Saturday, July 28, 2012


Just a plain " - ".
No idea what to put as the tittle.


I'm feelling so lost nowdays. Confused.
FML. It's my first time having this feeling.
I don't understand who am I to you, or what you thought of me.

Sometimes I wish that we never met, but the memories we had. It's too good to just let go.
I wish I could stop feeling this way. Stop all this nonsense. Stop hoping for the impossible.
You're gone. I realised that, yet I still refused to let go.

I wish we were never close. Because..What hurts the most WAS being so close. It makes everything harder.

And another song. I was listening to this yesterday night, and without realising tears were dripping off my cheeks. And I can't cry out loud. It hurts.

Meh. It's over.


  1. Replies
    1. -hug- its so sad to lose something special TwT but I'm fine nao QwQ

    2. Good to hear that but...
      You can always talk to me - I'm open for everything |D)b