Saturday, July 28, 2012


Just a plain " - ".
No idea what to put as the tittle.


I'm feelling so lost nowdays. Confused.
FML. It's my first time having this feeling.
I don't understand who am I to you, or what you thought of me.

Sometimes I wish that we never met, but the memories we had. It's too good to just let go.
I wish I could stop feeling this way. Stop all this nonsense. Stop hoping for the impossible.
You're gone. I realised that, yet I still refused to let go.

I wish we were never close. Because..What hurts the most WAS being so close. It makes everything harder.

And another song. I was listening to this yesterday night, and without realising tears were dripping off my cheeks. And I can't cry out loud. It hurts.

Meh. It's over.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Just an update. And stupid me.

Finally get to use a PC again. Not really familiar with a mouse and typing on a real keyboard now ._. Have been using my phone to online for more than a month now, almost 2 month I think.
So, just updating my blog, and about what have been happening.

Yesterday I went for my grade 7 ABRSM piano exam.
All I can say is, I was really naive to think, with so little practicing, and with just 3 years, I could skip from my grade 1 to grade 7. How stupid I was. I was too full of myself. But meh...this time it's better than my last year's grade 5 exam, so I guess I'll be alright. Afterall, I did pass my grade 5 exam. Hopefully.

Been feeling emo lately, cause of this piano exam...I realised how stupid I was last minute, and feels down down down.

And because of this, I thought too much :/
There's this second keyboardist in CrestFall band, a nice girl, and I have to say she's better than me alot. And so..I thought that my band members was hinting for me to leave with another keyboardist....
Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against her, in fact I'm looking forward to play with her ._.
And I feel wrong thinking like this about them Orz. I know that they're straighforward. ._.

But. Being touchy and sensitive, I thought too much ._.

So I texted Jason, and he told me it was because he know I'll be busy with SPM. Jason discussed with Minori, and they think it'll better to find someone that could fill in my role. Plus I guess having two keyboardist is handy as well :) I know I can't attend AniMangaki, I told Jason that months before lol. And yeah, doubts cleared. .__.

Oh yeah, attended Bon Odori 2012, hired a bus.

I'll make a full blog post of it soon.

Hmmm...what else.

Oh yeah, transformed myself into a zombie a week ago.

Also a full blog post on this after I done sorting out all the pictures.
Right now I have around 600 pictures to filter, rotate, and categeorize :x

Last Tuesday, I made a bet with Chii. We were playing eraser battle during class, when I stupidly suggested the loser shall have to tie twintails to school -.-'' And guess what, I LOSE.


At least it wasn't Miku style twintails. Thank god for that.

Will update more when I can :/ Sorry dear blog :|

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Facebook deactivated.

Guess what? I've deactivated my Facebook account. And I'm not going to activate it until I can play my piano piece and scales perfectly, enough for me to get distinction for exam.

Meh though I guess posting here and not sharing on Facebook, no one will know.
Unless those that follows my blog of course.

Anyway its good for me i guess, as I'm practicing more cause i want to activate my Facebook asap again lol. And it gives me a break from stalking people :x