignments now pfffttt. Let's see, I have a whole list of them somewhere. Let me copy it lol.

-3D modelling 
Oh phew, this is already 95% done I should say. Let me copy an image to show you guys haha.

Haha not that happy with it, but for now this is the best I can do. Am gonna consult with my lecturer to see what else could be done.

-Acoustic recording (8 track)
Sigh this is a headache. Since I need to find musicians, and accommodate to their time with mine.
I've already attempted with a few musicians, but I am just not happy with what I have.
I've found some other musicians, and so right now I'm just waiting to set a date.

-Mixdown assignment
I've actually done this, but guess what? The CD burner in my college's studio is not working. -_-
I've wasted my time doing it, and now I have to burn it through my laptop. But since I didn't know I could do that previously, I didn't save what I've done on the mixer to the DAW in the studio. zzzzzz. Never mind, this won't take me long to do. I've already know what to do anyway.

-Digital rec tech (music loop, dance track, radio station ID, radio commercial)
I've done the music loop. Dance track I have the idea, I just need a better keyboard to do it on. (hoping to get a new keyboard next month).
As for radio station ID and the radio commercial, I still have to come up with an idea.

-Audio business proposal 
Group assignment, my part is done at 90%.
Just a bit more to go.

Ahaha, Screw this T_T I haven't even have an idea, plus not to mention I've yet to finish my fundamentals of 3D assignment.

-24 track recording
Right, another recording. I've got to bring in a full band for this.
I've could have done this, I actually brought a band to the studio last week. Instead, I told Emad to handle it lol. I've written a song, am just hoping to get musicians to play it for me. So...guess I'll see how it goes lol. If I can't manage to complete the song with a proper band, guess I'll just find a band to play their own or cover song.

Group assignment, we're supposed to do this in the studio with our lecturer, but so far no one have any news on when it shall happen lol. I'm pretty sure it's overdue ahaha.

-Audio Post-Production
Another group assignment. Making foley sounds, add in dialogues into a short animation, creating background music etc. Will be doing this next week, already booked the studio for it.

-Surround sound
Meh. Can't do this without my 24 track recording.

Have yet to fully understand mastering. Will study more on it by myself first before I attempt to master. Plus, I need my 24 track to do this as well sigh.

-Moral studies
I'm doing the poster part. I would say it's 80% done, I just need to do the typography part properly sigh.

12 pending assignments fml. And another assignment coming up in 2 weeks time. Oh god.
And guess what, out of those 12, only 5 of them I could work on now. Sigh. So hmm...I guess doesn't matter much that I'm blogging now LOL.

Anyway, moving on to what I need to do and what I've been doing that kept me busy (I guess? lol).........

I just found out yesterday that I have to perform on 7th December, which is next week. I've always thought that the performance is somewhere near the end of December fml.
It's a performance for a prom for some school (Oh dear I don't even know the details), and the band have yet to jam yet lol. Tomorrow shall be the first jamming.

I have to learn 4 songs, which isn't bad at all compared to the 30 songs I had to learn for the hotel pianist job I had last time hahaha. But still, considering I haven't really listen to those songs properly before, it's kind of hell-ish OTL

Meh, got no one to blame but myself for not paying attention to what my bandmates are saying.

Right. Beside this, I've resumed my grade 8 piano class after a year of hiatus.

To be honest, I stopped my grade 8 last year because I was stressed. It freaking cost me close to RM400 per month, and last year my mom was jobless. Of course I'm stressed, worrying about the financial situation we're in, and thus losing interest and the passion.

I somehow convinced myself that I dislike classical music lol. And guess what I told my teacher? That I'm too busy with college that I don't have the time to practice. It's just a straight on lie I told, I realized that now. I had time, but I guess the time I had were spent on worrying and doing other stuff to distract myself from the reality I was in.

But yeah, no regrets that I stopped. The money saved probably took some stress off my mom as well, but it gave me time to reflect on my decision on classical music. Now that my mom have a job and our financial status is better, I realized that I miss my lessons a lot haha.

And I guess I grew up more, am properly practicing my piano now.

I was also busy with helping my mom out sometimes. She took over a shop selling shoes.
Mom was short on staff just a few weeks ago, and during my sembreak (2 weeks ago) I was at her shop almost every single day. The time that I thought I would be doing my assignments is spent serving costumer instead haha.

Now she have another staff, thank god for that. Still occasionally I go and source for products with my mom, and that could take up a whole day. But then, it mean shopping time for me as well, so I don't mind at all. xD

Besides all these, I need to practice for Crestfall band as well. We got invited to a cosplay ball, and we're supposed to perform lolol. So yeah, I have to go jamming as well, and as usual figure out the keyboard lines in the song cause there's no sheet music. Haha.

Hmm...what else. Pretty sure I have more stuff to do. Can't remember lol.
Oh yeah, organize and clean up my room more.
Believe it or not, during the whole sembreak, I spent an entire week sorting out my clothes, dusting, and just throwing out all craps that I don't use anymore. Till now it's not fully done fml.

I've sorted out my clothes, but I still have to organize place to put in my jewelry. And books. I have so many books I've run out of place to put them. Recently I went to the popular book fair book sale, where every single book is sold for only RM5 WILL YOU BELIEVE IT.
I bought 26 books lol, and right now they're still in the plastic bag on the floor. :x

And oh, now I remembered something else. Have to do a mixing for a band, and yeah that'll probably take me some time. x___x

So...yeah. Guess that's it. And from my recent blog post, I somehow managed to find time and get a tattoo hahahha. Guess I'm not as busy as I should be :x

Anyway, concluding my to-do list:

-ASSignments pffftttt
-Practice for next week performance
-Practice for jamming with Crestfall next week
-Practice piano (Must. Be. Consistent.)
-mixing for Myclamyra Project

Oh well. Am gonna go to bed now, hopefully I'll have a very productive week ahead.

Friday, November 28, 2014

First Ink.

First tattoo.

Sea waves, represent life in general to me.
Life can be rough, yet it'll have it's calm days.

Besides that, there is another meaning.
Something that I can't explain.
Something in me, which I couldn't put into words.

Maybe one day I'll find someone that could do it for me,
Explain to me what it is.
Someone that understands.

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Serenity,solitude, surreal , peace, calmness, freedom, strength.

Sea, waves, mermaid, anchor, shells, nautilus, sand.

Angel wings, skull, broken.

Abandoned places, old musical instrument, mossy, dark, forest.

Lake, pond, river, cave.

Music, instruments.

Books, knowledge, hourglass, feather.

Does this make sense? No?

Sekinchan trip with friends!

Lol just found this in my draft. Wth it's more than a month ago. Nevertheless, gonna post it haha.

So on the 21st of September, I visited Sekinchan along with Stephy, Selwyn and Oliver!
Previously we planned to go to Malacca, but since it's on a Sunday, we figured that it'll probably be really crowded, thus in the end we changed our plans.

Selwyn was the driver of the day xD

Anyway our first stop was...LUNCH!
We were starving hahaha. It was past the usual lunch hour by the time we get there.

I can't remember the restaurant name, but it's beside this harbor if that's why you call the place in picture below.

Our view!

Ho jian!

I love it! It's crispy unlike the one I usually had.

Shark meat.
Surprisingly, it's good wth. 

Actually I have no idea what I feel about eating sharks. Usually I avoid eating shark fin, whenever I had shark fin soup it's always the cheap version that doesn't use shark fin, they use vermicilli to substitute the fin lol. The reason I don't eat real shark fin is because of humans cutting the fin off the shark and throwing the shark back into the sea, giving it a painful and slow death.

But a whole shark getting killed, I guess that's a different thing. Still, I guess I won't purposely order shark meat again.

Okay, back to my trip lol.

Some type of prawns that is said to be like lobster. 

It's not that nice though. I like the taste, but there is no meat at all meh.

After lunch, we head to the paddy fields!

I freaking love the scenic view. Even though I grew up in the city, I've always love the country.
I grew up reading storybooks especially Enid Blyton's, and in her book she taught me to love the country. :) One day I'll quit living in the city and move to a quiet countryside. 

We visited a paddy rice 'factory museum' nearby as well. Nothing much inside.
Basically we paid RM4 to just walk in a small area with displays. Not much explanation whatsoever.
Some random pictures in the museum.

Next, we just chilled by the paddy fields! Had some mini photoshoot.

Haha random set of pictures. 

We headed to Redang Beach next. 
Even though it's quite filthy, I enjoyed the sea breeze. And listening to the waves crashing. And seeing the sunset. Feeling the sands and seashells under my feet.

They were taking my pictures without me realizing lol..I was wandering away from them, guess I was mesmerized by the sea. Was by the shore staring at the waves, then I saw some seashells and picked it up and took some pictures.

I love this picture. Using it as laptop wallpaper.

This was planned, not some random shot haha.

Sigh. I love the sea so much, I don't even really know why.
I could go on staring at the sea and listening to the waves forever.

Anyway moving on. We found a tree house and a very rocky bay as we wandered further down the coast.

Hahahha Snorlax Selwyn XD

Look sort of like some cheesy band album photo lmao 

Oh and I found a swing xD

Another cheesy photo haha

Potato face 

Here I am, acting melancholic haha

Hahah fantastic four

Sampat face

Well after all these we head off to have dinner. 

Can't really remember what we ordered. I just remember crabs haha. It taste nice, but sadly the crabs are small with not much meat. :<

After that dinner, we visited Kampung Kuantan Fireflies park.
We sat in a sampan. It costed us RM50. Reasonable price, each person is RM12.50 for 4 of us.

It's pretty calm and surreal. It's pitch dark, the sound of trickling water and the creaking of the oars is very calming as well. There's quite a lot of fireflies. The caretaker brought us close to the trees where they are, and he caught a firefly and put it into my hand. Such a pretty creature.

Haha can't see much here, but yeah those yellow dots are the fireflies. It's a lot more in real though.

Overall, I enjoyed this trip. :)

Ending this post with a group picture, with Selwyn not staring into the camera xD

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bon Odori 2014!

I love Bon Odori!! I've been to Bon Odori twice before this, during 2011 and 2012. I missed last year's Bon Odori cause I was in Singapore :'(
Anyway I finally got to go this year with Crystal! We had a blast :D

Kyee and Evan hired a van for their school's Japanese Club, so Crystal and I went with them. None of us wanted to drive there since the traffic will be pretty heavy and it'll be hard to get a parking.
The van is supposed to leave at 4.30pm, but Crystal and I were late :x

I went to Pertama for band jamming in the afternoon, and only got home around 3.30pm.

In an hour, I tried my best to curl my hair, and put on the yukata Susan kindly lends me. Her yukata's obi is the traditional Obi type, I had some trouble trying to tie it. Took me almost 30 minutes to finally be able to put it on. x_x After that I did Kyee's yukata.

I didn't even have the time to put my makeup on lol. Ended up applying it in the car on the way there.

3 of us!

Anyway, we reached around 5.30pm.
When we got there, it looks like it'll rain. D:
Dark grey clouds is up in the sky.

Bad weather condition

Anyway when we got into the stadium, I immediately took a selfie LOL.

Sorry la I know I perasan xD
Anyway, since I brought a mat along with me, we found a spot near the stalls and setup.

We chilled there while waiting for Kyee and her friends to come over to look after our belongings while we buy food.
So..while waiting, naturally, we took pictures haha. And people took pictures of us LOL.
I counted about 7 random people that just requests for photo while we're sitting there.

And oh, I met Thomas (Hexlord) haha. He took a picture of us.

Photo by Hexlord!

Selfies wwww

And believe it or not, somehow I accidentally took the picture on the right lol

Crystal and me! wwwww

Anyway, Kyee and her friends soon came along. We left the mat to their care and roam around getting food xD

The first thing I bought is their Japanese ice-cream!!
 It was delicious!

My favourite grape popsicle! (if that is what you call it)

Unfortunately, halfway buying food, it rained wtf. But Crystal and I didn't really care LOL, we keep on buying food. And on the way back to the mat, I found Taro! That lucky guy had an umbrella with him lol.

Anyway we got soaked, and we got seperated from Kyee and her friends. They have already taken the mat and seek shelter somewhere. 

Crystal and I rushed into the indoor stadium which is crowded and stuff. :/
But still, we had some food so we ate while standing at a corner haha.

 Onigiri, Hokkaido Melon, and Ramen!

 Onigiri was meh. Ramen was quite good.
Hokkaido melon was OMGGGGG DELICIOUS.

It's so tender, so sweet! Ahhhhh and so aromatic. >A<
I miss it already!!! It's expensive though, a whole melon would is RM70 wtf. The small container I got was RM6.

Soaked through

Lol it's lucky that my mascara didn't smudge and makes me look even more like a panda.
My dark circles is bad enough already sigh. Even concealer couldn't hide my tiredness.


To be honest, it was actually fun getting drenched in the rain.
It kind of keep us cool while we're stuck inside the stuffy stadium lol,..
It's a good thing that we didn't catch a cold afterwards though.

Haha getting drenched in the rain, Crystal and I were like, YOLO lolol.
It's an unforgettable experience.

We hang around and ate, while waiting for the rain to stop.

When the rain finally slow down to a light drizzle, we went out again. It's starting to get dark, and the lights is starting to lit up around the main stage.
We took some pictures in front of the stage~

Hahhaha sorry if you find all these pictures too vain XD
Can't help it, how often do you have the chance to dress up and look like that?

Anyway soon after that the dance started. The first dance is always the funniest to me, since a lot of people doesn't dare to start dancing first, or maybe it's because they simply doesn't know that they could lmao.

Anyway I think Crystal was kind of awkward at first, but i dragged her to dance anyway XD It's kind of hard, with the crowd all around standing and staring without a clue what they are supposed to do and why are we 2 suddenly trying to dance LOL.

Then a random girl walks up to us and ask if we could dance together. And that's when people begins to form a line following the dancers on the stage and we all dance! 
It's kind of magical to see wwwww.

During the dance I realized the my yukata is too long, I keep tripping over it lol. As soon as the dance session is over, Crystal and I head to the washroom and I re-wear the yukata.
After that it's time for the second dance! :D

The second dance was fun as well wwww. Calvin found me, he told me he was snapping photos and realized that the girl looks like me ahhaha. Well, it's me alright XD
Anyway he tried to dance a bit, so funny to see him dance haha. And he took my pictures as well. It's still with him, though. And oh, Quarshay found me and he dance beside me with his friend as well haha.

After the second dance, Crystal and I went to grab more food wwww. I bought more ice-cream, and bought japanese candies. No pictures, but one of the Melon caramel candy I bought was DAMN NICE! I love love love it, regretted not getting more T_T Baka Kyee stole half of the box from me -_-

We didn't go for the last dance. We decided to just shop for food nyehehhehe.
And oh, guess what? Carlson-senpai is back to Malaysia! Met in after a year of not meeting him.

And oh, one funny thing was that he tole me to pretend to be Japanese when his friends approached us. I spoke to him in Japanese, and I think his friends bought it LOL.
Until....Baka Kyee came along and spoke to me in Cantonese. You should have seen their faces ahahhahahaha. They look stunned lmao. XD
I feel so bad now hahaha.

Anyway, I guess that's it.
Here's some pictures that Crystal and I took when we got home.

I know I look darn tired, and I have really bad dark eye circles lol.
It's gotten worse lately sigh. 

Okay that's it, buh bye!