Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bon Odori 2014!

I love Bon Odori!! I've been to Bon Odori twice before this, during 2011 and 2012. I missed last year's Bon Odori cause I was in Singapore :'(
Anyway I finally got to go this year with Crystal! We had a blast :D

Kyee and Evan hired a van for their school's Japanese Club, so Crystal and I went with them. None of us wanted to drive there since the traffic will be pretty heavy and it'll be hard to get a parking.
The van is supposed to leave at 4.30pm, but Crystal and I were late :x

I went to Pertama for band jamming in the afternoon, and only got home around 3.30pm.

In an hour, I tried my best to curl my hair, and put on the yukata Susan kindly lends me. Her yukata's obi is the traditional Obi type, I had some trouble trying to tie it. Took me almost 30 minutes to finally be able to put it on. x_x After that I did Kyee's yukata.

I didn't even have the time to put my makeup on lol. Ended up applying it in the car on the way there.

3 of us!

Anyway, we reached around 5.30pm.
When we got there, it looks like it'll rain. D:
Dark grey clouds is up in the sky.

Bad weather condition

Anyway when we got into the stadium, I immediately took a selfie LOL.

Sorry la I know I perasan xD
Anyway, since I brought a mat along with me, we found a spot near the stalls and setup.

We chilled there while waiting for Kyee and her friends to come over to look after our belongings while we buy food.
So..while waiting, naturally, we took pictures haha. And people took pictures of us LOL.
I counted about 7 random people that just requests for photo while we're sitting there.

And oh, I met Thomas (Hexlord) haha. He took a picture of us.

Photo by Hexlord!

Selfies wwww

And believe it or not, somehow I accidentally took the picture on the right lol

Crystal and me! wwwww

Anyway, Kyee and her friends soon came along. We left the mat to their care and roam around getting food xD

The first thing I bought is their Japanese ice-cream!!
 It was delicious!

My favourite grape popsicle! (if that is what you call it)

Unfortunately, halfway buying food, it rained wtf. But Crystal and I didn't really care LOL, we keep on buying food. And on the way back to the mat, I found Taro! That lucky guy had an umbrella with him lol.

Anyway we got soaked, and we got seperated from Kyee and her friends. They have already taken the mat and seek shelter somewhere. 

Crystal and I rushed into the indoor stadium which is crowded and stuff. :/
But still, we had some food so we ate while standing at a corner haha.

 Onigiri, Hokkaido Melon, and Ramen!

 Onigiri was meh. Ramen was quite good.
Hokkaido melon was OMGGGGG DELICIOUS.

It's so tender, so sweet! Ahhhhh and so aromatic. >A<
I miss it already!!! It's expensive though, a whole melon would is RM70 wtf. The small container I got was RM6.

Soaked through

Lol it's lucky that my mascara didn't smudge and makes me look even more like a panda.
My dark circles is bad enough already sigh. Even concealer couldn't hide my tiredness.


To be honest, it was actually fun getting drenched in the rain.
It kind of keep us cool while we're stuck inside the stuffy stadium lol,..
It's a good thing that we didn't catch a cold afterwards though.

Haha getting drenched in the rain, Crystal and I were like, YOLO lolol.
It's an unforgettable experience.

We hang around and ate, while waiting for the rain to stop.

When the rain finally slow down to a light drizzle, we went out again. It's starting to get dark, and the lights is starting to lit up around the main stage.
We took some pictures in front of the stage~

Hahhaha sorry if you find all these pictures too vain XD
Can't help it, how often do you have the chance to dress up and look like that?

Anyway soon after that the dance started. The first dance is always the funniest to me, since a lot of people doesn't dare to start dancing first, or maybe it's because they simply doesn't know that they could lmao.

Anyway I think Crystal was kind of awkward at first, but i dragged her to dance anyway XD It's kind of hard, with the crowd all around standing and staring without a clue what they are supposed to do and why are we 2 suddenly trying to dance LOL.

Then a random girl walks up to us and ask if we could dance together. And that's when people begins to form a line following the dancers on the stage and we all dance! 
It's kind of magical to see wwwww.

During the dance I realized the my yukata is too long, I keep tripping over it lol. As soon as the dance session is over, Crystal and I head to the washroom and I re-wear the yukata.
After that it's time for the second dance! :D

The second dance was fun as well wwww. Calvin found me, he told me he was snapping photos and realized that the girl looks like me ahhaha. Well, it's me alright XD
Anyway he tried to dance a bit, so funny to see him dance haha. And he took my pictures as well. It's still with him, though. And oh, Quarshay found me and he dance beside me with his friend as well haha.

After the second dance, Crystal and I went to grab more food wwww. I bought more ice-cream, and bought japanese candies. No pictures, but one of the Melon caramel candy I bought was DAMN NICE! I love love love it, regretted not getting more T_T Baka Kyee stole half of the box from me -_-

We didn't go for the last dance. We decided to just shop for food nyehehhehe.
And oh, guess what? Carlson-senpai is back to Malaysia! Met in after a year of not meeting him.

And oh, one funny thing was that he tole me to pretend to be Japanese when his friends approached us. I spoke to him in Japanese, and I think his friends bought it LOL.
Until....Baka Kyee came along and spoke to me in Cantonese. You should have seen their faces ahahhahahaha. They look stunned lmao. XD
I feel so bad now hahaha.

Anyway, I guess that's it.
Here's some pictures that Crystal and I took when we got home.

I know I look darn tired, and I have really bad dark eye circles lol.
It's gotten worse lately sigh. 

Okay that's it, buh bye!

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