Saturday, October 22, 2011

Shoes and ramdomness XD

SHOES SHOES SHOES!!! Who doesn't love them right!?
So..Today I bought 3 pairs of shoes :D

For my maid costume ^_^

The white one is so pretty ^^ Its flat :D

And..Ta-da~! 4.5 inch heels XD Highest heels I own :)

Make my legs look longer and slimer lol XD

Today I also messed around with wigs :P

Hahaha you won't get to see me looking like this again so you better save this page :P


Oh yea..I tried a leaopard look yesterday..For a tutorial :D For Halloween ^^
Some pictures :P

I love the eye >w<

Anyway, on exam break right now..Sigh..Wish it'll be over quickly T^T
On the day when we had Additional Maths, I plan to wake early and study, but then somehow my alarm went dead. Either I turned it off unconciously, or I din't even set it in the first place -.-" Or someone switch it off. Sigh.

Anyway, I had to turn my entire table upside down to find some paper and my CALCULATOR.
Sigh..Just when I had tidied it not long ago /.\

Well I'm going off now~ Bye~

I LOVE COTTON CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Big Bad Wolf is back!!!


Went to the greatest book sale ever, BIG BAD WOLF, today!! >w<

Damage done is only RM174 :P

Well that may sound a lot, but where else can you get 29 books that total that little?!

So..I'll show you picture so that you understand what I meant.

Whole stash of books here. Total rm174. And yes, that's a recipe book. DON'T ask why.

Hard cover novels.


Chobits artbook -w-

Shousetsu :3

MANGAS!! They only cost RM3 each wtf.

Yes, it's Loveless. And Wild Adapter (Same mangaka as Gensomaden Saiyuki 0_0 ) I din't know that lol. Anyway, yes, they're BL, which means boys love = boy x boy/GAY,

Nyahahhahaha bear with me guys. www

Anyway, there's A LOT of mangas there. Though I din't really bought much because most of it are imcomplete and I don't like that. /_\

This is only 1 table. They have like, 4 tables OAO"

I hate you, big bad wolf for coming at this time of the year T_T


Two days ago, it's freaking cold in my house >_<

I have to wear socks lol.
My feet is just freezing.

<3 my darling, Miko.

Anyway, I pampered myself with a hot bubble bath 0w0

With iced lemon tea 'w'

And also...Green tea eye mask XD My dark circles is terrible, that's why I tried it ^^


My sister told me my eyes is not so panda looking now, but to me, it's like the same =w= Oh well, I'll try it again a few other times ^^

Tee Hee~

Cotton Candy

These days I'm addicted to cotton candy. <3

They're so soft and fluffy and sweet >w<


Well, this one is not fluffy. But it's still as delicious :3
Lol mum bought this for me, but she left it in her car under the sun =w=
And thats the result -w-


Fluffy ones!! <3 It's kinda hard to find cotton candy on stick now T^T Everywhere they're using buckets T^T

Another :3

Lol...cotton candy =//v//=
Love them so much~ >3<

P.S: Suddenly have cravings for Baskin Robbin cotton candy flavoured ice-cream ._.
Someone buy it for me? ._.