Monday, May 31, 2010

Seminar =D

Yesterday went to a seminar. Woke up at 6.30am and went out at 7.15am, wait for Sofea's mum to fetch me. The seminar was held at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).


The canteen
A badminton court?

Saw this door here. Looks really old so I snap it lol~

haha. XD


The seminar. Adeline's here too lol~ Spot her?

I have to say, this seminar is worth going =) Gets a lot of information ^^
Aiz...Some photos with Sofea...So can't upload..


Friday, May 28, 2010


Gosh. I have no idea what happened to me yesterday. Usually I'm not the type to CAMWHORE A LOT, still got camwhore la, but I din't take continuosly. Yesterday after came back from The Mines watching Sherk, hey, it's not a childish movie, it was really nice =) A lot of moral values, and OMG, Puss In Boots is so CUTE!!! ><~~ Especially when his eyes grew BIG~ ^^ so CUTE~~~ XD haha. Okay, back to the topic. Back from Mines watching Shrek, haha, you should watch it too, NICE ^^ haha. getting annoying right? Okay. back from The Mines, I suddenly got the mood to camwhore. =X Anyway, I love the clothes I was wearing ^^  And by the way, I bought a bag =)


The clothes I was wearing yesterday XD
lol...ok, here comes my perasan photo =X


@_@ This pose almost the same, I've taken this photo a long time ago XD


XD my sunglasses rock!

haha..yong sui...


 I love my bag ^^

Okay, last picture~  

See? So many picture!! Gosh. I'm scaring myself with my changed attitude. =| I wonder what is happening to me? Anyway, is this evennormal? I don't know. =|


Monday, May 24, 2010


Guys, I'm entering a contest, and I need your help. Please join this group on Facebook:!/group.php?gid=113037775404508

And then please watch this video of me playing a song that I composed:!/video/video.php?v=1456589821648&oid=113037775404508

If you LIKE this video, please click the 'Like" button. This will vote for me, if you have ALREADY joined the group. If you don't like but you're my friend, please don't click 'Like'. I hate fakers. Anyway, thank you very much if you did vote for me!! =)


Monday, May 17, 2010


I realized, I have changed a lot thanks to them. While in Form 1, I used to ponteng a lot because of making a wrong friend. She cheated my money and my friendship. She make me a fool. I was so stupid back then. I trusted her and believe her. But then, after I knew the truth, I changed. I began mixing aroud with them. Of course, they din't accept me well at first. There was some times when I was left out of a lot of things. Those time really hurts. But slowly, I became part of them. They teach me a lot of things. I was still in KRK class thanks to them. My results in Form 1 used to be so bad. But afer mixing with them, I slowly became more hardworking, and I improve. I learn to trust people once again. Mixing with them, I learned that lying is a thing they hate most.  I never lie anymore. They gave me motivation and help whenever I need it. They were always beside me.We hang out together, and that makes up closer than ever.Now, we're like Best Friend Forever. That's what I feel. I don't know about them though. Hopefully they'll think the same.

Without you guys I'll be nobody.
 I ♥ you my friends. Friends Forever =)

ずっと友だちね? ^^

Friday, May 14, 2010


Okay, i know, this happened yesterday...Yesterday morning, while going to school, I'm sitting behind on the right hand side in the car...We passed by Chee Ying's condo, and I saw her~ She saw me too~ Then, it's the straight raod to school, saw Liew...his car passed by mine, and he saw me too....then, a SHORT wile after that, Monkey's face appear...He saw me too -.- I was like, what the hell...met so many people in CAR today -.- ...then, at school, stupid Monkey give me back RM9.60..But you know how he paid me back? He came to my table, and slam down a plastic bag containing 96 10sen!!! I was really speechless that time =_= BUt thx goodness I managed to change it all...sigh...I really can't believe the stupid things Monkey do -.- still, I have to admit, it's funny haha~ well, at least he paid me back...But now I fear that Tian Jin, Steven and Daryl will follow Monkey's footsteps =.= Darly idiot...he said he will give me bigger amount, 20sen...god if they really pay me back using coins I'll faint~ sigh..........


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hang out with friends at The Mines =)

Today, went to The Mines with Yik Jia, Peggy, Hoi Yee, Yi Wen and Cui Li =)
I woke up at 7.30am, because 8am got japanese class...sigh...then, come home at 10.30am...At 11.15am, went to 7-ELEVEN and take bus with Yik Jia...We reached The Mines first..walked around, at 12pm++, the others arrived~ Me, Hoi Yee, Yi Wen and Cui Li go eat A&W while Peggy and Yik Jia go eat something else...Meet up again later..Acctually we plan to watch movie, but TICKETS SOLD =.=|| we end up walking around, then somehow we got seperated..Peggy walk with Yi Wen, they go sing Karaoke..Me, Yik Jia, Cui Li and Hoi Yee mess around at a spectacle store XD I bought a big, dark glasses =D

 XD~ hehe~ Then, we go to a toilet and...

haha~ XD

haha~ I have to say, FIRST TIME I TAKE PICTURE IN TOILET!!! XD haha~
Anyway, it's fun XD
Then, we go eat Strawberry Ice ^^ After that, Yik Jia and Hoi Yee go buy small keychain~ lol..Yik Jia addicted to Dolphin XD
After a while, went Yee brother fetch us ALL in a MYVI car XD 6 people at the back there, almost become hamburger...haha...Still, it's a fun day =)

たのしいの日 \(^O^)/