Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sekinchan trip with friends!

Lol just found this in my draft. Wth it's more than a month ago. Nevertheless, gonna post it haha.

So on the 21st of September, I visited Sekinchan along with Stephy, Selwyn and Oliver!
Previously we planned to go to Malacca, but since it's on a Sunday, we figured that it'll probably be really crowded, thus in the end we changed our plans.

Selwyn was the driver of the day xD

Anyway our first stop was...LUNCH!
We were starving hahaha. It was past the usual lunch hour by the time we get there.

I can't remember the restaurant name, but it's beside this harbor if that's why you call the place in picture below.

Our view!

Ho jian!

I love it! It's crispy unlike the one I usually had.

Shark meat.
Surprisingly, it's good wth. 

Actually I have no idea what I feel about eating sharks. Usually I avoid eating shark fin, whenever I had shark fin soup it's always the cheap version that doesn't use shark fin, they use vermicilli to substitute the fin lol. The reason I don't eat real shark fin is because of humans cutting the fin off the shark and throwing the shark back into the sea, giving it a painful and slow death.

But a whole shark getting killed, I guess that's a different thing. Still, I guess I won't purposely order shark meat again.

Okay, back to my trip lol.

Some type of prawns that is said to be like lobster. 

It's not that nice though. I like the taste, but there is no meat at all meh.

After lunch, we head to the paddy fields!

I freaking love the scenic view. Even though I grew up in the city, I've always love the country.
I grew up reading storybooks especially Enid Blyton's, and in her book she taught me to love the country. :) One day I'll quit living in the city and move to a quiet countryside. 

We visited a paddy rice 'factory museum' nearby as well. Nothing much inside.
Basically we paid RM4 to just walk in a small area with displays. Not much explanation whatsoever.
Some random pictures in the museum.

Next, we just chilled by the paddy fields! Had some mini photoshoot.

Haha random set of pictures. 

We headed to Redang Beach next. 
Even though it's quite filthy, I enjoyed the sea breeze. And listening to the waves crashing. And seeing the sunset. Feeling the sands and seashells under my feet.

They were taking my pictures without me realizing lol..I was wandering away from them, guess I was mesmerized by the sea. Was by the shore staring at the waves, then I saw some seashells and picked it up and took some pictures.

I love this picture. Using it as laptop wallpaper.

This was planned, not some random shot haha.

Sigh. I love the sea so much, I don't even really know why.
I could go on staring at the sea and listening to the waves forever.

Anyway moving on. We found a tree house and a very rocky bay as we wandered further down the coast.

Hahahha Snorlax Selwyn XD

Look sort of like some cheesy band album photo lmao 

Oh and I found a swing xD

Another cheesy photo haha

Potato face 

Here I am, acting melancholic haha

Hahah fantastic four

Sampat face

Well after all these we head off to have dinner. 

Can't really remember what we ordered. I just remember crabs haha. It taste nice, but sadly the crabs are small with not much meat. :<

After that dinner, we visited Kampung Kuantan Fireflies park.
We sat in a sampan. It costed us RM50. Reasonable price, each person is RM12.50 for 4 of us.

It's pretty calm and surreal. It's pitch dark, the sound of trickling water and the creaking of the oars is very calming as well. There's quite a lot of fireflies. The caretaker brought us close to the trees where they are, and he caught a firefly and put it into my hand. Such a pretty creature.

Haha can't see much here, but yeah those yellow dots are the fireflies. It's a lot more in real though.

Overall, I enjoyed this trip. :)

Ending this post with a group picture, with Selwyn not staring into the camera xD

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